We are glad to inform you about the release of a new version of products for creating reports and dashboards 2022.2. In this release, we have added new elements, extended the functionality of existing components, and optimized the work of products for more rapid and convenient data analysis. We will tell you about the main changes in the new version.

Visual design of QR barcode

In this release, we have added the ability to change the visual design of the QR code. You can define the color and shape of various graphic elements of the barcode, and you may set it up in the component editor using properties. Barcode customization is limited only by the functionality of the reader.

QR visual design


New interactive component – Button for dashboards. It allows you to execute a particular script when clicking and depending on a component condition. A script may be executed using a script platform language or Blockly. In addition, the new element has a sufficient number of visual settings, which are available depending on the condition.



One more component for dashboards – Cards. This is an analysis component, that allows you to group, process and display data by any criterion as a separate card in a dashboard. It supports all types of graphical presentation: Clustered Column, Color Scale, Indicators, Bubbles, Sparklines. It’s able to display text and numeric values, and images, too.


New chart

New chart type for reports and dashboards – Pictorial Stacked. This chart is used to display the relative share of the value in the overall indicator. Any icon from the list can be presented as a graphical chart element.

New chart

Rounding in charts

This is the new feature for visual chart design. In the previous release, we added an ability to round borders of components in dashboards. Now you can round the following graphical elements in charts - Bars, Clustered Columns, Gantt, etc. To apply rounding, you should use the Corner Radius property. This feature is available for most charts.

Rounding in Charts

ECMAScript 5 (ES5)

Despite the fact that Microsoft promised to stop supporting the Internet Explorer browser completely, many of our clients use it in their applications and projects. That’s why we leave the option to compile script files for the ES5 standard. To do that, you should have access to the source codes of a JS product.

ES5 and Explorer

Publish. Features for JavaScript

In this release, when publishing a report for the JavaScript platform, we have added an ability to select a new type of the React + TypeScript project. In addition, when publishing a report to the JavaScript и Node.js project, now you’re able to enable data adapters for certain source types in a report. Besides, the support of all versions of the popular Angular framework has been added, including the current ones - 10, 11, 12, 13.

Publish and Angular

.NET 6.0 in the Publish

Microsoft will stop supporting the .NET 5.0 framework very soon, and we are gradually preparing a solution to this issue. We told you about the work of our components under the .NET 6.0 framework in the previous release. We have updated the Publish wizard, and you can specify the .NET 6.0 framework version for your project. In the Publish wizard, this option is available in ASP.NET MVC, Winforms, WPF, and Blazor.

Publish for .NET 6.0

Other capabilities of the Publish wizard

In addition to the above, we have added an ability to use a rendered report in mdc format instead of a report template in mrt format in a viewing or export project. To do this, you should check the Use Rendered Report parameter in the Publish Wizard. Another one new feature concerns only export. Now, you can display export settings for a selected platform in the project code.

Publish - Others
Today, we are announcing the upcoming release of a new version of report generators and business intelligence tools of Stimulsoft 2022.2. The release will contain new functionality, optimizations of components, and some bug fixes. Here is the highlight below of the main new features in version 2022.2:

Button – a new element for dashboards

Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards 2022.2 – coming soon

The Button allows you to execute a particular script when clicking and depending on a component condition. A script may be executed using a script platform language or Blockly. In addition, the new element has a sufficient number of visual settings, which are available depending on the condition.

QR code visual customization

Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards 2022.2 – coming soon

The new version will contain some additional features of the visual design of the QR barcode type. The functionality of the feature is wide: from selecting a brush to changing graphic elements. You will be able to set visual design in the component editor using properties.

New chart type – Pictorial Stacked Chart

Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards 2022.2 – coming soon

New chart type for reports and dashboards – Pictorial Stacked chart. This chart type is used to display the relative share of the value in the overall indicator. An important advantage of the Pictorial Stacked Chart is the ability to select an icon from the list of a lot of icons for a graphic chart element.
And that's not all. Also, we are preparing another new component for dashboards, new functions for the Publish wizard and more.
Bestselling Publisher Awards for 2022
ComponentSource company, our longtime marketplace and software sales partner, has announced the nominees of its annual Bestselling Product Awards for 2022. This year our company has got to the top 50 best-selling software publishers worldwide, and it's undoubtedly the merit of our users who support us and help us develop the product. We are glad that you are with us and promise that we'll continue to work hard to improve our reporting and business intelligence tools.
Thank you for your trust!

Your Stimulsoft
On November 25, 2021, a major update of the PHP 8.1 was released. The release contains many improvements and new features, which significantly influenced the work of the projects created using PHP. However, first things first.
Among the updates in PHP 8.1, the following of them are worth taking into account:

  • Enumerations. A significant improvement of version 8.1, the essence of this is the ability to use enumeration instead of the class with constants, which allows you to validate the enumeration at runtime;

  • Fibers. Fibers are lightweight code blocks that allow you to create started, suspended, and terminated code blocks. Also, the ability to manage these threads at a low level is added. First of all, the revision concerns the AMPHP and ReactPHP frameworks;

  • Readonly properties. Now, the properties of a class can be marked as read-only, which means the information they contain can be written once, and they can't be changed after initialization. These properties are especially actual for implementing VO and DTO objects;

  • New in initializers. It allows you to use the keyword new in initializers. It can be applied as an option by default or a value of static variables or in attribute arguments;

  • Improved performance. Due to optimization of functions, improving iterators and speeding up class name resolution and opcache improvement – the ability to cache relationships between classes, productivity increased by about 8%.

PHP 8.1 and Stimulsoft products

The PHP update affected, first of all, our Reports.PHP and Dashboards.PHP products and only the server-side of these products. We have tested the work of Stimulsoft report generators under PHP 8.1 and haven't found compatibility issues.
You can find the latest version of Stimulsoft products here.
If you have any questions – contact us.
Today, we will tell you about a few minor but important improvements, which have affected the Publish option.
First of all, we are talking about the support of current versions of Angular – 10, 11, 12, and 13 when publishing reports and dashboards.

Improvements in the Publish Wizard

This improvement was made, firstly, for users, whose projects work under different versions of the Angular framework.

Now it is possible to select the required version, which is the one used in the project, and publish the rendered report or dashboard. As a result, you get a ready project to use. You may publish a report both in the desktop Win and JS report designer version and from the publish.stimulsoft.com website.
The support of the current Angular versions allows you not to spend time on the compatibility of platform versions in your project with the version in which a report or dashboard was published.
The second improvement has affected exporting a report in the Publish wizard.
Earlier, when publishing a report export project, the settings by default were used. It didn't allow you to change all necessary properties. This functionality has been improved in the 2022.1.3 version. A special class of settings is created when selecting an appropriate option.
The Wizard considers the type of report or dashboard, selected type of export, platform and framework. The necessary class of export settings is created based on these parameters. This improvement greatly simplifies the work with exporting reports and eliminates the need to search for the desired export option in the documentation and examples. In addition to the improvements in the Wizard, in version 2022.1.3, we optimized the use of memory when preparing projects, improved localization, and fixed the found errors.
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