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The product price starts from $699.95 per license

JavaScript and HTML5

Stimulsoft Reports.JS builds reports using only JavaScript and HTML5. It can be used in any JavaScript application. This significantly expands the list of supported devices from desktop computers to mobile devices. There is no .NET and Java behind the scenes.
Source code is available.


Since Stimulsoft Reports.JS is created using JavaScript and HTML5 to design reports, then it has only one requirement – support for these technologies in a web browser. You do not need the server side at all.


Despite the fact that Stimulsoft Reports.JS can operate only on the client side, it can be used on the server. For example, it can work together with Node.js.

Full of Features

Stimulsoft Reports.JS is packed with the full set of features for designing various reports. These are lists, groups, drawing, charts, images, barcodes and etc.


Stimulsoft Reports.JS is a part of the Stimulsoft Reports platform. Reports created in our other products will work in Stimulsoft Reports.JS and vice versa. We guarantee maximum compatibility, as much as possible.

One Report for Any Device

Stimulsoft Reports.JS can work on devices with different resolutions – from the big screen devices and to smartphone screens. It supports mouse control and touch. Stimulsoft Reports.JS works in web browsers of desktop and mobile devices. No matter what device you use (computer, tablet or normal smartphone), you can view reports in any place at any time.

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