Native Reporting Tool for WPF

WPF is the Windows Presentation Foundation platform. Stimulsoft Reports.WPF is a reporting tool that is developed for Windows Presentation Foundation. You need a reporting tool for WPF, don't you? No need to surf the internet – use Stimulsoft Reports.WPF. All the power of WPF technology is used. Rich abilities of rendering, viewing, printing and exporting reports – it is all about Stimulsoft Reports.WPF.

Create It!

New Report Wizard Stimulsoft Reports.WPF uses the reports engine for creating reports which is based on the Stimulsoft Team many years experience of developing and using reporting tools. A couple of code lines may need to execute complex operations with a report. Report engine offers great many abilities for reports creation. Vast kit of components, unique set of properties and parameters, thought over structure of reports. Many of options are absolutely unique and present only in our product. We paid more attention to the speed of reports rendering and complex reports creation.

Design It!

Report Designer We offer the great reports designer for creating reports. The reports designer is based on the WPF technology. User-friendly interface, work with multipage report templates, stylizing, user interface is localized in many languages - the list of advantages of the reports designer is very long. So it may take a lot of time to describe all the features. Try how it works, you will like it.

Store It!

Main Menu We do not intend to stint developers in anything. So we have added a lot of options for saving reports. Reports can be saved to files, strings, arrays, database fields, they can also be packed. In addition, reports can be compiled to .Net Framework assemblies and directly used in your application. Standalone reports are not problems for Stimulsoft Reports.WPF. Reports can be saved even as classes in C# or VB.NET languages.

View It!

Report ViewerOne of the most important parts of the reporting tool is the report viewer because end users are the first ones who work with it. Therefore, we tried to make our reports viewer as convenient, attractive, fast, and adjustable as possible. All the power of WPF technology helped us in this.

Print It!

Print Barcodes The most important goal of report creation is that it should be printed – reports are created to be printed. Do you wish to print reports using the WPF technology? Stimulsoft Reports.WPF is what you need. This is very fast, this is full WYSIWYG, this is convenient, and this is prestigious.

Export It!

Rich Text Export Do you want to save a report for further viewing? No problems. You may save your reports to more than 30 export formats. PDF, XPS, Excel, Word, Open Office etc. The list is a very long. Besides the third party formats, we have added the support of our own internal format. It allows saving a report and then to continue working with it.

Edit It!

Edit Rendered Report You look at your report and it seems that something should be changed? Handy mode of editing components of a rendered report directly is the window of preview. Also the special mode of editing reports using the reports designer is available. Anything can be modified.

Enjoy It!

Charts Editor It may take a lot of time for us to describe advantages and features of our product. But the best way to learn more about the product is to try to use it. So, please download, evaluate, make your right choice, and enjoy life!

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