New Features
1.The ability to support custom values for the "Check Box" component is added.  RWebRJSBIServerBICloud
2.A new function for calculating the total PercentOfGrandTotal for the "Pivot" element is added.  DWebDWinDJS
3.The ability to use the icon for the pages of the report template is fixed.  RJava
4.The possibility to predefine a checked state of items in the variables is added.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
5.The ability to enable the caching mode of data in the Promt User Name and Password window before rendering reports.  RNetRWpf
6.The "Eyedropper" tool to select a color from any report element was added.  RNetDWebDWinBIDesigner
7.The search in filtering elements when viewing dashboards in the WPF viewer was added.  DWin
8.When exporting a report to HTML in the Div mode, the display of the shadow of the borders of components is added.  RWebRNetRWpf
9.A new data adapter for connecting to the Google Analytics service was added.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIDesigner
10.The Show Search option is added to the combobox element.  DWinBIDesigner
11.New function ConvertToBase64String(string). The new function - ConvertToBase64String (string). The new function - ConvertToBase64String (string) used to convert data from string to base64 was added.  RWebRNetRWpf
12.The ability to copy the contents of the cells of the "Table" element was added.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
13.Support for extended borders for report components was added.  RWebBIServerBICloud
14.The ability to copy components from one browser tab to another was added.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
15.Added the ability to export and print reports from code without using components.  RBlazor
16.The View States property is added to the Chart Element. It helps with switching between different settings of the chart element.  DWebDWinDJSBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
17.The ability to use an expression when formatting the "Table" element in dashboards conditionally is added.  DWebDWinDJS
18.The properties for X- and Y-axis of the "Radar" type of the "Chart" element in dashboards are added.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
19.The ability to center align titles for the "Chart" element of the "Radar" type in dashboards was added.  DWebDWinDJS
20.The ability to display LaTex formulas in the "Math Formula" report component using a data column was added.  RNetRWpfBIDesigner
21.An expression can be specified in the Visible property of the table column in the table element.  DWebDWinDJSBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
22.Caching of images that are loaded via a hyperlink is added. This significantly speeds up the rendering of a report if there are links to the same images. For example, if the "Image" component is located on the "Page Header" or "Page Footer" bands and contains the company logo.  RWebRNetRWpf
23.Support for the TrimStart and TrimEnd methods for the string type in the "Interpretation" report calculation mode was added.  RWebRNetRWpf
24.The ability to localize variable values in the "Globalization Strings" editor was fixed.  RJava
25.The "Strikeout" text style control to the Ribbon panel in the report designer was added.  RNetBIDesigner
26.The ability to set all export settings on the PHP server-side in the onBeginExportReport event.  RPHP
27.The ability to select columns of the "Table" element to display when viewing the dashboard in the viewer is added.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
28.Added the ability to sort items in the data dictionary.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
29.The ability to align totals for the columns of the "Table" element in dashboards is added.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
30.The ability to print some bands on odd and even pages is added.  RWebRJSBIServerBICloud
31.We have added the ability to set default values for variables of the "List" type.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
32.The ability to display the value of a regional map as bubbles in dashboards is added.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
33.We have added a map of Afghanistan for the "Map" component in reports and the "Region Map" element in dashboards.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
34.When exporting a report to Microsoft PowerPoint file, the Culture report property is now used to check spelling.  RWebRNetRWpf
35.Support for the DateTime.UtcNow property in the "Interpretation" report calculation mode is added.  RWebRNetRWpf
36.The Publish functionality to Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly projects is added.  RBlazor
37.Animation for displaying Stacked Area and Full Stacked Area charts is added.  RWebRWpfRJSDWebDJS
38.The ability to send a new report to the server-side and back when using the onCreateReport event is added.  RPHP
39.The ability to use isWizardUsed in the arguments of the onCreateReport event is added. Using this flag, you can find out if the wizard is being used to create a new report.  RPHP
40.The ability to print on even and odd pages of the "Page Footer" band is added.  RWebRJSBIServerBICloud

1.A bug related to setting report culture in the WPF report designer was fixed.  RWpf
2.When exporting a report to the HTML format, the Gradient/Glare brushes are now passed as native elements.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
3.Error messages are improved, and detailed information for Web components is added. .  RWeb
4.Updated and improved the localization of the "Chart" element properties description.  DWinBIDesigner
5.The algorithm for exporting the report to PDF file was optimized and support for the new version of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm was added.  RWebRNetRWpf
