Comparison of Stimulsoft products for
application developers and reports, dashboards and forms creators.

Stimulsoft for developers

Stimulsoft for creators

The key differences

DevelopersThe Stimulsoft suite of reporting, dashboard, and form generation tools is designed for application developers to work with documents that can be integrated into their applications. This toolset includes products for various platforms such as ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, WinForms, WPF, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Java, Blazor, and Angular. These products are available as developer packages or as a set of libraries.
CreatorsStimulsoft BI Cloud and Stimulsoft BI Designer application represent the product line for report, dashboard, and form creators. These tools are specifically designed for end-users. The cloud product enables users to work directly in the web browser window, while the desktop application requires installation on the computer and allows them to work with document templates both locally and in the cloud.

Use cases

DevelopersThe complete source code of the product is available for purchase, enabling extensive possibilities for embedding and customization for specific tasks.

Please note that there is a minimum amount of cloud resources available.
CreatorsThe source code is not available.

Depending on the subscription program selected, it is possible to increase the cloud space for reports and resources required for their construction.

Using the report designer

DevelopersThe primary tool for working with reports, dashboards, and forms is the designer. Stimulsoft products for any platform come equipped with a designer component that can be easily embedded into applications.
CreatorsBI Cloud and BI Designer, in fact, both products serve as a designer for the documents. With these tools, it is possible to create reports, dashboards, and fillable forms without any restrictions.


DevelopersOur application integration components come equipped with a special Publish wizard that simplifies and expedites the embedding of finished documents into your project.
CreatorsOur document building tools are primarily intended for report creators and do not offer functionality for integrating documents into applications.


DevelopersProducts for application developers are licensed based on the number of developers. Licenses are available for a Single developer, a Team of up to four developers, an Enterprise with up to 15 developers, and unlimited (worldwide) developers.
CreatorsProducts for report, dashboard, or form creators are licensed based on the number of creators. Stimulsoft BI Cloud licenses are available for Single creator, a Team of up to four creators, an Enterprise with up to 15 creators. For Stimulsoft BI Designer, in addition to the three types mentioned above, an unlimited (worldwide) license is also available.


The price of renewal of the Subscription Program 1 year is:

* Please note that Reports.BLAZOR, Reports.ANGULAR, Dashboards.BLAZOR, Dashboards.ANGULAR are not standalone products and are instead components of Stimulsoft Reports.WEB/Dashboards.WEB.

** Reports.AVALONIA is available only in a subscription to the Stimulsoft Ultimate product.
The regular price of the license + subscription for 1 year for Stimulsoft BI Designer is:

The regular price for a monthly subscription of Stimulsoft BI Cloud, when paid for a year, is as follows:

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