Stimulsoft Reports

Stimulsoft Reports is a fast and comprehensive set of tools for generating reports of any complexity.
The report writer has a powerful report engine, an easy-to-use designer and viewer, a large number of export formats, supports for working with reports from code, and many more. Our products provide a complete cycle of developing reports on the desktop and in the Web browser.
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The unrivaled tools for data visualization

We offer you an impressive set of components for designing reports. Do you need charts, stylized tables, bar-codes, conditional formatting, and interactive components? No problem! We offer you use a variety of specific components to visualize data immediately.

Work with data

The reporting tool supports more than 15 types of data servers - MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird, and others.
Stimulsoft reports support for ADO.NET objects, the ability to load data from XML, JSON, Excel and CSV files, work with business objects. Do not think about how to prepare data for the report - Stimulsoft Reports will do it for you.
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Ultimate functionality

Software functionality largely depends on the report engine. It is the heart and basis of the report generation. Our products are ready to provide you with that maximum functionality on all major platforms - .NET Framework, .NET Core, JavaScript, WPF, and Java. As a result of the report engine generation, you will get reports that look the same way as your idea was.

We have everything you need

Vast set of components

Texts, tables, bar-codes, images, shapes, infographics and many more – we have everything you need for your reports.

Lots of formats for export

It is effortless to save reports as a PDF, Excel, Word document, HTML page, data file or image, send them via Email.


It is very easy to configure and use the drill down option, sorting, editing, tooltips, and other functionality.


A considerable set of animated interactive charts will help you to present the data to look visually pleasing.


Any report component supports globalization strings and will be automatically translated. The language barrier is no longer a problem!


We support for parameters in expressions and SQL queries. Both simple types and lists, dependent parameters and other features are available.


A large number of preset styles and the ability to create and customize your styles will give your reports the desired look.

Work with components

The report designer is a part of the reporting tool to create, customize and edit reports. The report viewer is the component to view and interact with the rendered report. Publishing is the process to prepare the project for the development platform you are using in your project with the necessary settings. What could be more comfortable and more convenient? Only three steps from the very start of designing reports to the ready project. Let’s get started right now!
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Report Designer

The report design has a modern user-friendly interface with various themes, more than 40 localization languages, and the ability to customize the UI according to your requirements. The report designer has several wizards and editors to design complicated reports easily.

Report Viewer

You may use this component for full interaction with the rendered report – sorting, drill down, support for parameters, printing and exporting, sending reports via Email. Many themes and flexible settings allow you to integrate the component into your application without any difficulties.


Report publishing is a unique opportunity to create a finished project or application for a specific platform using a particular wizard. All major platforms are supported – ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, .NET Core, WinForms, WPF, PHP, Java.


You can easily integrate Stimulsoft Reports components into your application; just a few lines of code are enough to make this work. Many samples of working with components and video tutorials will help you in this. The detailed user manual will allow you to understand the software functionality and how to use it in setting up report components.
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  • Simple licensing model – only the number of developers counts.
  • A license is required only for developers who work with our reporting tools.
  • There are no additional fees for distributing the application with our reporting tools.
  • A fully functional 30-day trial is available for testing.
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Full set

Stimulsoft Reports includes five products designed for working with reports on various platforms. Every product consists of the report engine for the specific platform it was developed, the report designer and viewer.

Do you need to use several different technologies? Are you looking for tools to design reports and dashboards? Do you want to get all this at a reasonable price?

We offer you a great solution - Stimulsoft Ultimate.