6.Built-in dashboard samples were updated and optimized in the report designer.  DJS
7.An algorithm to search values in the "Culture" property is added.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
8.Some improvements regarding expressions calculation in the dashboards are made.  DWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
9.In the report engine, for the JoinColumnContent(dataSource) function, we added support for the Calculated Data Columns.  RWebRNetRWpf
10.The algorithm to process duplicate variable values was updated.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
11.The XSS security algorithm related to script injection updates in the report designer was improved.  RWebDWeb
12.The "format" argument in the onEmailReport event now returns the Enum export type instead of its name. The name is passed in the "formatName" argument.  RJSRPHP
13.The list of formats for exporting the report and added missing ones on the side of the PHP script is updated.  RPHP
14.The function for working with the event handler has been replaced with Stimulsoft.Helper.process() to fix the compatibility of namespaces. Previous options work without changes.  RPHP
15.We have updated and optimized the "Pivot" element in the web viewer and designer.  DWebDJS
16.Icons and logos for applications and services are updated.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRBlazorRAngularRPHPRJavaDWebDWinDJSBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
17.Some commands in the report wizards are updated.  RWebRJSDWebDJS
18.WinForms icons of the report designer for various operating system scalability values are updated.  RNet
19.The algorithm for processing the conditional formatting of the "Table" element values when viewing the dashboard in the WPF viewer was updated.  DWin
20.The algorithm for exporting a report to a PDF file is optimized in terms of speed for cases when there is no text in the "Right to Left" mode.  RWebRNetRWpf
21.The speed of drawing a QR barcode is optimized.  RWebRNetRWpf
22.Ускорен экспорт QR-Code штрихкода в PDF файл. Export of the QR-Code barcode to PDF file works faster.  RWebRNetRWpf
23.In the "Interpretation" report calculation mode, the speed of expression calculation was optimized, especially when filtering large amounts of data.  RWebRNetRWpf
24.The algorithm for exporting text with rotation when exporting a report to an HTML file was updated. Previously, it was processed as a bitmap, now as an SVG object.  RWebRNetRWpf
25.The sorting marker is displayed now only when sorting is enabled and the sorting column is specified.  RNetBIDesigner
26.Using images in the image element is now detecting during the delete procedure.  DWinBIDesigner
27.Some improvements in painting the drop down arrow.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
28.Null checking for image equal processing is added.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
29.System scaling is now considered when publishing a WinForms project.  RNetRWpf
30.The map of the Republic of Afghanistan for the "Map" component in reports and the "Region Map" item in dashboards is updated.  RNetRWpfDWin
31.Various features of the "Table" element when viewing a dashboard in the WPF viewer are updated.  DWin
32.Upgrading OLEDB and ODBC Libraries to version 5.0.0 for NET Core components.  RWebRNetRWpfDWebDWin

Fixed Bugs
1.The error in the "Process At" property for text report components is fixed.  RJS
2.A bug with the "Process At" property for text components in the "Interpretation" report calculation mode is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
3.The error related to Roslyn compilation from .NET Framework is fixed.  RWebRNet
4.When exporting a report to Microsoft Excel, the error in processing filters for bands is fixed.  RJS
5.A bug with double applying the "Line Spacing" property when the "Allow Html Tags" option is enabled for text report components is fixed.  RJS
6.Some improvements with editing variable with items.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
7.An issue with variable's items sorting without sorting specification is fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
8.The error displaying data in the report, which are received from the Google Analytics service is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfBIDesigner
9.The error with applying the date and time format for a variable with the DateTime data type is fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
10.The error with encoding for some source code files is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRBlazorRAngular
11.A bug with interaction in the chart when using constant lines is fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
12.Some problems related to the use of the full-screen view of the element is fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
13.A problem related to the signatures of values on the "Chart" is fixed.  RJava
14.The name of the report properties category from Description to Design is updated.  RJava
15.An issue related to exporting reports and dashboard to the SVG file is fixed.  RJSDJS
16.A problem related to the processing of dates and variable aliases is fixed.  RJSDJS
17.The issue with duplicating XML links while saving is fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
18.The issue with applying styles from the MRT report when loading (Open) in the preview is fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
19.An issue with loading checked state of the variable items is fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
20.A bug related to the name of the style and its color for filtering elements in the dashboard is fixed.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
