November 2022

29 Nov 2022  ·  Alex Markus

Restructuring JS components in Stimulsoft products

In the 2022.4 release packages of Reports.JS, Reports.PHP, Dashboards.JS, and Dashboards.PHP were restructured.
23 Nov 2022  ·  Alex Markus

The Stimulsoft.Drawing library

Starting with the 2022.3 release, we’ve added the Stimulsoft.Drawing library.
14 Nov 2022  ·  Andrew Savin

The license key stopped working. How to solve the issue?

We have collected several non-trivial reasons why the key may not work.
9 Nov 2022  ·  Eliza Leppik

Creating an e-invoice for Germany, France, and Switzerland

Today you'll learn about e-invoices.
3 Nov 2022  ·  Eliza Leppik

The Maxicode in Stimulsoft reports

In this article we will describe the Maxicode barcode in detail.

October 2022

26 Oct 2022  ·  Rodion Tamm

The Text element in dashboards

This time we will tell you about the Text element.
19 Oct 2022  ·  Rodion Tamm

Elements of data filtering in dashboards

Today we’re going to take a detailed look at the dashboard filtering elements from the Filter group.
12 Oct 2022  ·  Eliza Leppik

Stimulsoft BI Server. Administration.

In this article, let's take a closer look at the issues concerning server administration.
5 Oct 2022  ·  Eliza Leppik

The QR code in Stimulsoft reports

Today we’re going to take a closer look at perhaps the most common and popular barcode in the world - the QR code.

September 2022

14 Sep 2022  ·  Rodion Tamm

Image as dashboard element

This time, we’re going to tell you about the Image element.
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