Stimulsoft Ultimate

The solution is a universal set of tools for creating reports and dashboards using various technologies. Stimulsoft Ultimate is an excellent offer for those who use multiple platforms in app development.

Stimulsoft Reports

The Stimulsoft Reports product line includes eight products designed to work with reports on various platforms. Each product contains a report engine for the selected platform and components such as a report designer and viewer.

Stimulsoft Dashboards

The Stimulsoft Dashboards product line includes five products designed to work with dashboards on the desktop and the Web. Each product contains the engine for data analysis for the selected platform, and the designer and viewer.

Stimulsoft Forms

At this moment, Stimulsoft Forms is represented by the Forms.WEB component for working with forms in a web browser.

Stimulsoft BI Cloud

Cloud service for fast and efficient data analysis and visualization for your business without the need to create your applications and programming. All the necessary tools are available to work with reports and dashboards.

Stimulsoft BI Designer

An excellent solution for creating reports and dashboards on your desktop. The designer is immediately ready to work - just connect the data, drag it to the template page, customize the display, and the document is ready. The license covers access to the desktop and online designers.

Stimulsoft BI Server

A complete client/server suite for business intelligence allows users to work with reports and display the result of data analysis in a readable form. The product contains all the necessary functionality for an entire work cycle - from creating and editing a template to sending finished documents to the user, and tools for user management and automation.
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