21.A problem with segmented pages by height and width in Web viewer is fixed.  RNetRJSBIServerBICloud
22.A problem related to the full-screen view of the dashboard element and navigation in the template is fixed.  DWebDJSBIServerBICloud
23.An issue with scaling at 250% of the empty image in the report dictionary panel is fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
24.Some issues when creating reports in the web designer were fixed.  RJava
25.The error with processing the "Map" component in the online mode, when it is placed on the "Data Band", was fixed.  RWebRNetRJS
26.The error in processing the "Cross-Tab" component when it is placed on the "Data Band"was fixed.  RWebRNetRJS
27.A bug with drawing a table cell when viewing a dashboard if the "Back Color" parameter during conditional formatting is set to "No Fill" was fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
28.An issue with checking the connection to the data storage when the connection process was interrupted is fixed.  RWpf
29.The issue with the alignment of row values for the "Indicator" element in dashboards was fixed.  DJS
30.A bug with collapsing and expanding hierarchical lists in reports was fixed.  RJS
31.For the report egnine, an error related to the work of the Cross-Data band, which is placed directly on the report page wads fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
32.Some issues related to the preview settings of reports and dashboards were fixed.  RWebRJSBIServerBICloud
33.A bug in .NET Core components for Linux operating system related to editing text components was fixed.  DWeb
34.When exporting a report to docx, xlsx, pptx files, now the file creation time is indicated correctly in Utc.  RWebRNetRWpf
35.When exporting a report to a PDF file, the vertical alignment error related to line spacing was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
36.When exporting a report to HTML in the Div mode, the error of duplicating interaction icons in the report was fixed.  RWeb
37.Issues with per cent on Full stacked chart were fixed.  DWebDWinDJS
38.A bug was fixed when exporting a dashboard to a PDF file related to text wrapping and calculation of line heights for the "Table" element in the stretched width mode.  DWebDWin
39.An issue related to putting fractional values for the "Size" parameter in the font editor was fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
40.Viewer.WPF. In the export forms in PagesRange, the tooltip icons were displayed incorrectly in HiDPI. An issue related to displaying the tooltip icon for the "Pages Range" parameter in the export menu for different OS scalability values in the WPF viewer was fixed.  RWpf
41.A problem related to displaying keys instead of signatures for variables when viewing a report in the WPF viewer was fixed.  RWpf
42.A problem related to the correspondence of data types when creating MongoDB data sources in a report was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfDWinBIDesigner
43.The issue with the algorithm for calculating the size of the content of the RichText component in the Windows 7 operating system was fixed.  RNet
44.An issue related to saving the value of the "Topmost" property in the "Borders" menu was fixed.  RWebDWebBIServerBICloud
45.A problem related to displaying percent for Full Stacked charts was fixed.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
46.A problem related to resetting the date and the same aliases in variables was fixed.  RJSDJS
47.A problem related to setting the value of the "Show toolbar" parameter in the view settings is fixed.  DWin
48.An error related to processing SQL queries for Node.js data adapters was fixed.  RJSDJS
49.A bug related to switching the drawing mode of ISO signatures when editing a custom map is added.  RNetRWpf
50.Some problems related to custom data adapters were fixed.  RJSDJS
51.An issue related to different types of brushes for the "Shape" component is added.  RWpf
52.The error related to the processing of DateTime for reports and dashboards was fixed.  RJSDJS
53.Some problems when using JS components for the Angular platform were fixed.  RJSDJS
54.The error related to displaying icons in the "Columns" chart type is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
55.In .NET Core, when compiling a report to a stream, report resources are now added to the compiled assembly (like in the .NET Framework).  RWeb
56.A problem when exporting borders for Sparkline columns in the "Table" dashboard element was fixed.  DWebDWin
57.The algorithm to draw normalized charts has been corrected if the "Start from Zero" property of the X axis is set to "True".  RNetDWinBIDesigner
58.An exception occured in some cases when the "Report Checker" tool was running.  RWeb
59.A problem is fixed in .NET Core components. HTML tags did not work when the FullTrust property was set to false.  RWeb
60.An error was fixed when exporting a report to a PDF file. The error occurred on the Azure service when getting some fonts.  RWeb
61.The editor of conditions for the "Table" element in dashboards is updated.  DWeb
62.An issue with editing an image component in the image editor when a data relation is used.  RNetBIDesigner
63.An issue with filling keys and labels in the request from user variables is fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
64.The error related to the numbering of columns in the editor of relationds between data sources was fixed.  RWebDWebBICloud
65.An issue with sorting items in the request from user variables is fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
66.The error with exporting a report to PDF was fixed. It was related to the processing of a font without a non-breaking space, which is indicated by the symbolic character (glyph).  RJava
