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Installation packages and other resources for working with Stimulsoft reporting and dashboard solution.

Unified Web Installer 2019.2.3

Reports and Dashboards

The Web Installer is a small application which will allow you to select and install the necessary products directly from the Internet. You will be able to choose the installation options.

Full Installation Package 2019.2.3

Reports and Dashboards

The Full Installation package contains all the products and allows you to install them on your computer without using the Internet. You can download the package once and install it on different computers.

Zip Archive 2019.2.3

Reports and Dashboards

This package can be used by users of macOS and Linux operating systems. It contains the software components, JavaScript files, universal installing AIR packages and summary information files.

Stimulsoft Reports.Server 2019.2.3

An installation package contains everything to install or uninstall the product and to run the setup user interface. This product compatible with IIS 6.0 or higher and .NET Framework 4.5 or higher.

NuGet packages and GitHub projects

For ease of use, we added all our products to the NuGet repository, and you can easily attach them to your projects. Also, in the GitHub repository, you can download and explore many examples of using our products. All samples are grouped into the appropriate categories.

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