What is Stimulsoft Blazor?

Stimulsoft Reports.Blazor is a cross-platform reporting tool created for integration in applications, which works using the Blazor framework. Our components support all the main capabilities of Blazor. They can work both on the server-side and the client-side with the use of WebAssembly technology. The tool supports various types of data, printing, and exporting ready reports. All you need to make the product work is a modern Web browser!


To some extent, the Blazor framework is similar to Angular and other JavaScript frameworks. The main distinction is that universal .NET libraries are used. These libraries can work both at the server-side and at the client-side entirely with the help of WebAssembly technology. You can use habitual development environments and C# code for working with reports. You can easily switch from client-server technology to full client technology. Our components support both deployment modes.

Blazor WebAssembly

This technology is used for building applications, which fully works in the window of a Web browser. Creating a visual part, setting up the report viewer and designer, connection, and events processing is carried out with the help of C# code and Razor technology. An app is compiled to .NET assemblies and fully loaded to the Web browser with the help of WebAssembly technology. When the report generator works, the Web browser resources are used; server requirements are minimal in this case. When using WebAssembly, you should use the Web browser that supports this technology.

Blazor Server

When using the Blazor Server technology, all logic of the app works at the server-side, and in the Web browser, only the report viewer and designer user interface displays. When interacting with the interface, the browser sends an event with the help of the SignalR module. The server processes it and sends back the information about what part of a visual interface is updated. All work with the visual part of components, data processing, and reports generation happens at the server-side; it lets using reporting components on almost any device. The server`s performance is crucial.


Stimulsoft Reports.Blazor is created for working in Blazor projects. It has everything for simple and quick integration of reporting components. The visual part of components is placed on a Razor page, and all events are processed with the help of C# code and .NET Core framework. The Publish wizard is available to integrate reports into your projects easily.
To integrate the components to Blazor, you just have to install a package from NuGet or to download a package from our website to your computer and add necessary libraries into the project. You do not need any additional modules or special extensions. All you need is placed in the product. The product supports .NET Core 3.1 and higher.


Stimulsoft Blazor is the integral part of the Stimulsoft platform. Reports created in our other products will work in Stimulsoft Blazor and vice versa. You can design a template on a computer and continue editing them in the cloud with the help of the online designer. We have tried to ensure the compatibility of the reports and analytical panels, to the extent possible for a particular technology.

Stimulsoft Reports.Web

Stimulsoft Reports.Blazor is part of Stimulsoft Reports.Web, which is a cross-platform set of tools for creating reports using ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, and Angular technologies.