June 2024

4 Jun 2024  ·  Rodion Tamm

The Date Time Step mode of the chart axis

Today, our attention will be on the Date Time Step mode.

May 2024

24 May 2024  ·  Alex Markus

Using the MergeDocument method

To illustrate how to merge multiple reports into one, we have developed several examples for JS and .NET.
16 May 2024  ·  Tim Crawford

HTTP headers in JSON Data

Today, we will discuss the possibility of passing HTTP headers when connecting JSON data sources.
8 May 2024  ·  Eliza Leppik

Events in the reporting tool for JavaScript. Part 3: Designer events.

We are concluding a series of articles about events in the reporting tool for JavaScript applications.

April 2024

25 Apr 2024  ·  Rodion Tamm

Using the Node Schedule in the reporting tool for JavaScript

Continuing on this theme, today we will dive into how our reports integrate with the Node Schedule job scheduler.
18 Apr 2024  ·  Eliza Leppik

Events in the reporting tool for JavaScript. Part 2: Viewer events.

In this article, we present a comprehensive guide to viewer events in the JS reporting tool, encompassing their detailed descriptions, lists of arguments, and much more.
10 Apr 2024  ·  Rodion Tamm

Features of the engine in Stimulsoft products and their impact on speed

Today, we will discuss the features of the data processing engine in the Stimulsoft reporting tool and its impact on the speed of report generation.

March 2024

29 Mar 2024  ·  Alex Markus

Enabling caching from code

Today, we will address one of the most frequently asked questions by our users: how to enable report caching from code?
21 Mar 2024  ·  Eliza Leppik

Protecting Microsoft Office documents in Stimulsoft software

Beginning with version 2023.4, we have integrated the described functionality into our products.
15 Mar 2024  ·  Tim Crawford

Some changes when creating Master-Detail reports

In today's article, we will discuss an important change regarding the principle of creating Master-Detail reports in Stimulsoft products.

February 2024

28 Feb 2024  ·  Eliza Leppik

Events in the reporting tool for JavaScript applications. Part 1. Report Events.

In this article, we will discuss report object events.

January 2024

30 Jan 2024  ·  Alex Markus

Simplified Ribbon

Today, we will discuss one important innovation in the Stimulsoft Reports, Dashboards, and Forms 2024.1 version - the ability to use the Ribbon toolbar in a single line.
16 Jan 2024  ·  Rodion Tamm

Using the Quartz.NET scheduling framework with Stimulsoft Reports

Today, we will dive into one modern trend in software development - process automation, naturally as part of working with reports in Stimulsoft products.
5 Jan 2024  ·  Eliza Leppik

Working with Stimulsoft tools from the console

In today's article, we will discuss how you can leverage commands in the console to work with Stimulsoft analytics and data visualization tools.

December 2023

19 Dec 2023  ·  Tim Crawford

Red lines at the end of the report template

Today, we will address a common query about crafting report templates in our products: the red lines at the template page's end.
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