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Powerful, flexible and fully customizable Business Intelligence
tool to embed analysis capability into your application.
Designed for individuals and enterprises,
the product allows you to track marketing metrics
relevant to a business or specific process.

Components for


With the tool, you can create rich and very informative
dashboards by selecting a wide variety of UI elements
such as Chart, Table, Gauge, Progress, Indicator, Image,
Text, Panel, Map, Pivot and etc. All you need to do is to
drag data into appropriate fields, set properties, values
and build the dashboard.


Explore your data

A wide variety of chart types to analyze your data


Display columns of
your data

Create a multi-column custom table with totals


See how close you are
to the target

The best way to measure your goals versus what you already reached


Build a list of unique

Quickly summarize large amounts of data into a report


Show a summary statistic
of your data

Show a summary statistic such as a sum, min, and max


Show values according to
the location

Setup geographical coordinates for your analytics


Analyze your data
in progress

Provide insight into any issues that may need to be resolved


Add notes to your

Use the text widgets to display text on your dashboard


Corporate your logo
or photo

Improve the look of your dashboard with nice pictures

Stunning Data




Ready-to-use controls can be easily integrated into your application. Just a couple of code
lines is enough to embed Stimulsoft Dashboards into your software. Simple programming
samples, informative documentation, and videos will help you in this.
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Multiple Data Sources

in One Dashboard

Stimulsoft Dashboards supports for multiple databases
so you can specify the appropriate one, select series of
tables, gauges or charts, and join them together to
instantly visualize content. Optimized report engine
allows you to render dashboards without time delays
and memory leaks.

Any Platform

No matter which platform you are using to create your application, WinForms, WPF,
JavaScript etc., Stimulsoft Dashboard can be used in any of them.



After purchasing the tool you do not have obligations
to pay something monthly and yearly. The product is
delivered as royalty-free, so you do not need to buy
additional licenses for every user of your application.

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