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Embeddable dashboards for your applications

The Stimulsoft Dashboards product line consists of components designed for embedding into applications and projects developed on various platforms, including ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, .NET Core, WinForms, WPF, PHP, Blazor, Angular, Python and JavaScript. Additionally, it includes the cloud service and the desktop Stimulsoft BI Designer application. With our products, you can create and view interactive dashboards, selecting the metrics essential for your business.

Dashboards created in Stimulsoft


Data visualization and analysis for business

Access any data for
effective analysis

Choose any type of data to analyze and make balanced decisions based on your business goals.

Presenting information
in a professional way

Create thematic dashboards by selecting from a variety of available KPI visualization elements.


Collaborate in a team, share dashboards with colleagues and superiors, and make effective decisions based on accurate data.

Data for dashboards

One of the key advantages of our product is the diversity of data it supports for creating dashboards in your application. We provide an extensive list of supported data servers—MS SQL, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. Additionally, you can import data from various file sources such as XML, JSON, Excel, and others.
Preliminary preparation and transformation of data, the creation of virtual data sources, and the ability to embed your data directly into the report template as resources are all available features. This is just a brief overview of what our data visualization software can achieve with your data.

Creating and viewing dashboards

In each product of the Stimulsoft Dashboards product line, you will find extensive functionality for creating dashboards, options for customizing the appearance, and numerous solutions for data analysis and visualization.

9 Supported Platforms

We offer products for integration into applications written in .NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Angular, WPF, WinForms, Blazor, Python, PHP, and other frameworks.

15+ Elements for Analytics

There are a lot of elements for creating and editing dashboards, from shapes to buttons, that execute various scripts.

11 Preset Styles

More than 10 preset styles and the ability to add your own will give dashboards the desired look.

40+ Chart Types

In our products, you will find dozens of charts, ranging from bar charts and pie charts to line graphs, including 3D options.

18 Export Formats

Our products support exporting to multiple formats, including PDF format with support for signatures and encryption, HTML, MS Excel, Word, and many other document and image formats.

30+ Interface Localizations

The UI is translated into 30+ languages, which completely breaks the language barrier.

Functionality of Stimulsoft BI solution

Our data analytics and visualization system offers flexible settings and a wide array of possibilities for representing data on dashboards. In addition to supporting numerous data sources, visualization elements, and export formats, our product also includes:
Grouping, sorting, and filtering of data

While viewing a dashboard, you can filter data by a specific value, configure sorting, and group different dashboard elements.

Summaries and aggregate functions

You can apply date functions (such as day of the week and year), mathematical functions (finding minimum/maximum values), summation functions (sum, average value, etc.), and other functions to the data fields of dashboard elements.

Conditional formatting

This feature involves highlighting the values of dashboard elements based on given conditions. It allows you to define text formatting, background, borders, and add or change icons.


The system provides the ability to use dashboard variables as parameters, allowing you to select and enter custom values to filter the data of dashboard elements or in a query to the data storage.

Calculated fields

Our product allows you to use expressions in the fields of dashboard elements, incorporating various mathematical operations for the values of data columns, variables, and constants.


This functionality provides a wide range of options, from drilling down into the data of a dashboard element to displaying another dashboard or report, with the ability to transfer parameters to it.


Our data analytics and visualization product is designed for integration into web projects built using the ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, JavaScript, PHP, WPF, WinForms, Angular, Blazor and Python platforms. You can control all stages of dashboard work, from data loading and connection to viewing and printing the final document. In addition to a wide range of visual components, any actions can be performed using server-side code.
We have made every effort to simplify product integration into your project. All you need to do is install the necessary package from the NuGet repository or download it from our website to your computer and add the required libraries to the project. No additional modules or special extensions are required; everything you need is already in the product.

Licensing terms for the Stimulsoft Reports product line

Developer-based licensing

We provide four types of licenses for our products, depending on the number of application developers or report creators. You can find detailed information about each license type here.

Free 30-day trial

To allow you to evaluate our products, we offer a free 30-day trial period. During this time, you will have full access to all the features and capabilities of our products.

No hidden fees

When integrating our product into your applications, you are not required to make any additional payments (royalty-free). This means that you can distribute our product as part of your application without any extra financial obligations for your customers.

Source code

The source code is accessible for all products, enabling you not only to fully customize your application but also to add new functionality to it.

Product line for creating dashboards

Stimulsoft Dashboards provide a wide selection of tools for creating dashboards. We offer tools for integration into applications written in JavaScript, Blazor, .NET, and other platforms, the BI Cloud service, as well as the desktop and online BI Designer application.

Embedded Solutions for Developers

Ready-to-use Solutions for Creators

Do you need to use several different technologies? Are you looking for tools to design reports and dashboards? Do you want to get all this at a reasonable price? We offer you a great solution - Stimulsoft Ultimate!
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