Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2021.2

Published on 16 March 2021
New Features
1.The new option - AllowWordWrapTextEditors for more flexible customization of the report designer was added. 
2.The new options - ShowFileMenuNewReport and ShowFileMenuNewDashboard for more flexible customization of the report designer were added. 
3.The "Labels" group of chart properties was added. 
4.The new functions are added - PercentOfGrandTotal and PartOfGrandTotal. 
5.The ContentAlignment property is added to the dashboard. The property can be changed via the dashboard editor form. This property allows changing the positioning of the dashboard's elements in the viewer. 
6.The possibility of localization of the variable items property with the help of the GlobalizationStrings. 
7.The ability to pass parameters from the request URL to the report was added. 
8.The possibility of sorting items in the request from user variables is added. 
9.The ability to display and edit inaccessible data sources was fixed. 

1.The algorithm for specifying the color code was optimized. Now you can specify the HEX color code. 
2.The algorithm for applying abbreviations for numeric and currency values in reports with the ru-Ru culture installed was updated. 
3.Updated the Series Labels Color property for a predefined chart style. 

Fixed Bugs
1.The ussue with the line drawing error that connected points with zero values were fixed. 
2.A bug with text wrapping in the axis header for the "Chart" component was fixed.  2021.2.2
3.An issue with wrapping text with quotes in labels of the "Chart" component was fixed.  2021.2.2
4.A bug related to the calculation of the component size with the enabled text wrapping was fixed.  2021.2.2
5.The error with processing dates depending on the set report culture was fixed.  2021.2.2
6.A bug with the colors of values in the legend of pie charts when using conditional formatting was fixed. 
7.A bug related to displaying Y axis labels when the property "Start from Zero" is set to "True" was fixed.  2021.2.3
8.The error with text alignment in the report for the div viewer mode was fixed.  2021.2.3
9.Some issues with hyperlinks of the TOC component was fixed.  2021.2.3
10.The issue with displaying of a donut chart when specifying a single value in reports and dashboards was fixed. 
11.The ability to specify "Color Each" in the Gantt chart was added. 
12.The issue with the ablility to specify "Color Each" in a waterfall chart wasfixed. 
13.An issue with displaying different font styles for chart labels was fixed. 
14.A problem with adding fonts with different styles to reports and dashboards. 
15.The error of processing a chart of the "Spline Range" type was fixed. 
16.The error with processing empty chart labels was added. 
17.The error with processing the "Funnel Weighted Slices" type charts was fixed. 
18.The algorithm for processing the ToString() method for a variable of the "List" type was updated. 
19.The error with conditional formatting of the "Clone" component was fixed. 
20.An algorithm for processing the presence of a data adapter was added. If there is no adapter, a corresponding message will be displayed to the user. 
21.The error with processing data and styles for the "Gauge" component in reports was fixed. 
22.The error with processing attributes when loading the MDC file with the XML markup was fixed. 
23.The issue with the processing error when there is no page in the report was fixed. 
24.A problem with the first start of the report designer for macOS was fixed. 
25.The error with importing data from Excel file that contains empty lines was fixed. 
26.The image processing algorithm when converting a report to an SVG file was fixed. 
27.Some problems when using packed scripts was fixed. 
28.An issue related to the "Undo" command after copying to the clipboard and pasting from it when working in the report designer was fixed. 
29.The error that occurred when changing the column type while creating or editing data transformation was fixed.