The library for rendering SVG

The Stimulsoft.Svg package is required to use SVG images and for the work of the Math Formula component in .NET applications. This library is already included in the Designer application. No additional settings are required. For runtime components, the package is connected automatically along with the installation of the NuGet package. If you need, you may connect the Stimulsoft.Svg package from the NuGet repository by yourself. In case of using libraries from developer packages, Stimulsoft.Svg.dll is included in the archive - you just need to connect it to the project along with the rest of the product libraries.

The library for rendering Mathematical Formulas

The Stimulsoft.MathFX library is designed to work with the Mathematical Formula component on report pages in .NET applications. The library contains functions for working with formulas written in the popular LaTeX format and displaying them graphically in Stimulsoft products. Installing the NuGet package in your project is all that is needed to start using the functions of the library. To use the source codes, you can clone the public GitHub repository and link the source codes to your project. Stimulsoft products do not require any additional settings.

Data adapters for .NET platforms

Our products, based on the .NET Framework, .NET Core, and .NET platforms, support various data adapters. Most of them are built into the report engine. The rest require the installation of third-party libraries for connecting to data. The Designer application can download and install the necessary adapters by itself. This works transparently for the user and does not require any settings. For runtime components, you should independently connect the required libraries in the project.

The list below shows the data adapters that require third-party libraries to be connected. Almost all the libraries you need can be installed from the NuGet repository. However, in most cases, you can use other versions of the libraries. We have tested references and minimum versions of the libraries for compatibility with our products listed for the adapters.

Adapter Recommended NuGet package
Azure Blob Storage Stimulsoft.Data.AzureBlobStorage 2021.4.3
Azure Table Storage Stimulsoft.Data.AzureTableStorage 2021.4.3
BigQuery Stimulsoft.Data.BigQuery 2021.4.3
Cosmos DB Stimulsoft.Data.CosmosDB 2022.3.1
DB2 Required library IBM.Data.DB2.dll
Firebase Stimulsoft.Data.Firebase 2021.4.3
Firebird FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient
Google Analytics Stimulsoft.Data.GoogleAnalytics 2021.4.3
Google Sheets Stimulsoft.Data.GoogleSheets 2022.4.1
GraphQL Stimulsoft.Data.GraphQL 2023.1.3
Informix Required library IBM.Data.Informix.dll
Microsoft Excel (.xls file) Stimulsoft.LibExcel 2022.4.1
MongoDB Stimulsoft.Data.MongoDB 2022.3.1
MySQL MySql.Data 8.0.29
dotConnect.Express.for.MySQL 8.8.862
OData Stimulsoft.Data.OData 2023.1.7
Oracle Oracle.ManagedDataAccess 12.1.24160719
Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Core 3.21.1
dotConnect.Express.for.Oracle 9.3.230
PostgreSQL Npgsql 3.2.7
dotConnect.Express.for.PostgreSQL 7.8.862
SQLite System.Data.SQLite
Sybase Sybase.AdoNet.AseClient.dll 1.0.0
Sybase ADS Required library Advantage.Data.Provider.dll
Teradata Required library Teradata.Client.Provider.dll
Universal (dotConnect) Required library Devart.Data.Universal.dll
VistaDB Required library VistaDB.5.NET40.dll

Data adapters for the JavaScript platform

Most of the adapters are embedded into the JavaScript reporting engine. The rest require external data adapters on the server-side. The following types of data servers are supported - Node.js, PHP, .NET Framework, and Java. All external adapters are collected in one DataAdapters.JS package on GitHub and contain a detailed description of working and integrating into the project.
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