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Dashboards for Blazor

Stimulsoft Dashboards.BLAZOR is a data analytics tool for creating, editing, viewing, and exporting dashboards in Blazor applications. Our product works on the server and client sides. You may integrate it quickly into any web project, and it allows you to present and analyze data from many sources. In addition, it contains a set of tools for creating and editing dashboards.

Features of data analytics tools for Blazor

Our dashboard generator is a product for app developers on the Blazor platform. It uses libraries of the .NET framework for work on the server-side and the client-side using WebAssembly.

Blazor Server

Dashboard creation using the Blazor Server technology is carried out on the logic of any client-server application: processing, filtering, and grouping of data are carried out on the server-side, and work with the visual part is carried out in a browser. It allows you to work with the Stimulsoft tool in any modern browser and device, regardless of its size.

Blazor WebAssembly

Rendering projects using the WebAssembly technology involves loading compiled .NET assemblies. At the same time, the main operations are carried out using the Razor technology and a programming code written in C#. The Stimulsoft Dashboards.BLAZOR product for visualization and data analytics can be integrated into any browser that supports WebAssembly.

Data for dashboards

One of the key advantages of our product is the diversity of data you can use for creating dashboards in your Blazor application. We offer a large list of supported data servers – MS SQL, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Also, you can get data from XML, JSON, Excel, and other file sources.
Preliminary preparation and transformation of data, creation of virtual data sources, and the ability to embed your data directly into the report template as resources are available. This is just a brief overview of what our data visualization software can do with data.

Dashboard visualization

Visualization of existing data is perhaps crucial stage in creating dashboards. To do this, you should use a special component for viewing dashboards - the interactive viewer. When developing the viewer we took into account all necessary requirements for software to work with displaying data in a convenient and readable view. That's why our viewer of dashboards is fully customizable, rapid, and comfortable in work and contains a wide set of functional features. For full integration into projects, we offer many design themes and options to customize the appearance and functionality of an application.

Key features of the viewer

Our data analytics tool for the Blazor platform includes a full-featured dashboard viewer. The component supports interactivity, full-screen viewing of the entire dashboard or its elements, and export of report files to various formats.
Automatic adaptation of interface to any screen size. Viewer adjusts to the device on which it is opened. It can be a widescreen monitor or a mobile phone.
Multi-level drill down of selected elements of a dashboard. The support of drill down is the display of additional information when selecting an element.
Interface localization in more than 40 languages. Just select the localization you need from the list in the designer or specify it using the option. It will help you to overcome the language barrier.
Flexible customization of controls. The viewer supports the ability to display the controls that are needed for work with a dashboard.
Visual filters and sorting data. Data in a dashboard can be filtered and sorted using visual tools of the viewer. Thus, you can easily display only necessary data and preliminarily analyze indicators.
The mobile mode of design and dashboard viewing. The function of creating design specially for mobile devices to display a rendered dashboard correctly on any device is available in our product.

Using the designer and the report viewer in an application

Our data analytics components are developed to consider the differences and peculiarities of the Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly platforms. There are samples of using the designer and the viewer on our website - dashboard export, data connection, and much more.


The technology combines speed and functionality. Rendering dashboards go on the server, and the report viewer and designer work on the client in the browser window.


Cross-platform technology that works entirely in the browser window. Our reporting components support the maximum possible functionality for the platform.

Diverse selection of widgets

There are a lot of elements for creating and editing dashboards, from shapes to buttons, that execute various scripts. Check out the variety of Stimulsoft Dashboards.BLAZOR features:


A set of data elements that is organized using a model of vertical columns and horizontal rows.


The element displays the difference in values between the input data.


A graphical element of data analysis, using which the data can be processed and the result is displayed as graphs.


The element displays the ratio of the input data. It can be presented in different modes – a pie, donut, bars.

Pivot Table

A dashboard element designed for processing, grouping, and summarizing data by rows and columns, as well as presenting structured data in tabular form.

