New Features
1.Animation of "Chart", "Gauge", "Region Map" elements in reports and dashboards is added. 
2.Animation of transition from one type of diagram to another for reports and dashboards is added. 
3.Animation of the chart transition from one value to another, including when changing the filter values on the dashboard. 
4.The Icon property is added to the page. 
5.Duplicate command is added to a context menu of the dictionary in the designer. This command is available for connections, data sources, data relations, variables and resources. 
6.The StiOptions.Viewer.Map.ShowZoomPanel property is added. It is used to hide the zoom controls in the "Region Map" component. 
7.The localization support for regional maps such as Germany, Russia, France, Italy is added. By default, the English localization is used. 
8.The ability to show or hide components on the "Report Tree" panel in the report designer was added. 
9.When adding the "Region Map" component to the dashboard, the last used view will be used. 
10.The possibility to manually data enter is added to the indicator element. 
11.The possibility to manually add data is impelemented for the progress element. 
12.The possibility to manually data enter is added to the gauge element. 
13.The possibility to manually enter data is added to the chart element. 
14.The new properties for the labels and target of the "Gauge" element were added. 
15.A new 'Value' ident is added to the text element for the drill-down operation. The 'Value' is a plain text contained in a text element. 
16.New values are added for the "Style" property for the "Sunburst" chart type. 

1.The category Description of a report is renamed to Design. 
2.Some options are moved to the AutoSave tab of the designer's options, and this tab is renamed to the Saving tab. 
3.View options of the designer are moved to the new group in the options. 
4.Complete redesign of the variable's items editor is added. 
5.Scrolling up-down in the dashboard viewer with help of mouse wheel is added. 
6.The PostgreSQL's SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication method was updated. 
7.A possibility to load an image in the dashboards by hyperlink which is stored in the database is added. 
8.Improvements in using variables in the image element's hyperlinks are made. 
9.The algorithm to display the process of updating the dashboard in the WPF viewer was improved. 
10.The algorithm to display a label for a target in the "Gauge" element of the dashboard was updated. 
11.All hyperlinks which are clicked in the dashboard viewer are going now through StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.HyperlinkClick. 
12.The display of the RTL text was improved for dashboards. 

Fixed Bugs
1.Some issues with the "Chart" component in reports and dashboards were fixed. 
2.The problem with displaying dates when choosing Date value format for charts is fixed. 
3.The issue with drawing a Pictorial chart with negative values was fixed. 
4.A single value was not displayed for the "Indicator" element. 
5.A doubled horizontal scroll bar was displayed for the "Indicator" element. 
6.An error occurred when retrieving data columns in the OData editor of the data source. 
7.In the runtime WinForms report designer, the Blockly event editor was not called. 
8.The background rotation of donut and pie chart labels did not work when auto-rotation of labels was enabled. 
9.When viewing a report or dashboard, the ability to specify the mode to enable animation of components in the "Options" menu of the report designer is added. 
10.Fixed problem with switching column types for Table elements. 
11.The color state could not be updated after selecting a color in the "More Options" item for the Color Box components. 
12.Some improvements regarding displaying no-element images in HiDPI are made. 
13.An issue with expression parsing in the variable's items is fixed. 
14.When using the SumIf function in dashboards, the condition was processed incorrectly, and the summation result was incorrect. 
15.The error with displaying various component events in the "Report Tree" panel in the report designer was fixed. 
16.The positioning of labels for "Pie" charts in reports and dashboards was fixed. 
17.When exporting a report and dashboard, the error related to the animation of the pie chart was fixed. 
18.The issue with the "Axis Label Color" property of the chart style for the Radar series was fixed. 
19.An issue with duplicating the relation name when connecting the XML file was fixed. 
20.The error with thw line for "Outside" and "Two Columns" Pie series labels was fixed. 
21.A problem related to CosmosDB data source names that contain spaces and line breaks was fixed. 
22.An issue related to the processing of titles that contain a hyphen in CosmosDB data sources was fixed. 
23.Small improvements to get columns in the data source editor in the designer are added. 
24.A bug related to creating connections to data sources from the "Recent" tab was fixed. 
25.An issue with unselecting default value in a request from a user variable is fixed. 
26.An issue with a default value and requested variable is fixed. 
27.Unnecessary dashboard viewer refreshing is removed when a dashboard loaded from the viewer. 
28.An issue with the full-screen mode and a table without visible columns is fixed. 
29.Some improvements regarding retrieving columns from the MSSQL server are added. 
30.An issue with sorting chart by column with a comma in a name is fixed. 
31.The error related to the synchronization of data sources and the links between them in the report data dictionary was fixed. 
32.Incorrect work of AvgTime function is fixed. 
33.An issue with viewing data in the pivot element with some symbols is fixed. 
34.A problem was fixed with displaying tooltips when hovering over dashboard elements in the WPF viewer. 
35.A bug with displaying styles of the correct type for the "Gauge" element in the style selection menu on the "Home" tab of the report designer was fixed. 
36.The Set Style tool of the designer did not work when the Use Last Format option was disabled. 
37.A problem of using Enabled expression in the panel element is fixed. 
38.For dashboards, the algorithm to export the "Panel" element was updated. Now, this element is exported as a container, previously - as an image. 
39.An issue with drawing thick border with disabled sides was fixed.