Dashboards for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core and Blazor

Dashboards.WEB is a tool for designing dashboards for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, and Blazor platforms. The server side performs all the necessary actions for transformation, analysis, grouping, filtering, data sorting. The technical requirements are .NET 4.5 or higher, MVC 3.0 and higher, .NET Core 2.0 and higher. The client side is represented by the HTML5 designer and viewer.

Report Designer

A unified and full-featured designer for dashboards and reports, which includes a wide variety of wizards and ad hoc editors to simplify the creation and modification of templates, allows you to work simultaneously with report components as well as with items of the dashboard. All documents use the common .mrt format of the template.

Designer Web

Dashboard Items

When designing dashboards, you can use the items such as Table, Chart, Gauge, Pivot, Indicator, Progress, and Map. In addition to displaying data, these items can transform, group, filter, and analyze data. Also, to filter data in the viewer, you can use such elements as the Date picker, simple, drop-down, hierarchical, and drop-down hierarchical lists. You can add a note, information, logo or a shape using such elements as Text, Image, and Shape.

Items Web

Report Viewer

Dashboards.WEB has a full-featured viewer to view dashboards on the Web. You can use any web browser that supports HTML5. The web viewer supports interaction dashboards, full-screen mode of the entire dashboard or its single elements, exporting the document to PDF, Excel, PNG files.

Viewer Web

Product Installation

The installation process of the product on your computer is straightforward. On the Download page, we offer three installation options - Web installer, full installation (.exe file) and zip archive. There are no other restrictions except the Trial watermark on the dashboard page.

Stimulsoft Ultimate

We included Dashboards.WEB into the standard delivery of Stimulsoft Ultimate software product, which includes everything that has been created by us for many years of development. If your application needs not only dashboards but also reports, then Stimulsoft Ultimate is the best option. Moreover, it costs much less than if you buy the components separately.

Source Code

There are situations when you need to add some functionality to dashboards or change the appearance of an application. You can purchase the source code for this purpose. There are no restrictions on using the source, except you must not distribute the uncompiled source code to your clients. Also, you must not rename file names and delete references to our copyright. We use common assemblies for dashboards and reporting.

Online Demo

On our website demo.stimulsoft.com, we have added a whole category with examples of dashboards. We divided them into several subcategories - Sales, Social, and Statistics. Run a report designer there and create your report with dashboards.

Product Licensing

Dashboards.WEB is licensed by the number of developers who work directly with our product and integrate it into your application. Learn more about license types here. Distribution of our product as part of your application does not require additional fees (royalty-free).

Product Purchase

You may buy Dashboards.WEB directly on our website. Go to the Purchase page and place an order for the required license. After the payment is complete, we will send you instructions on how to activate the license for the product. Also, you will be able to receive all the necessary package of accounting documents.
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