Stimulsoft Reports

Use our products for designing reports of any complexity from scratch on the desktop and the web. Our software supports most development platforms and easy deployment. Aren't you able to deploy apps on your servers? Use our cloud solution, work with your team, share reports with your business partners.

Stimulsoft Dashboards

Visual and clear displaying of your data for quick and accurate decision making. Fast and convenient analysis in the cloud, sharing ready-made dashboards everywhere. Easy integration of components into your app or website page.


We have prepared a huge number of professionally developed reports and dashboards based on real-world tasks. Choose the right one, and connect your data - the solution is ready, start using it in your business!

Stimulsoft BI Designer

Stimulsoft BI Designer is a powerful and interactive tool which helps you transform your data into reports.


One app for everything - reports, dashboards, work in the cloud, development, and deployment. Easy and quick start and intuitive, fast work without preparation and training. A vast number of supported databases, data transformation, and powerful analytics. And these are the basics!


Connect the raw data and drag it to the page. Select the necessary elements for analysis and the visual style. Analyze the prepared data in the preview and make accurate decisions. Everything is simple!

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