67.The error with processing the values of the "Reset Page Number" property for the "Group Header Band" band was fixed.  RJava
68.The error with processing the value of the "Reverse Horizontal" property for bar charts.  RJS
69.The issue with exporting a report to a *.pptx file (Microsoft PowerPoint), when using a font size 1 was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRBlazor
70.For the EngineV2, in cases where the "Cross-Tab" component was placed on the "Data Band", the position of the headers on the pages was calculated incorrectly if the report contained bands with the " Print on All Pages ".  RWebRNetRWpf
71.The ability to customize the range of values for the icon of the "Indicator" element, in cases when it contains "Series" is added.  DWebDWinDJSBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
72.There were problems with the overlaying of very thin components when exporting a report to Word, Excel, HTML.  RWebRNetRWpf
73.An issue with checking a dependent variable with the relation is fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
74.A bug related to the background color of the "Table" element column, if this column contains data of the bool type is fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
75.In the "Dot-Matrix" report view mode, the error of text right alignment was fixed.  RJS
76.For the JS engine of the reporting tool, support was added for the TrimStart, TrimEnd, PadLeft, PadRight methods for the string type.  RJS
77.An error with exporting to the HTML file for the "Chart" component of "Stepped range" type is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
78.The error with processing the "Cross-Tab" component when it is placed on the "Data Band" was fixed.  RJava
79.A bug related to custom styles for the "Gauge" component and element.  RJSDJS
80.Error with processing expressions that use functions and mathematical operations.  DJS
81.A bug with sorting data in a report by an expression that contains a function or a calculated data column.  RJS
82.A bug with applying custom styles for the "Cross-Tab" component was fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRBlazorRAngular
83.A problem related to dependent variables in the Web designer was fixed.  RJava
84.A problem related to the "Range" type variable and the "Not Assigned" parameter was fixed.  RJava
85.A problem with displaying borders for the "Gauge" component in reports was fixed.  RWebRJS
86.The error with the drill-down when viewing a report with the "Continuos" view mode was fixed.  RWebDWebBIServerBICloud
87.A bug with the location of controls on the search bar when the "Right to Left" mode is enabled was fixed.  RWebRJSBIServerBICloud
88.An issue with editing cross-tab interaction is fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
89.Support for the data columns with relations in the variables.  RNetRWpfDWinBIDesigner
90.The issue with the full-screen function and visibility of columns of the table element is fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
91.A bug related to the same page height and padding was fixed.  RJSDJS
92.Conditions of the table element were not work for a table column with image objects.  DWinBIDesigner
93.An issue with drawing background of the image column at the table element is fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
94.A problem occurred when exporting a report to the PDF file related to the processing of the "Prevent Intersection" property for chart titles.  RWebRNetRWpfRJS
95.An issue with drawing interlaced rows in the table element is fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
96.The error with the drill-down of the "Pie" and "Donut" charts, if the number of their values is equal to one was fixed.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
97.An issue with disabling a drill-down page in the table element interaction editor is fixed.  DWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
98.The error occurred when setting the size of the icon marker for charts to 0.  RWebRNetRWpf
99.The error related to the processing of the axis arguments of the "Chart" component was fixed.  RJava
100.Some unwanted system parts are removed when edit page function is used.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
101.Fixed a bug related to adding a new page to the report template when the component editor is open.  DWinBIDesigner
102.The error of processing a variable with the TimeSpan data type is fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
103.A bug related to disabling chart filters and using Top N at the same time was fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
104.An issue with displaying an error message in the onEndExportReport event is fixed.  RPHP
105.A bug related to the application of different font styles for the "Chart" component was fixed.  RWpf
106.The error of displaying the icons of the "Indicator" element, when processing negative values in it, was fixed.  RJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
107.The issue was fixed when placing the WinForms Viewer component on a form for which a non-default font is set. The error occurred when resetting the fonts of the "Rich Text" component to the font of the form when editing this component in a rendered report.  RNet
108.The "Interpretation" report calculation mode now supports custom text formatting expressions.  RWebRNetRWpf
109.When exporting a report to PDF in the .NET Core reporting tool, the error occurred with incorrectly calculated width for NonSpacingMark characters.  RWebRNetRWpf
110.A bug with X axis labels with DateTime data type for the Gantt chart was fixed.  RJSDJS
111.If ClearType is enabled in the operating system, the problem occurred with blurring content for the "Rich text" component.  RWeb
