New Features
1.An option to control synchronization behavior in the data dictionary has been added.
2.An option to select the default report save format has been added.
3.A static event - StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.GetDefaultFont - has been added. This event helps in replacing default fonts for all components.
4.Support for native names of geographical objects when manually entered for maps of China, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, Poland.
5.The "Show Zeros" property has been added for Range Chart.
6.Handle line breaks using "" and "" in text when creating scripts in Blockly.

1.Loading and displaying dashboards in the WPF viewer.

Fixed Bugs
1.Displaying the value in the hover tooltip for the "Region Map" dashboard element when using the Gray design style.
2.A problem with saving font size of the Text in Cells component to the JSON format has been fixed.
3.Drawing a list of icons for an Icon Set type of a condition.
4.Update commands on the Ribbon toolbar when selecting a component in the Report Tree panel in the WPF v2 report designer.
5.The operation of the "Text After" and "Text Before" properties when using Date Time Step in charts has been fixed.
6.Support for the Port parameter in the connection string for StiOracleDevartConnector.

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