Stimulsoft Reports

Powerful reporting tool for any platforms

Report writer for creating reports of any complexity from scratch on the desktop and the web. Easy deployment on most platforms, such as ASP.NET, WinForms, .NET Core, JavaScript, WPF, Angular, Blazor, PHP, Java, ect. Embed the report designer in your app or create reports online. Share your report quickly from the cloud.

Stimulsoft Dashboards

Business Intelligence platform for data visualization

Display your data in readable and convenient dashboards. Our data analytics tool allows you to connect any data types from different sources, use a lot of elements for fast analysis, share and export dashboards. Easy integration into your app or web page.

Stimulsoft Forms

Fast PDF forms application for data collection

This is a flexible desktop and online forms creator. With our form builder, you can easily create a fillable PDF with fields, tables, lists, images, make digital signatures, fill them out electronically, and automate your workflows.

Stimulsoft Demo

A rich set of Reports and Dashboards online

We have prepared a huge number of professionally developed reports and dashboards based on real-world tasks. Choose the right one, and connect your data - the solution is ready, start using it in your business!

Stimulsoft BI Designer

Designer for creating reports and dashboards

Reports and dashboards designer for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web. Connect your data, configure the display, and save the finished document locally or in the cloud. View, export, share the interactive reports and dashboards.
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Stimulsoft BI Server

The complete data analytics system

Stimulsoft BI Server is a client-server system that allows you to implement a full cycle of working with reports and dashboards. Common workspace and centralized storage, scheduler and data conversion, vast possibilities for creating reports.
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