112.Errors when working with a custom database adapter are fixed.  RJSDJS
113.A bug occurred when viewing the data of the "Regione Map" element if it uses a custom style with a semi-transparent background color.  DWin
114.A bug with getting an image from the database is fixed.  RJSDJS
115.A bug with displaying negative values for the "Progress" element in dashboards was fixed.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
116.The error of processing SVG images when exporting a report and dashboard to an HTML file.  RJSDJS
117.The error occurred with processingvthe relation direction in JSON data sources.  RJSDJS
118.We have fixed a bug related to vertical alignment of text in the div mode of a component.  RJSDJS
119.Исправлена ошибка загрузки *.mrt файла с разметкой JSON в дизайнер отчетов. An error related to loading an *.mrt file with JSON markup into the report designer is fixed.  RJSDJS
120.A bug related to running scripts in some cases is fixed.  RJSDJS
121.A problem related to auto-rotation of titles for the "Sunburst" chart type is fixed.  DWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
122.An error occurred when publishing a project in which the values of the report parameters were changed on the PHP server-side.  RPHP
123.A problem related to changing the text format of the chart arguments in dashboards is fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
124.Error related to processing arguments with DateTime data type for "Scatter" charts is fixed.  DWebDWinDJS
125.The error that occurred when printing a report in the "Print to PDF" mode was fixed.  RBlazor
126.Some minor issue in the watermark editor are fixed.  RWebRJSBIServerBICloud
127.A problem related to the visibility of grid lines for a chart in dashboards is fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
128.A problem with data drill-down in an external report when this report is located in the resources of the main report is fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
129.A bug related to calling the save window when exporting a report or dashboard to an HTML file is fixed.  RJSDJSBIServerBICloud
130.A bug with displaying values of the Enum type in the data viewer of dashboard elements is fixed.  DWin
131.The error related to processing values in points for font size in HTML tags.  RWebRNetRWpf
132.Not all export types available for publishing to JavaScript and PHP projects were displayed.  RJSRPHP
133.The error in processing the "Date time format" property for a variable of the "List" type with the Date Time data type was fixed.  RNetDWinBIDesigner
134.A bug related to the application of localization selected from the interface of the report designer is fixed.  RBlazor
135.In some cases, there was a double loading and connection of scripts and component styles.  RBlazor
136.An issue with showing an empty dashboard in the StretchX mode is fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
137.An issue with drawing expand symbol in the treeview element in hidpi scale is fixed.  DWinBIDesigner
138.A small issue with height of the border editor form with system scaling 150% is fixed.  RNetBIDesigner
139.Working of the ColorEarch property for a Clustered Bar chart is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSRBlazorBIDesigner
140.An issue with switching to the Color Scale mode in the table editor is fixed.  DWinBIServerBIDesigner
141.An issue with parsing date-time values from strings is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRBlazorDWebDWinBIServerBIDesignerBICloud
142.An issue with using the Avg function and null data values in the chart element is fixed.  DWinDJSBIDesigner
143.The error in the project code related to using SQL data sources when publishing WinForms and WPF projects is fixed.  RNetRWpf
144.A problem in the project code related to loading a report by URL when publishing WinForms and WPF projects is fixed.  RNetRWpf
145.The localization error in the "Preview" window when changing the localization in the report designer is fixed.  RBlazor
146.The compilation error "null-reference" when launching .NetCore assemblies from the .NET Framework.  RWeb
147.MetaTags collection was not cleared before loading the report.  RWebRNetRWpf
148.A bug with underlining spaces when using this feature in HTML tags mode is fixed.  RWpf
149.The error in conditional formatting for the "Table" component in reports is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpf
150.When exporting a report to PDF, the error of text encoding for some fonts is fixed.  RJS
151.The error with processing DatePicker values in ShortTime mode for the WPF viewer.  RWpf
152.A bug related to inconsistency between the theme of the Login window and the application theme is fixed.  RNet
153.The error in the processing algorithm of the thumbnail panel is fixed. This significantly affected the speed of displaying the report in the viewer.  RNet
154.A problem when working with the "Globalization editor" tool in the WPF designer is fixed.  RWpf
155.A bug with date format for variables is fixed.  RWebRNetRWpfRJSDWebDWinDJSBIDesigner
156.An issue with using the SumDistinct function in reports.  RJS
157.The error with processing some date formats in reports and dashboards is fixed.  RJSDJS
158.The error of exporting the "Progress" element to the HTML file is fixed.  RJSDJS
159.The error in processing the "Cross-Tab" component when it is placed on the "Data Band" is fixed.  RJava
160.A problem related to copying report components to the dashboard and vice versa is fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud
161.A bug related to the work of the undo/redo commands was fixed.  RJSDJS
162.An issue related to the localization of report events is fixed.  RWebRJSDWebDJSBIServerBICloud