Stimulsoft Dashboards.JS 2020.2.1

Опубликовано 05 февраля 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new option in the designer - ShowSystemFonts.
The Help menu in the File tab.
Direct link to the dashboard page by its name, using the anchor in the URL.
The new Variables menu item was added to the expression menu of dashboard elements.
The new ParametersPanelSortDataItems option was added to the viewer.
The Sunburst chart.
The new style DarkGreen for dashboards elements.
Text input control to search in the data schema.
Support for variables in the DatePicker elements.
The new Waterfall chart.
Total labels for stacked charts.


Highlighting expressions in the designer.
Localized display of colors in the designer.
The OAuth connection was added to Data.World.

Fixed Bugs:

Constant Lines and Strips on Log axis.
Calculation Indicator with negative values.
Interactions for stacked bar series.
Formatting a date on a chart element breaks filtering.
The ValueFormat property of the Chart element - set default value to Number.
Hotkeys Command+C/Command+V in the designer for macOS.
Transparent colors for TableElement and ChartElement.
Scrolling to Propgress, Indicators and Gauges elements was added.
Checking variable expressions with not specific symbols.
The the letters in the table cells were truncated.
Issues with predefined date ranges in the DatePicker element.
A bug with multilevel drill-down.
Time was not considered in Between filters for SQL databases.