Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2021.3

Published on 17 May 2021
New Features
1.The ability to support custom values for the "Check Box" component is added.  2021.3.3
2.Added the ability to sort items in the data dictionary. 
3.The ability to print some bands on odd and even pages is added. 
4.We have added the ability to set default values for variables of the "List" type. 
5.We have added a map of Afghanistan for the "Map" component in reports and the "Region Map" element in dashboards. 
6.Animation for displaying Stacked Area and Full Stacked Area charts is added. 
7.The ability to print on even and odd pages of the "Page Footer" band is added.  2021.3.3

1.The "format" argument in the onEmailReport event now returns the Enum export type instead of its name. The name is passed in the "formatName" argument. 
2.Icons and logos for applications and services are updated. 
3.Some commands in the report wizards are updated. 

Fixed Bugs
1.The error in the "Process At" property for text report components is fixed.  2021.3.3
2.When exporting a report to Microsoft Excel, the error in processing filters for bands is fixed.  2021.3.3
3.A bug with double applying the "Line Spacing" property when the "Allow Html Tags" option is enabled for text report components is fixed.  2021.3.3
4.An issue related to exporting reports and dashboard to the SVG file is fixed.  2021.3.3
5.A problem related to the processing of dates and variable aliases is fixed.  2021.3.3
6.A problem with segmented pages by height and width in Web viewer is fixed.  2021.3.3
7.The error related to displaying icons in the "Columns" chart type is fixed. 
8.An error with exporting to the HTML file for the "Chart" component of "Stepped range" type is fixed. 
9.A bug with X axis labels with DateTime data type for the Gantt chart was fixed. 
10.Errors when working with a custom database adapter are fixed. 
11.A bug with getting an image from the database is fixed. 
12.The error of processing SVG images when exporting a report and dashboard to an HTML file. 
13.The error occurred with processingvthe relation direction in JSON data sources. 
14.We have fixed a bug related to vertical alignment of text in the div mode of a component. 
15.Исправлена ошибка загрузки *.mrt файла с разметкой JSON в дизайнер отчетов. An error related to loading an *.mrt file with JSON markup into the report designer is fixed. 
16.A bug related to running scripts in some cases is fixed. 
17.Some minor issue in the watermark editor are fixed. 
18.A problem related to the visibility of grid lines for a chart in dashboards is fixed. 
19.A problem with data drill-down in an external report when this report is located in the resources of the main report is fixed. 
20.A bug related to calling the save window when exporting a report or dashboard to an HTML file is fixed. 
21.Not all export types available for publishing to JavaScript and PHP projects were displayed. 
22.Working of the ColorEarch property for a Clustered Bar chart is fixed. 
23.When exporting a report to PDF, the error of text encoding for some fonts is fixed.  2021.3.2
24.A bug with date format for variables is fixed.  2021.3.2
25.An issue with using the SumDistinct function in reports.  2021.3.2
26.The error with processing some date formats in reports and dashboards is fixed.  2021.3.2
27.The error of exporting the "Progress" element to the HTML file is fixed.  2021.3.2
28.A problem related to copying report components to the dashboard and vice versa is fixed.  2021.3.3
29.A bug related to the work of the undo/redo commands was fixed.  2021.3.3
30.An issue related to the localization of report events is fixed.  2021.3.3