Online Map

An element for displaying geographic markers on the online map.


This element is a basic object to output data as a text.


The element allows you to display a value within a predefined range. It can have different graphical representation.

Region Map

This element is used to display data that is geographically targeted.


An element for displaying various shapes on the dashboard, including primitives, arrows, lines, flowcharts.


The component for displaying grouped data as cards.


The special element allows you to execute various scripts by click or depending on a condition.


A group of elements designed to filter data in related dashboard components.


An element is designed to add and display photos, logos, pictures, etc. on the dashboard.


An element can be used as a container for other dashboard elements.

Functionality of Stimulsoft BI solution

Our data analytics and visualization system involves flexible settings and a wide range of possibilities for representing data on dashboards. In addition to a large number of data sources, visualization elements, and export formats, our product also includes:

The ability to use dashboard variables as parameters with the option to select and enter custom values for filtering data elements in the dashboard or in a query to the data repository.

Calculated fields

The product allows you to use expressions in the fields of dashboard elements with various mathematical operations for data column values, variables, and constants.


This feature includes a wide range of functionality - from displaying drill-down data for a dashboard element to showing another dashboard or report with the ability to pass a parameter to it.

Grouping, sorting, and filtering of data

When viewing a dashboard, you can filter data by a specific value, configure sorting, and group different dashboard elements.

Summaries and aggregate functions

Our platform allows the use of functions, including Sum, Count, Min, Max, First, and Last, on the data fields. The report dictionary contains a list of functions for the field expressions of items.

Conditional formatting

Highlighting of dashboard element values depending on a specified condition. This allows you to define text formatting, background, borders, add and modify icons.


Stimulsoft data analytics tool is used to create, edit and publish dashboards in Blazor applications. To make the product work, special scripts and components are provided to deploy and embed Stimulsoft Dashboards.BLAZOR.
To integrate dashboards into Blazor projects quickly and comfortably, we created the Publish Wizard. It is a set of particular functionality that simplifies the process of integration and publishing dashboards, and it’s available both in online and desktop versions of the report designer. When publishing a dashboard, you can select a platform and a framework for deployment, define where a dashboard will be loaded, what you should make with it, and include a license key, localization, and interface theme in the integration.

To integrate the Stimulsoft Dashboards.BLAZOR product, you need a developer package that you can install from the NuGet repository or download from our website. No additional modules and special extensions are required. You should just include the necessary libraries.


Stimulsoft Dashboards.BLAZOR tool for data analytics is licensed the same way as other products for creating dashboards. We offer 4 types of licensing according to the number of developers who will directly work with the product.
License terms include the possibility of a free trial period of 30 days, including the Subscription Program, and do not require additional fees to use the product.
Source code is available

Source Code

Source code is available for all Stimulsoft products, including Stimulsoft Dashboards.BLAZOR. Source code of a product allows you to both fully customize your application and add new functional features to it. We use unified builds for reports and dashboards, and the source code is supplied for the files specified in the license agreement in the Redistributributables section.
Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB

Part of Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB

A data analytics software for Blazor is a part of the Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB product, a tool for creating dashboards for the following platforms - ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core. The product includes all you need to work with dashboards in a web browser.

What's next?

We have prepared hundreds of reports and dashboards templates grouped by spheres of use. You can immediately use them by connecting your data or change according to your requirements. Our lessons and technical documentation will help make your work effective! Moreover, you can request the training courses from our technical specialists, subscribe to our YouTube channel to always get new videos, and receive all your answers in our online documentation.
Training Courses

Training courses

Are you faced with difficulties when creating reports and dashboards? This is not a problem! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request for training - our specialists are ready to help.

Video lessons

We have prepared many video materials for the designing reports and dashboards. All tutorials are grouped by specific topics and regularly updated and supplemented.



Our online user guides describe both the general functionality of the product and provide advice and suggestions for the report design and hints of setting components for reporting.


Check out sample projects and report templates for working with our products. You can also view and download our samples and source code from GitHub.
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