New Features
1.Support for the StiOptions.Designer.ShowEventsTab property in Designer WPF V2. Added the ability to enable or disable the event panel for the WPF V2 report designer component using the StiOptions.Designer.ShowEventsTab property. 
2.Duplicate command is added to a context menu of the dictionary in the designer. This command is available for connections, data sources, data relations, variables and resources. 
3.The new Process Tilde property for PDF-417 barcode, which allows data message supports character "~" as the escape is added. 
4.The ability to specify an icon for the report template page in the WPF report designer was added. 
5.The localization support for regional maps such as Germany, Russia, France, Italy is added. By default, the English localization is used. 
6.The support for the Exceed Margins option was added for exports to Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF and XPS files. 
7.A new MonthIdent function is added to the report dictionary. 
8.Support for Office 2021 theme for graphical user interface (GUI) in WPF report designer was added. 
9.A new "Scheduler" tool to the report designer is added. 
10.Dded the ability to display the history (logs) of the scheduler. 
11.A new Windows 11 theme for the WPF report designer GUI was added. Also, the old interface themes were optimized. 
12.The algorithm to display icons for all WPF components was optimized taking into account the scalability of the operating system. 
13.The ability to specify text in the shapes of the "Shape" component was added. 

1.Added the ability to change the name of the scheduler after it is created. Added the ability to edit its name for the "Scheduler" tool. 
2.An incorrect report file icon was displayed in the "Recent Documents" panel under the "Open" item of the report designer. 
3.In the report engine, the speed of work with business objects was optimized. 
4.Shapes with transparent backgrounds are exported more correctly. 
5.When exporting a report to an HTML file, line height adjustment for different fonts was added. 
6.The PostgreSQL's SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication method was updated. 
7.The algorithm to display text in the chart menu was updated for various operating system scales. 
8.The issue with displaying tooltips when hovering over the status bar in the WPF viewer was fixed. 
9.The ability not to change the type of data columns when performing synchronization in the data dictionary is added. You can change the behavior by using the StiOptions.Dictionary.ColumnTypeSynchronizationMode property. 
10.When exporting a report to Word, line-height adjustment for some fonts was added. 
11.The algorithm to draw the "Indicator", "Progress", "Gauge" dashboard elements in the WPF viewer was optimized. 
12.The algorithm to render segmented pages in width in the WPF viewer was updated. 
13.The algorithm to import data from Excel was updated. Small date values (within a day) are now defined as TimeSpan. 

Fixed Bugs
1.The export of "Rounded Rectangle" primitive to the HTML file is fixed. 
2.A problem with the "Table" component related to merged cells and applying conditional formatting to them in some cases was fixed. 
3.A problem with the "Table" component related to the cancellation of the merge of cells when there is only one column in this table was fixed. 
4.A bug with exporting a report to HTML relatedwith applying some image properties if a hyperlink was set for it was fixed. 
5.A problem related to the use of icons in the chart when exporting a report to PDF was fixed. 
6.The error related to adding segments when processing the "Cross-Tab" component was fixed. 
7.The error with HTML tags of the list type was fixed. Is was related to adding an extra line, if they were located in the first line of tex. 
8.A problem occured when exporting a report to HTML. It was related to incorrect export of line spacing for some regional settings (locale). 
9.A problem related to changing the culture value in the globalization strings when editing a report in the WPF V1 designer was fixed. 
10.A bug related to the unintentional termination of the WPF V1 report designer when changing the data type of a column in the data source was fixed. 
11.The error with saving expression in the "Image" component editor was fixed. 
12.The error occurred when using the "Color for Each" feature in the "Gantt" and "Range Bar" report charts. 
13.Support for version 3 of the OData data adapter in WPF Report Designer. 
14.An issue related to checking the same names for data sources in the WPF V2 report designer was fixed. 
15.A problem related to the creation of a query when retreiving tables from OData data storage in the WPF V2 report designer. 
