Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2021.1.1

Veröffentlicht am 15. Januar 2021
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Added the ability to configure restrictions for a specific variable.
The ability to use expressions when conditionally formatting the "Chart" element on the dashboard was added.
The ability to use predefined styles when conditionally formatting report components was added.
The ability for node.js to specify header and "crypt" command when using remote URL in data adapter was fixed.
The new "Table of Contents" component is added to the report engine.


A menu for creating XML connection in the report designer was updated.

Fixed Bugs:

The error displaying barcodes when viewing a report was fixed.
A problem with displaying a "Tooltip" when hovering over dashboard elements was fixed.
Fixed a bug with color editor for chart series.
A problem with the position of the interactive sort icon in reports was fixed.
The error with specifying the current page of the report template when switching to the Preview tab was fixed.
A problem with copying and pasting report bands to the clipboard was fixed.
The error with using variables with DateTime data type was fixed.
An issue with processing of SQL parameters if they are not present in the report data dictionary was fixed.
Some problems occurred when using JS components for the Vue.js platform. .
Some issues with loading modules in custom projects was fixed.
The error with processing custom values of a "List" type variable was fixed.
The issue with displaying errors when using SQL data sources was fixed.
A bug with checking encryption commands in data adapters was fixed.
Some bugs with zipped files of the product packages was fixed.
The issue with saving resources when working with components in Node.js was fixed.
The ability to use asynchronous or synchronous mode in the report generator engine was added.
QRCode. The errorCorrectionLevel property was not applied. It always was the Level1.
Report engine. For UnlimitedHeight, an extra height segment was added.
The issue with the "TopN" property for chart series was fixed.
The "First Row Is Header" property was not saved to the JSON format of the report.