New Features
1.Animation of the chart transition from one value to another, including when changing the filter values on the dashboard. 
2.Added the ability to move report and dashboard components using the Ctrl and the cursor keys. 
3.Duplicate command is added to a context menu of the dictionary in the designer. This command is available for connections, data sources, data relations, variables and resources. 
4.The ability to specify an icon for the report template page in the WPF report designer was added. 
5.The StiOptions.Viewer.Map.ShowZoomPanel property is added. It is used to hide the zoom controls in the "Region Map" component. 
6.The possibility to manually data enter is added to the indicator element. 
7.The possibility to manually add data is impelemented for the progress element. 
8.The possibility to manually data enter is added to the gauge element. 
9.The possibility to manually enter data is added to the chart element. 
10.The new option NewReportDictionary is added for the report designer component. 
11.The ability to search for components in the "Report Tree" panel was added. 
12.New values are added for the "Style" property for the "Sunburst" chart type. 
13.A search string is added to the "New" item of the "File" menu to search for examples of reports and dashboards in the Stimulsoft online storage. 

1.Some report designer options have been updated and optimized. 
2.The algorithm for processing duplicate values in a variable was optimized. 
3.The algorithm of the step-by-step loading of a list with a large number of values in a variable was optimized and improved. 

Fixed Bugs
1.Some problems when exporting a report to SVG were fixed. 
2.Some issues with the "Chart" component in reports and dashboards were fixed. 
3.The issue with drawing a Pictorial chart with negative values was fixed. 
4.The error with report variables resulting from a conflict between date and time formats was fixed. 
5.There have been some system errors related to require. 
6.Some bugs with dependent lists of values in report variables were fixed. 
7.A bug related to drawing "Labels" on a "Funnel" chart was fixed. 
8.The error related to content alignment commands in the "Text" component editor was fixed. 
9.A bug related to copying components from one toolbar of the browser with a report designer to another was fixed. 
10.The positioning of labels for "Pie" charts in reports and dashboards was fixed. 
11.A bug related to displaying a Pie chart in dashboards was fixed. 
12.A bug related to clicking on the "Print" button when viewing reports and dashboards in the Safari browser was fixed. 
13.The issue with the "Axis Label Color" property of the chart style for the Radar series was fixed. 
14.Some improvements regarding retrieving columns from the MSSQL server are added. 
15.The error related to the synchronization of data sources and the links between them in the report data dictionary was fixed. 
16.The error with displaying the online map in the report designer after removing the panel on which it was located from the report was fixed. 
17.An issue with a test connection for the OData connection was fixed. 
18.Some errors related to the list of values of the "List" type variable were fixed. 
19.A problem related to the "Redo" command when creating a new report was fixed. 
20.An issue related to clearing deleted items in the data dictionary was fixed. 
21.A problem related to extra space for some types of columns in the "Table" element of the dashboard was fixed. 
22.A bug with displaying the "Select Columns" button in the table when there are no data columns was fixed. 
23.A problem related to XMLHttpRequest in OData data adapter for Node.js was fixed. 
24.Some bugs with custom data adapters were fixed. 
25.A new "Account" tab to the "File" menu of the report designer was added. 
26.An issue was fixed with sorting the list of variables in the report data dictionary.