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Work with Data
ADO.NET Data Types Support
Full support of all ADO.NET data types: DataSet, DataTable, DataView, DataRelation. All data are output considering the hierarchy of data in the DataSet. All data are typified.

Business Objects Support
Business objects are fully supported: IList, IEnumerable, ITypedList, classes, enumeration etc. Also links between them are supported too.

Access to Data Directly From a Report
This means the ability to link with data without using ADO.NET. Data receiving from MS SQL, Oracle, ODBC, OleDB, FirebirdSQL, PostgeSQL is supported. You can make compound SQL queries to databases, with use of SQL parameters etc.

Access to Data in XML
Data receiving from XML files. You can get data for the report directly from XML files.

Compound User Data Support
The special component for connection with compound user data. It allows displaying compound data in reports.

Data Processing with the Report Engine
Stimulsoft Reports.Net allows you to use hierarchically bound data from the DataSet. In addition, you can sort data, and sorting is possible with use of DataRelations. When displaying, data filtration is available. Other kinds of data processing are available too.
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