We have been using Stimulsoft for the last 2 years, and our experience with the product and its support has been oustanding. We found in Stimulsoft the right tools for our needs, taking advantage of the existing features and the constant releases of new ones. And from support perspective we have received a timely response to our requests, even in those complex cases (we they strived to find a solution).

Jose Luis Orue
Managing Director
Stimulsoft is reporting software with a lot of technical capabilities; the sky is the limit. A simple report is easy to configure. Though, reports that are a bit more complicated sometimes have components that do not always make logical sense (like tables). Furthermore, the purpose of some properties is not always as clear. That said, once you understand the functionality of these components, Stimulsoft is built smartly which allows you to use one report configuration for multiple purposes. On top of that, Stimulsoft’s latest version adds beautiful, interactive Business Intelligence capabilities.

Mark Schager
Marketing Manager
Master Solutions
First i need to thanks the developers of Stimulsoft Wpf solution, as a civil engineer i don't have so much experience in report programming and generating, so stimulsoft was the answer to it and, besides it the customer support was always great and very respectfull. This tool is awesome and it's price is very good, totally worth it! I recommend, it is just perfect!

Maicon Henrique Rizzato Rossini
Civil Construction Management Software
Here, at GrupoIsastur.com we migrated our Intranet Reporting engine from Microsoft Reporting to a much lighter reporting solution, StimulSoft Report.js.

Our backend is based on PHP + Sql Server, and Report.js integrates easily on it. What I love so much about report.js is that is no more than a Javascript library, which allows an easy integration and flexibility. No server infraestructure and maintenance is needed!

Juan José González Penalva
Isastur S.A.
I have developed a PHP application using the Yii framework. I have integrated the designer to allow users to design their own reports. As a security measure I am only allowing them to use predefined datasets.
Then in various places they can view their reports in the application either embedded into the application as an HTML component or using the viewer in full screen mode.

Justin Pos
Just Informatics
We needed a flexible reporting component to a new version of our Multi Language law case management solution.

On or two years ago we tried to find a reporting component with some specific features without sucess, and decided to build one. Few months ago we got in touch with stimulsof JS and it was love at first sight.

Using Bootstrap, Jquery, Javascript and PHP in our solution, in a matter of hours we integrated stimulsoft JS Viewer and Designer in a modal form to use all over our application with a simple line of code.

A fantastic standalone designer with linux, Mac and Windows versions and a designer that you can embbed in your web app is really awesome!

Joao Bastos
Gravidade Zero S.I. Lda
Excellent software components, good price and the best service one can hope for. Software is feature rich and still is very stable. Performance is good and was never an issue.

They managed to have enough capabilities, integration options and customization options to be the only set of reporting tools I need to cover very diverse requirements both customer facing as well as behind the scenes services.

Documentation is not only comprehensive but full of practical examples, code segments, etc. You can get most things working by a quick search and copy paste of the relevant code lines.
Not just a long list of properties and methods. The naming convention is so friendly you can in many cases just guess it.

One of the best software purchasing decisions I ever made and looking forward to their future product releases and additional products.

Roy Daya
Excellent product. Helped our team in the development of a project for a major energetic company.

Andrei Udaltsov
I came across this software after searching for many different types of similar software online, and found that Stimulsoft is the best suit for my requirements so far. It is a bit complicated to get started, but I always believe "Complicated" sometimes mean "Comprehensive".

Some of the articles I found online is not that useful and it require some own study to make it work. Anyway, it is better than none.

The support is great. Although sometimes they tried to cover the problem with simplest solution, but you just need to push them to provide the best solution.

One thing I do hope is Stimulsoft will make the software more stable and less bugs. The bugs make me frustrated, but as long as you fix it in time, it is fine. I can see that you guys are really making an effort on it.

Thank you for creating such a great tool. It fulfills almost all our requirements and make our software better!

Kok Seow Ming
Encelabs Sdn Bhd
Here is how the Metro style app should look like! Customizing of the user interface for Windows RT is great. The developers put a lot of work to create a great product. This is the future of Windows RT!

Karl Schmidt
This app shows how a Business Intelligence should be - intuitive, visual and great fun to use. You need to try.

Tony Johnes
Wow. Finally, some designer went to work on a great Microsoft Windows 8 App. Windows 8 is pretty all by itself, but this just shows how much better it can actually be.

Ally Sunders
GuardSoftware company expresses its gratitude to Stimulsoft for the magnificent reporting tool. We have tried such products as FastReport.NET and DevExpress XtraReports Suite, and have made our choice in favor of Stimulsoft.

The reporting tool has a very rich abilities and greatly facilitates the developement of our application. Constant updates and improvements in Stimulsoft products make them leaders on the market of such products.

Many thanks and success in the future.

Sergey Ivanov
I am using Simulsoft reporting system for PHP and I am very happy with it. Your help service also is very good.
I tried also with BIRT and Pentaho, but is not easy to deploy like your system.

Pierre Rodrigue
Till Date I have not found any report development tool so flexible and robust even rendering exports to formats that I have not explored yet, work the way as shown; comparing this product with XtraReports (Devexpress), Fast Report, Crystal Reports, Telerik, etc. as Stimulsoft Reports I found the others a way behind in terms of offering features and performance. The interface is quite intuitive. Even I can change the designer generated code taking the entire component class file in my projects but saving it in VB or C# and make changes in the events and work as required which was never possible with other reports. Cheers to the entire Stimulsoft Reports Team. Certainly the best reporting tool in the reporting tools market.

Kaustubha Gudi
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