New Features
1.Duplicate command is added to a context menu of the dictionary in the designer. This command is available for connections, data sources, data relations, variables and resources. 
2.Added the ability to use icons for the "Image" component in reports. 

Fixed Bugs
1.The error occurred with a double pass of rendering a report. 
2.The color of the legend for the pie chart was not displayed correctly in the report. 
3.The display quality of the "Bar Code" component was improved. 
4.A bug related to the "Prevent Intersection" property for labels in a pie chart was fixed. 
5.When exporting to PDF, the error related to editable fields in the report was fixed. 
6.An error related to EAN13 barcode processing in reports was fixed. 
7.The error related to parameter values in SQL data sources was fixed. 
8.A problem with handling null values in JSON data sources was fixed. 
9.Some bugs when parsing JSON data were fixed.