Data servers

Our products support work with all popular data servers such as MSSQLServer, MySQL, ODBC, OLEDB, Oracle, MSAccess, PostgreSQL, Firebird, SQLCE, SQLite, DB2, Informix, Sybase, Teradata, VistaDB, MongoDB, OData. Also, we support the connection of your custom data adapter. Our software supports automatic detection of data types, relationships, query parameters, work with stored procedures and other features.

To add a data source, select the type of data server and specify the connection string. Our report designer will request a list of available tables by itself, and after selecting the necessary tables, it will automatically create data sources in the dictionary.

Data files

Data can be loaded directly from files. We support working with XML, JSON, CSV, DBase and Excel data files. When creating a file data source, it is enough to specify the path to the file (local and remote files are supported), everything else will be done automatically – searching for columns, determining data types and table links.

In addition, our product has a unique opportunity to store data in the template itself as report or dashboard resources. Simply drag and drop the file into the data dictionary area and the data source will be created automatically.


The ADO.NET technology eliminates the study of database structures from different manufacturers, provides a single powerful tool for working with multi-level data. Stimulsoft supports all ADO.NET objects and providers, such as DataSet, DataTable, DataView, DataRelation, Connection, and others. All data is typed and displayed according to the hierarchy.

Business Objects

Business objects are a set of objects related to each other with which you can represent data in various structures – tables, lists, arrays, and others. These objects can be transferred as a data source and based on them you can build reports and dashboards. One line of code is enough to use business objects; everything will be done automatically. Also, a convenient visual editor of business objects is available in the designer. In this editor, you can change the existing structure or create a new one.

Data Transformation

This is a unique tool for preparing data for using them in reports and dashboards. You can combine tables, sort, replace, group, filter data, add new elements, perform calculations, summarize totals for the combined tables, set a limit on the number of rows, etc. The most important is that you do not need to compose long SQL queries or deal with scripts, all settings are performed using an intuitive wizard, and the result will be immediately displayed as a summary data table. Data conversion is added to the dictionary, and it can be used in the report and on the dashboard, like any other data source, no additional settings are required.