16.The error related to saving values from Prompt User Name and Password fields in SQL data sources was fixed. 
17.When exporting a report to an HTML file, the error with not displaying the borders of text components, in cases of their placement on a panel and changing the background color of this panel, was fixed. 
18.A memory leak was fixed in the report engine when using report caching. 
19.For the matrix export mode (Word, Excel, HtmlTable), some speed and memory optimizations were made. 
20.The Designer WPF PropertyGrid did not change Angle and other double/float values in the Brush property. The WPF Report Designer did not use numeric values for some properties in the "Brush" group. 
21.A bug related to dragging a report file to the "Preview" tab in the WPF V2 report designer was fixed. 
22.For SVG export, the positioning of "Labels" for charts in reports was improved. 
23.In the report engine, when the "End of Page" value of the "Process At" property was set, the value of the Text component was not calculated for the Interpretation mode of the report calculation. 
24.The data structure was displayed incorrectly in the report data dictionary when using the RegData() method, in cases where the name and alias of the data source were the same, and the "Use Aliases" parameter was disabled. 
25.The issue with the "Axis Label Color" property of the chart style for the Radar series was fixed. 
26.An issue with duplicating the relation name when connecting the XML file was fixed. 
27.A problem related to CosmosDB data source names that contain spaces and line breaks was fixed. 
28.An issue related to the processing of titles that contain a hyphen in CosmosDB data sources was fixed. 
29.The error with exporting the "Gauge" component was fixed. 
30.A bug related to displaying the shadow for Radar charts was fixed. 
31.Some problems in the report engine related to docking of dynamic bands in nested containers containing static components were fixed. 
32.When exporting a report to HTML, a bug related to an extra page separator (Horizontal PageBreak) was fixed. As a result, when printing, an extra blank page was obtained before the start of the report. 
33.A problem with filling in the value of the "Back Color" property when getting a style from a component in the style editor was fixed. 
34.A bug with empty names of data columns when executing queries for some data sources in the WPF report designer was fixed. 
35.A bug related to viewing the data of a dashboard element in the WPF viewer was fixed. 
36.A problem with displaying text formatting in the watermark editor was fixed. 
37.A bug with displaying styles of the correct type for the "Gauge" element in the style selection menu on the "Home" tab of the report designer was fixed. 
38.An issue with incorrect loading of WPF Expander control when calling a form was added. 
39.The error with saving the selected data column in the "Image" component editor was fixed. 
40.An issue related to dragging a certain type of shape from the toolbox to the report page was fixed. 
41.An issue related to adding a chart trend line in the WPF report designer was fixed. 
42.A problem with processing the selected border color for the "Gauge" component in the report was fixed. 
43.A bug with changing the font size on the property panel for chart trend lines. 
44.A bug with applying a style to a component after selecting it in the styles menu on the "Home" tab in the report designer was fixed. 
45.An issue related to the ability to move the selected item in the data dictionary of the report was fixed. 
46.An issue related to unintentional termination of the WPF report designer when viewing the data of the "Map" component was fixed. 
47.A problem related to the disappearance of the file name when canceling the opening of a new file in the WPF report designer was fixed. 
48.A problem with displaying the context menu of the data dictionary when calling the text component editor was fixed. 
49.When exporting a report to TIFF, the error related to the file extension inside the archive was fixed when the "Compress to archive" export option was enabled. 
50.When exporting a report to HTML, shapes are exported as SVG. 
51.When exporting a report to Microsoft Excel, the error with converting horizontal page breaks, which occurred when the "Use One Page Header and Footer" option was enabled, was fixed. 
52.The error with processing shapes with text was fixed when exporting a report to RTF. 
53.A bug with aligning the contents of the "Math Formula" component was fixed. 
54.The ability to specify headers in requests to OData data storage from code (the StiODataDatabase class) was added. 
55.A bug related to memory leak when viewing reports in WPF viewer was fixed. 
56.A problem with drawing the main and intermediate grid lines for the chart area was fixed.