Dashboards for JavaScript

Dashboards.JS is a full-featured tool used to create dashboards for the JavaScript platform. To generate and view dashboards, you need any web browser that supports HTML5 and JavaScript. It can work as Client-Side when no server side is required, as well as Server-Side that can be used on the server side.

Report Designer

We offer a common designer for creating dashboards and reports. For those who are already familiar with our reporting tool, this will significantly simplify the work. The standard user interface and unified approaches to work, both with reports and dashboards, will allow you to start creating analytical documents and use all the necessary functionality in a short time.

Designer JS

Dashboard Items

The data on the dashboard can be processed, filtered, displayed and visually stylized using the dashboard items. The processing and displaying of data is carried out using the following elements – Table, Chart, Gauge, Pivot, Indicator, Progress, and Map. You can filter data by time range, using the Date Picker, by lists of values using the simple, drop-down, hierarchical, and drop-down hierarchical lists. Using such items as Text, Image, Shape, you can give a personal look for your dashboards.

Items JS

Report Viewer

The report viewer is designed using HTML5 and JavaScript. It works in any web browser that supports these technologies; it can operate autonomously without having a server side. It has all the advantages of the report viewer – the interactivity of the dashboard elements, displaying the panel in the full-screen mode, exporting the dashboard to PDF, Excel, and PNG files.

Viewer JS

Product Installation

You may install the product using three installation options – Web installer, full installation (.exe file) and zip archive. The installation package is universal and includes all our reporting and dashboard components. Designer and viewer for working with dashboards are fully functional. The only restriction is the Trial watermark on the dashboard.

Stimulsoft Ultimate

Dashboards.JS is part of Stimulsoft Ultimate, which is a universal set of tools for creating dashboards and reports. Including the new product into the package did not change the price for Stimulsoft Ultimate, and it still costs 1,799.95 USD for a Single developer license.

Source Code

If you need to expand the capabilities of the software product, make adjustments according to your requirements, then you can do this by purchasing the source code for the product. To find out the source code which we provide, read the Redistributables section of the license agreement. We use common assemblies for dashboards and reporting.

Online Demo

Check directly in a web browser how you may use Dashboards.JS in your projects. Go to demo.stimulsoft.com and run examples from the Dashboards category. Save it to PDF or Excel. Click the Edit button and learn the structure of the panel in the designer.

Product Licensing

The type of license you need to integrate Dashboards.JS into your application depends on how many developers of your company will work with our components. Learn more about license types here. Distribution of our product as part of your application does not require additional fees. It is royalty-free.

Product Purchase

Place an order for the product Dashboards.JS directly on our website. We accept the following types of payments – wire transfer, credit cards, purchase orders, PayPal, American Express and many other local payment methods.
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