Dashboards for WinForms and WPF

Stimulsoft Dashboards.WIN is a full-featured tool for transformation, analysis, grouping, filtering, sorting and displaying data on the dashboards. It is compatible with the .NET Framework 4.5 and higher. You may easily integrate Dashboards.WIN into WinForms and WPF applications.

Report Designer

The unique report designer allows you to create dashboards and edit reports simultaneously. Easy-to-use interface, localization of the UI in many languages, support for data sources MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Firebird and others. Sorting, grouping, filtering - all these functionalities can be used with your data before rendering the dashboard.

Designer Win

Dashboard Items

Elements of data analysis and filtering, as well as additional items, can be placed on the dashboards. The data can be processed and displayed using the following elements - Table, Chart, Gauge, Pivot, Indicator, Progress, and Map. Date filtering can be used to filter the data with the help of simple, drop-down, hierarchical, and drop-down hierarchical lists. Additional elements include Text, Image, and Shape.

Items Win

Report Viewer

Dashboards and their elements are stretched to the entire area of the report viewer. Thus, you can view the whole dashboard or each of its elements in full-screen mode. All items on the dashboard are related to each other. Therefore, the selection of a specific value for one item filters data for other elements of the dashboard. The interactive elements of the dashboard include Table, Chart, Map, all data filtering items. Besides, in the report viewer, you can export to PDF, Excel, or PNG either the entire dashboard or each of its elements separately.

Viewer Win

Product Installation

To install the product on your PC, go to our website to the Download section, and set up the product using the Web Installer. In the pop-up window, specify the components you want to use. The installation package contains not only .exe files for work with the designer and viewer but also all the necessary components for integration and working with them in the development environment.

Stimulsoft Ultimate

Dashboards.WIN is delivered not only as a separate product but also as part of Stimulsoft Ultimate that is a complete solution for designing dashboards and reports for the .NET Framework, JavaScript, PHP, and Java.

Source Code

When purchasing a product, you can choose a license with source code. We provide code for the files specified in the license agreement in the chapter Redistributables. You can use that source to customize the application and add your unique functionality. We use common assemblies for dashboards and reporting.

Online Demo

There is no need to install the product on your computer for testing. Go to demo.stimulsoft.com and run sample reports with dashboards in the viewer. Then run the report designer and edit the loaded example, or create your own dashboards. The online designer is fully functional.

Windows Demo

Stimulsoft Demo is a demo application for exploring the functionality and benefits of a reporting tool and dashboard panels. It contains lots of specific reports and dashboards designed by us. We grouped them by categories and features.

Product Licensing

The licensing model for Dashboards.WIN is the same as the licensing for our reporting tools. There are four types of developer licenses: Single, Team, Site, and Worldwide. Distribution of our Dashboards.WIN as part of your application does not require any additional fees (royalty-free).

Product Purchase

You have already tested our product and are ready to buy. You can do this directly on our website in the Purchase section. Select Dashboards.WIN, the required license type, select the appropriate payment method, fill out the form and get the invoice. Access to your account with a license key you will receive immediately after the payment is complete.
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