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Do you want to create reports and dashboards, but you do not need to create your application? We want to offer you a great solution – Stimulsoft Designer! All you need is to connect your data, drag it onto the template page, configure the display, and save the finished document. You can send it by Email, share it on social networks or on your Web site, otherwise at any time continue to work with it in the designer.
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Stimulsoft Framework

Stimulsoft Designer is part of the unified Stimulsoft framework, which includes the engine to generate reports and analyze data, report designer, and viewer. You can create a report on the computer, continue editing it in the cloud using the online designer, and view the result on the tablet screen. All reports and dashboards have a single universal format and work on any operating system.
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One application – Unlimited opportunities

Stimulsoft Designer is a sturdy product that runs on any computer and any platform. The vast functionality will help you to implement the most daring ideas in designing reports and dashboards, both online and offline on your workstation. A single interface and approaches for creating and editing templates on various platforms significantly increase usability and productivity.
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What can I create in the Designer?

Stimulsoft Designer is a unique application. You can create both reports and dashboards in it. Moreover, you can create combined templates that simultaneously contain both reports and dashboards, and you can configure interactions between them. The principle of creating reports and dashboards is similar. We have many examples and video lessons available that will help you get started quickly.
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Stimulsoft Designer for You

The designer will determine the type of license when you log in and configure your workspace to offer exactly the tools for the design of reports and dashboards that you need at the current moment.

For Developers

Build your applications, use advanced features for developers, and publish finished reports and dashboards in your projects.

For BI Creators

Connect to any data sources, easily create interactive dashboards and reports in minutes at a professional level.
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Visualize your data

We offer you a well-selected set of components – charts, tables, barcodes, primitives, and etc. All components support styles. You may easily customize them. Also, you may create attractive reports and presentations, analyze data, and display it in a convenient and understandable form. This will help you to automate activities, accelerate taking crucial decisions, and also draw attention to your business.

Ease of use

Using Stimulsoft Designer, you can easily design reports from a simple list to multi-paged, with complex calculations, conditions, functions, and variables. In just a few clicks, you can create understandable and informative dashboards, set filters, and sorting for any element.

Report Designer is easy

This is a standalone product that does not require programming skills. It allows you to create and view reports, analyze data, and work with dashboards, export finished documents to PDF, Excel, Word, etc., save them on a local disk or in the cloud.

Simple drag-and-drop editor

By dragging the components with the cursor, you can easily add and customize them while creating a template. For example, to connect data, drag the file from the desktop to the report template.

The broad set of components

We offer you to use an extensive selection of components - from simple shapes and text elements to complex tables and charts. The designer supports the most popular barcodes, sub-reports, images, etc. Powerful filtering elements, regional and online maps, and other options are available.

Custom styles for the best reports

Stimulsoft Designer includes many built-in styles that you can immediately use in report and dashboard templates. However, you can change the settings of any elements, create and customize your collection of styles, save the collection for use in other templates.

Interactivity in reports and dashboards

Interactivity can be configured for report components - data filtering, sorting, drill-down, hyperlinks. Implemented work with reports and SQL data queries. For dashboards, special data filtering elements are provided.

Maximum functionality

Stimulsoft BI Designer can easily manage with any data set - more than 30 different adapters are available, expressions and parameters in queries, grouping, sorting, data transformation. You may use various data sources in one report and dashboard. Dozens of thousands data rows is not a problem for our reporting and data analysis engine!

Professionally crafted templates

We have prepared over 100 professionally designed reports and dashboard templates that are available right in the designer. Choose the most suitable one, connect your data, change the style and settings if necessary - and immediately use it in your business! Besides, convenient wizards for creating reports are available.

Publishing a finished report

Using Stimulsoft BI Designer, you may publish a report to a finished project or application - use the Publish wizard. All popular technologies and platforms are supported. This opportunity for application developers facilitates the integration of the reporting system. To publish applications, you need a developer license.

Give access to your partners

Using the BI designer, you can upload any reports and dashboards to the cloud, share them by email or on a social network, generate a QR code for quick viewing on any mobile device. For dashboards, you can set up a separate mobile display mode.

The responsive setting of elements

When editing a dashboard or report element, only the relevant options are displayed. While customizing an item, additional options will be displayed. If necessary, you can display all available options for an item. This approach dramatically improves the usability of the designer.

High-Resolution Support

The designer fully supports HiDPI for high-resolution screens (4k monitors). All controls, texts, report and dashboard components will look the same clearly in almost any scaling of the operating system.

How do I buy Stimulsoft BI Designer?

You can purchase the product in our online store. After purchasing, you will immediately be able to create, edit, view, print, export reports and dashboards both on the desktop and in the cloud. You will have access to hundreds of professionally designed templates. The license price includes technical support for the product and its updates.
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