Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2021.2

Published on 16 March 2021
New Features
1.A new overload of the ToCurrencyWordsPtBr (value, uppercase, dollars, cents) function was added. 
2.The AllowSQLFormatting option is added to the SQL editor in the SQL data source editor. 
3.The new component - "Math Formula" for reports was added. 
4.A map of Afghanistan is added for the Map component in reports and for the "Region Map" item in dashboards.  2021.2.3
5.The possibility of localization of the variable items property with the help of the GlobalizationStrings. 
6.A new Azure SQL adapter for connecting and retrieving data from the Azure service was added. You can use it to design reports and dashboards. 
7.Dependent variables now support list types. 
8.A new check in the report checker for charts in reports when using "Expression" as a series value was added. 
9.Support for SVG images for NET Standard 2.1, .NET Core 3.1, and .NET 5.0 frameworks was added. 
10.The possibility to get variable's label with help of the expression - "myvar.Label". 
11.The possibility of sorting items in the request from user variables is added. 
12.The GetParam function is added. 
13.A new Azure Blob Storage adapter was added. It is used for connecting and retrieving data from the Azure Blob service, which can be used to design reports and dashboards. 
14.The ability to select the "Box And Whisker" chart type in the simple chart editor. 

1.The algorithm for applying abbreviations for numeric and currency values in reports with the ru-Ru culture installed was updated. 
2.The processing logic of the "Map" component style and the "Region Map" element was updated and improved. Also, we added the ability to select the style mode for the heatmap - Lightness or Darkness.  2021.2.2
3.The issue with the algorithm for processing the Switch function in the "Interpretation" calculation mode was updated. Up to 20 pairs of arguments are now supported.  2021.2.3
4.Selection of a digital signature in the export to PDF is updated. 
5.The Report.PreviewMode property was moved to the Report.PreviewSettings.PreviewMode. 
6.Updated the list of variables menu when creating or editing a dependent variable. 
7.The error with displaying custom styles in the extended editor of the "Gauge" component was added. 

Fixed Bugs
1.Issues with some return values for the ToCurrencyWordsPt function were fixed. 
2.The error was fixed with processing the color of the base text when exporting a report to a Microsoft Word file when the checkbox is checked for the "Allow Html Tags" parameter. 
3.Some errors in the GetUsedDataSourcesNames function algorithm when processing parameters of aggregate functions were fixed. 
4.The error in processing the page background color when exporting a report to a *.pptx file was fixed. 
5.An error in the "Right to Left" mode for text when exporting a report to a Microsoft Word file was fixed. 
6.An issue with processing and rendering special characters on Linux systems in .NET Core projects was fixed. 
7.The error of processing negative values by the ToCurrencyWordsEnIn function was fixed. 
8.A problem with processing a null image in a watermark when exporting a report to a PDF file was fixed. 
9.Some issues were fixed with the digital signature verification errors when exporting a report to a PDF file, in cases where the certificate did not contain private keys. 
10.Encoding errors in font names when exporting a report to a PDF file were fixed. 
11.Compilation errors when using VB.Net in .NET Core projects were fixed. 
12.The import error from Microsoft Excel files for some cultures was fixed. 
13.A problem when closing the drop-down list in the "Conditions" editor in the WinForms report designer was fixed. 
14.The ussue with the line drawing error that connected points with zero values were fixed. 
15.The error with loading packed report with date values in the chart was fixed. 
16.The issue with showing menu shapes from toolbar designer was fixed. 
17.The error occurred with changing the data column type to byte[] when creating or editing in "Data transformation".  2021.2.3
18.Some problems were fixed with the TOC component in the "Right to Left" mode when exporting a report to PDF.  2021.2.3
19.A bug with the colors of values in the legend of pie charts when using conditional formatting was fixed. 
20.Some errors were fixed with image processing when exporting a report and dashboard to an HTML file when the div viewer mode is set.  2021.2.3
21.The error in processing the first element of a numeric array when receiving data from a JSON file was fixed.  2021.2.3
22.Some issues with hyperlinks of the TOC component was fixed.  2021.2.3
23.The error with processing null values when using Roslyn compilation was fixed.  2021.2.3
24.Errors with units when using compiled sub-reports was fixed.  2021.2.3
25.The error was fixed with processing data columns of the DateTime type in JSON data sources for some cultures.  2021.2.3
26.Small problems with the Right-Handed option in the windows. 
27.The error with processing integer data when creating a JSON data source was fixed. 
28.Some issues with loading of the TOC component from the JSON file is fixed. 
29.The issue with displaying of a donut chart when specifying a single value in reports and dashboards was fixed. 
30.The ability to specify "Color Each" in the Gantt chart was added. 
31.An issue with saving and loading of conditional formatting of chart signatures from * .mrt file with JSON markup was fixed. 
32.Some issues with the processing variables which names equal to standard property names of the report. 
33.The issue with the ablility to specify "Color Each" in a waterfall chart wasfixed. 
34.Fixed a problem with displaying different font styles for chart labels when exporting a report to HTML. 
35.Incorrect displaying of the "Bullet" type gauge when dragging a component onto the report page was fixed. 
36.The issue with displaying of the form of a data source of GIS type for various values of operating system scale was fixed. 
37.The issue with processing algorithm for a variable with the Image data type when a user selects a value in the WinForms viewer was fixed. 
38.The error when creating a data source based on the "Cross-Tab" component if the report uses "Business Objects" was fixed. 
39.A problem in the report designer when calling the "Publish" tool in the report designer was fixed.