Stimulsoft Reports.Java 2021.2

Published on 16 March 2021
New Features
1.A new component "Table of Contents" has been added. With the help of this component you can automatically create table of contents in reports. 
2.The possibility of sorting items in the request from user variables is added. 
3.The ability to export a report to a Microsoft PowerPoint file was added. 
4.The new ToCurrencyWordsEs function is added for using in reports. 

Fixed Bugs
1.A bug with using the owner style for report components was fixed. 
2.An error with processing date in DateTime data from XML data source was fixed. 
3.A bug related to variable deserialization was fixed. 
4.Some errors related to Email addresses when exporting a report to a PDF file were fixed.  2021.2.3
5.The error with the drill-down of the report data in the Web viewer was fixed.  2021.2.3
6.Some errors with the calculation and display of text margins in the Web viewer were fixed.  2021.2.3
7.Some problems in the text size calculation algorithm were fixed.  2021.2.3
8.Some bugs with universally unique identifier (UUID) when creating or editing a PostgreSQL datastore connection was fixed.  2021.2.3
9.The issue with the packers of report resources. 
10.Some bugs with the JSON serializer in reports. 
11.The error in processing the "Empty Band" band was fixed. 
12.The error of loading the localization from the InputStream class for the Web viewer. 
13.The error with processing the ToString() method, depending on the localization of the report, was fixed. 
14.The error of processing variables with null values in the Web viewer was fixed. 
15.An issue with formatting dates in variables was fixed. 
16.The error occurred with the position of the chart title. 
17.The error occurred with processing data fields when retrieving them from the database. 
18.The error with processing conditional formatting of the "Color Scale" type in reports was fixed. 
19.The error in processing the list of dependent variables was fixed. 
20.The error when retrieving data columns from storage in the report designer was fixed. 
21.A bug with using the Right to Left mode when exporting a report to a Microsoft Word file for Arabic languages was fixed. 
22.The error of using data sources in variables with the "Request from User" mode enabled was fixed. 
23.The error with processing file paths in the "Image" component was fixed. 
24.An issue with exporting hyperlinks when converting a report to a Microsoft Word file was fixed. 
25.The error in processing the "Retrieve Only Used Data" option was fixed. 
26.The error with processing the font color when exporting a report to a Microsoft Word file.