Stimulsoft Dashboards.WIN 2020.2.2

Published on 16 March 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The WPF Designer V1 control for .NET Core Framework.
New maps - Asia, SoutheastAsia.
The Visible property for YAxis and XAxis in Chart.
The Step property for Chart Labels.
Hyperlinks can be used in the text element and tooltips.
The filter operation type was added to the Filters window of each element.
Support for Bubble charts in maps.


Improved rendering of Indicator and Gauge elements when using Font with a large Size value.
Disabled pages will be displayed with grey color in the designer.

Fixed Bugs:

A problem with locking files during export, if an error occurs.
Some issues with using data columns with different Name and NameInSource properties in the dashboards.
The report viewer when applying variables is lost, if there is a dashboard.
Some issues with the Embed All Data function when data was not available.
Resedigned window - StiDatabaseNewSelectForm.
The displayed properties for various modes of the Indicator, Gauge, Progress components were adapted (depending on the given data, unnecessary properties will be displayed/hidden).
In DatePicker, in some cases, an error occurred while rendering if data was not specified.
Dashboards. ShortValue was not applied for the given series in Gauge.
Completely redesigned window for creating data sources.
Redesigned drawing maps in the ShortValue mode. Completely redesigned map files. Separate areas are specified, and the position for rendering the ISOCode.
The maps displayed the wrong total by groups.
Dashboards WPF. Removing filters did not work in the Custom Filters dialog box.
New maps - SoutheastAsia, Asia, EuropeWithRussia, Central African Republic.
No data was displayed for the country of Bhutan.
The problem with blocking files when exporting a report from the viewer failed.
Improvements on dashboards in WPF.
String value support for Values in Conditions.
Labels positions for waterfall and sunburst series.
Saving chart labels to MRT JSON.
Drawing indicators for HiDPI monitors.
Tooltip for Pictorials and Doughnut series.