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Reporting tools

Stimulsoft Reports offers a wide selection of products for creating reports of any complexity. It comprises a large set of data sources, numerous components for analyzing and visualizing your data, dozens of formats for exporting finished documents, an easy-to-use designer, an interactive viewer for reviewing reports, and much more.

Report samples

Our products empower you to create various documents for diverse business purposes, including invoices, order forms, numerous types of lists and catalogs, financial and statistical reports, medical documents, and much more. We have prepared an extensive collection of professional document templates, all accessible through our Demo service.

How does it work?

Reporting tools from Stimulsoft include a robust designer featuring a familiar Ribbon interface, a viewer component for displaying reports, and a specialized functionality called the Publish wizard. This wizard enables swift and effortless integration of reports into your projects.


The Report Designer stands as the primary tool for directly creating reports. It offers localization support in multiple languages, incorporates a wide array of wizards to simplify report creation, and does not impose additional license fees (runtime royalty-free). Additionally, this component is available both as a standalone application for local computer usage and in the cloud for enhanced flexibility and accessibility.
The Report Viewer is a powerful component designed for viewing completed documents. It offers extensive functionality, including parameter support, multi-level drill-down capabilities, interactive reports, and the ability to view and save resources.
The Publish wizard is a specialized tool designed to simplify the process of publishing a report to applications and projects. It enables you to configure the application platform, report deployment type, framework, loading method, and additional settings for actions related to documents, localization, theme design, and much more.

Reporting capabilities

The tools of the Stimulsoft Reports product line are designed to facilitate a complete cycle of data visualization and processing. With these tools, you can design, edit, print, view, and export reports of any complexity. Also, you have the ability to share reports with colleagues and integrate them into your application.

For this we have

Useful resources
To work with the product, we prepared user documentation, video tutorials, a large collection of prepared report templates and much more.
Filtering and sorting
It supports working with parameters, multilevel reports, interactive filtering, sorting, and grouping data.
The interface of our products has been translated into 30+ languages worldwide, and various cultures and fonts are supported, as well as input formats, numbers, and dates.
Charts and barcodes
More than 50 chart types are available for data analysis and visualization, as well as many barcodes, including specialized postal barcodes used in countries.
Multiple export formats
The generated report can be easily printed, sent via email, or saved in over 40 different data formats, including PDF, Excel, MS Word, HTML, and many more.
Ability to share reports
After creating and rendering a report, you can send it by email and share it with subscribers and business partners on social networks.

Data for reports

Our tools provide extensive support for connecting data in various ways, encompassing both the functionalities of the report and dashboard designer, as well as programmatic approaches. We offer compatibility with a wide range of data servers, including MS SQL, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more. Our tools fully support all standard OData protocol types. In addition to this, you can retrieve data from XML, JSON, Excel, and other file sources.
With our tools, you have the flexibility to perform preliminary data preparation and transformation. You can create virtual sources and even embed data directly into the report template as resources. These features are just a glimpse of the vast capabilities of Stimulsoft tools when it comes to handling data.

More features

Report Checker

This tool is used to verify reports and detect errors during or after their creation. The checker displays all messages about found issues and problems.


Automate the process of exporting, saving and sending a report by email according to a given schedule.

Mobile device support

You can view finished documents on any type of mobile device, from tablets to smartwatches.


A full circle of work with reports that are stored in the Stimulsoft Cloud.

Report Wizards

A lot of report wizards and settings of components.

Standard UI

All our products use a unified approach to creating reports, dashboards, and forms, and the tools have a universal interface. Just once learn the basics of working with a designer to create documents.

Licensing terms

Developer-based licensing

We provide four types of licenses for our products, depending on the number of application developers or report creators. You can find detailed information about each license type here.

Free 30-day trial

To allow you to evaluate our products, we offer a free 30-day trial period. During this time, you will have full access to all the features and capabilities of our products.

No hidden fees

When integrating our product into your applications, you are not required to make any additional payments (royalty-free). This means that you can distribute our product as part of your application without any extra financial obligations for your customers.

Source code

The source code is accessible for all products, enabling you not only to fully customize your application but also to add new functionality to it.

Reporting product line

Stimulsoft Reports offers a comprehensive suite of reporting tools. Our range includes tools for integration into applications developed in JavaScript, Angular, Blazor, .NET, and other platforms. Additionally, we provide the BI Cloud service, BI Designer desktop and online applications, as well as the BI Server, which is a client-server system enabling a full cycle of report management and collaboration.

Embedded Solutions for Developers

Ready-to-use Solutions for Creators

Do you need to use several different technologies? Are you looking for tools to design reports and dashboards? Do you want to get all this at a reasonable price? We offer you a great solution - Stimulsoft Ultimate!
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