Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2021.3

Published on 17 May 2021
New Features
1.The possibility to predefine a checked state of items in the variables is added. 
2.The ability to enable the caching mode of data in the Promt User Name and Password window before rendering reports.  2021.3.3
3.The "Eyedropper" tool to select a color from any report element was added. 
4.A new data adapter for connecting to the Google Analytics service was added. 
5.New function ConvertToBase64String(string). The new function - ConvertToBase64String (string). The new function - ConvertToBase64String (string) used to convert data from string to base64 was added. 
6.When exporting a report to Microsoft PowerPoint file, the Culture report property is now used to check spelling. 
7.Support for the DateTime.UtcNow property in the "Interpretation" report calculation mode is added. 

1.The algorithm for exporting the report to PDF file was optimized and support for the new version of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm was added. 
2.An algorithm to search values in the "Culture" property is added. 
3.Icons and logos for applications and services are updated. 
4.WinForms icons of the report designer for various operating system scalability values are updated. 
5.The algorithm for exporting a report to a PDF file is optimized in terms of speed for cases when there is no text in the "Right to Left" mode. 
6.The speed of drawing a QR barcode is optimized. 
7.Ускорен экспорт QR-Code штрихкода в PDF файл. Export of the QR-Code barcode to PDF file works faster. 
8.In the "Interpretation" report calculation mode, the speed of expression calculation was optimized, especially when filtering large amounts of data. 
9.The algorithm for exporting text with rotation when exporting a report to an HTML file was updated. Previously, it was processed as a bitmap, now as an SVG object. 
10.The sorting marker is displayed now only when sorting is enabled and the sorting column is specified. 
11.Some improvements in painting the drop down arrow. 
12.Null checking for image equal processing is added.  2021.3.2
13.System scaling is now considered when publishing a WinForms project.  2021.3.2
14.The map of the Republic of Afghanistan for the "Map" component in reports and the "Region Map" item in dashboards is updated.  2021.3.2
15.Upgrading OLEDB and ODBC Libraries to version 5.0.0 for NET Core components.  2021.3.2

Fixed Bugs
1.A bug with the "Process At" property for text components in the "Interpretation" report calculation mode is fixed.  2021.3.3
2.The error related to Roslyn compilation from .NET Framework is fixed.  2021.3.3
3.Some improvements with editing variable with items.  2021.3.3
4.An issue with variable's items sorting without sorting specification is fixed.  2021.3.3
5.The error displaying data in the report, which are received from the Google Analytics service is fixed.  2021.3.3
6.The error with applying the date and time format for a variable with the DateTime data type is fixed.  2021.3.3
7.The error with encoding for some source code files is fixed.  2021.3.3
8.A bug with interaction in the chart when using constant lines is fixed.  2021.3.3
9.The issue with duplicating XML links while saving is fixed.  2021.3.3
10.The issue with applying styles from the MRT report when loading (Open) in the preview is fixed.  2021.3.3
11.An issue with loading checked state of the variable items is fixed.  2021.3.3
12.A problem with segmented pages by height and width in Web viewer is fixed.  2021.3.3
13.The issue with the algorithm for calculating the size of the content of the RichText component in the Windows 7 operating system was fixed. 
14.A bug related to switching the drawing mode of ISO signatures when editing a custom map is added. 
15.The error related to displaying icons in the "Columns" chart type is fixed. 
16.The algorithm to draw normalized charts has been corrected if the "Start from Zero" property of the X axis is set to "True". 
17.An issue with checking a dependent variable with the relation is fixed. 
18.An error with exporting to the HTML file for the "Chart" component of "Stepped range" type is fixed. 
19.An issue with editing cross-tab interaction is fixed. 
20.Support for the data columns with relations in the variables. 
21.Some unwanted system parts are removed when edit page function is used. 
22.The error of processing a variable with the TimeSpan data type is fixed. 
23.The error related to processing values in points for font size in HTML tags. 
24.The error in processing the "Date time format" property for a variable of the "List" type with the Date Time data type was fixed. 
25.A small issue with height of the border editor form with system scaling 150% is fixed. 
26.Working of the ColorEarch property for a Clustered Bar chart is fixed. 
27.An issue with parsing date-time values from strings is fixed.  2021.3.2
28.The error in the project code related to using SQL data sources when publishing WinForms and WPF projects is fixed.  2021.3.2
29.A problem in the project code related to loading a report by URL when publishing WinForms and WPF projects is fixed.  2021.3.2
30.MetaTags collection was not cleared before loading the report.  2021.3.2
31.The error in conditional formatting for the "Table" component in reports is fixed.  2021.3.2
32.A bug related to inconsistency between the theme of the Login window and the application theme is fixed.  2021.3.2
33.The error in the processing algorithm of the thumbnail panel is fixed. This significantly affected the speed of displaying the report in the viewer.  2021.3.2
34.A bug with date format for variables is fixed.  2021.3.2