It is essential and necessary to read user manuals, watch educational videos and try dashboards examples, but it is not always possible to focus on what is important. Sometimes only one phrase from those who know the product helps to understand the essence and philosophy of the software for reports creating and data visualization. We are pleased to offer you an additional opportunity to find out how our Stimulsoft Reports and Stimulsoft Dashboards products work. Our company is ready to conduct training for each role in your business, including developers, report designers and customers who will use our products in your applications.

What is the advantage of our training? Training can be set up in any way you like, online or on-site in the office of your company. For online training, we use GoToMeeting service. We record all sessions, so at any time you can go back to the materials about reports creation covered to fill in the gaps or to remember the topic. We select the time and date of training, which is most convenient for you.

We do not have any preset programs, you set it up according to your requirements, and we will help you to understand only those aspects of the product’s work that are important for your project. We will teach and help you design not abstract reports and dashboards, but those that you will use.
The price of online training is 90 USD per 1 hour.
The minimum number of prepaid hours is 10.
If you wish our specialist to come to your office and conduct on-site training, the price is discussed separately in every specific case.

To schedule the training and discuss its details, please send us a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we will help you choose the most convenient date and training agenda for you.
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