What is Stimulsoft Angular?

Stimulsoft Angular is a cross-platform set of tools for working with reports, designed for using it in Angular. The product is compatible with all versions of the framework and contains everything you need to create, edit, build, view, and export reports. The components are developed using JavaScript and HTML5 and do not require any browser extensions and special settings.

Stimulsoft Angular consists of two products - Stimulsoft Angular and Stimulsoft Dashboards.Angular, each of which is aimed at working with reports or dashboards.

The product is under development. The first version will be released soon.


Stimulsoft Angular includes fully functional HTML5 components, designer and report, and dashboard viewer, that are compatible with the Angular framework. The analytical engine is developed using pure JavaScript, and its high speed and versatility distinguish it. You can use it both separately for rendering and exporting reports, and for working in conjunction with the HTML5 viewer.
Besides, you can configure the report and dashboard designer and viewer can be set up to use the report engine, which works on the server-side in conjunction with .NET Core or Node.js technologies. This option greatly expands the functionality of the product, allowing you to configure it entirely to your requirements.
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Stimulsoft Angular is great for working both in a JavaScript application and in conjunction with various frameworks such as .NET Core, Node.js, and others. You may use the Publish wizard for ease of integration of your reports or dashboards into the project.
To integrate a product into a project, you need to install only one package from the NPM repository, or download the package from our website to a computer and add several scripts and styles to the project. No additional modules and special extensions are required, everything you need you will find in the product.


Stimulsoft Angular is the integral part of the Stimulsoft platform. Reports and dashboards created in our other products will work in Stimulsoft Angular and vice versa. You can design a template on a computer and continue editing them in the cloud with the help of the online designer. We have tried to ensure the compatibility of the reports and analytical panels, to the extent possible for a particular technology.

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