New Features
1.The possibility to group report parameters in collapsible groups in the viewer was added.
2.A new button was added to the dashboard viewer - Reset All Filters. This button helps to reset all current state of user's filters to its default state.
3.A possibility to control an alignment of the viewer's toolbar buttons was added. This possibility was added both to the dashboard viewer and the reports viewer. It is possible to change it with help of the PreviewSettings property of the report.
4.We added the posibility to specify an expression in the report.Culture property. It helps to change globalization of a report directly in the report viewer with help of request from user variables.

1.The libraries used in the products have been updated to the latest stable versions. This need is due to possible security vulnerabilities.
2.We updated the algorithm for processing the "Tree View" element when exporting a dashboard. Now, if the top level contains only one element - it will be displayed expanded.
3.We added support for animated GIF images in dashboards.

Fixed Bugs
1.We added support for executing a stored procedure with parameters for SQL data sources.
2.We fixed a problem related to exporting a report to PDF, in cases where icons are used in the "Chart" component.
3.An issue with using the Row.Line constant in the table element was fixed.
4.We fixed a problem related to the "Save As" menu when saving a report to Stimulsoft Cloud.
5.We fixed a bug related to displaying a message about incorrect values in the "Globalization Strings" editor.
6.We fixed an issue related to highlighting the value in the "Name" property of the report template page.
7.We fixed a bug related to displaying icons in empty dashboard element editors.
8.We fixed a bug related to displaying dashboards in the "Interaction" editor on the "Drill-Down" tab.
9.We fixed a bug related to displaying tooltips on hover in 3D charts.
10.We fixed a bug related to useing the "Color Each" for 3D charts, in cases where the arguments are in the "Side-by-Side" mode.
11.We fixed a problem related to duplication of data sources when creating a report or dashboard using demo data.
12.We fixed a bug related to processing JSON data and null values.
13.We fixed a bug related to displaying icons in the "Options" menu in the report designer.
14.We fixed a problem related to displaying icons for different scale values in JS components. .
15.We fixed a bug related to displaying messages in the "Report Checker" tool.

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