August 2022

26 Aug 2022  ·  Tim Crawford

Support for M series chips in the report designer for macOS

Starting with version 2022.3, the Stimulsoft report designer for macOS supports the work with the M series of computer chips designed by Apple Inc.

June 2022

21 Jun 2022  ·  Andrew Savin

Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards. New version 2022.3 released!

Among basic new features, we would like to highlight a new product for creating dashboards in Blazor applications, a new graphical library for .NET Core components, the GraphQL data adapter, Ribbon...
7 Jun 2022  ·  Eliza Leppik

End of support for .NET Standard 2.0

Starting with the next version, 2022.3, we will stop supporting .NET Standard 2.0 for all our Web components.

May 2022

26 May 2022  ·  Eliza Leppik

Transition to the ECMAScript 2017 standard

Starting from the next version – 2022.3 – Reports.JS and Dashboards.JS products are transiting a new language standard – ECMAScript 2017.

March 2022

22 Mar 2022

Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards. New version 2022.2 released

In this release, we have added new elements, extended the functionality of existing components, and optimized the work of products for more rapid and convenient data analysis.
10 Mar 2022

Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards 2022.2 – coming soon

Today, we are announcing the upcoming release of a new version of report generators and business intelligence tools of Stimulsoft 2022.2.

February 2022

23 Feb 2022  ·  Andrew Savin

Stimulsoft is in the top 50 software publishers!

ComponentSource company, our longtime marketplace and software sales partner, has announced the nominees of its annual Bestselling Product Awards for 2022.
10 Feb 2022  ·  Eliza Leppik

PHP 8.1 and Stimulsoft products

The release contains many improvements and new features, which significantly influenced the work of the projects created using PHP.
8 Feb 2022

Improvements in the Publish Wizard

Today, we will tell you about a few minor but important improvements, which have affected the Publish option.
4 Feb 2022

Olympic games in Beijing

Today, the opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games takes place in Beijing.
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