Stimulsoft Dashboards.WIN 2020.1.1

Published on 19 December 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Designer. Support for custom icons for non-standard data sources in the StiDatabaseSelectForm window.
A new mobile mode of the dashboards designer.
Support for inserting special characters in text editors.
Gauge. Problems with displaying a gauge with negative numbers.
Dashboards WPF. Support for condition for Pivot.
A new Target Mode property that specifies the Percentage or Variation display for the Indicator.
OnlineMap. The Heatmap mode.


The buttons on the right side of the Ribbon UI are aligned under different scales of operating systems.
Gauge Editor. In the input fields of numerical values it was impossible to enter a value greater than 100 and less than 0.
Some improvements with the position of the Checker window.
Data transformation. Column type icons - scale support.
Custom database support in StiDatabaseSelectForm.
The variable menu item is added to the Expression editor.
Some improvements of meters drawing.
Fonts from a report resources support in the Style designer.

Fixed Bugs:

Dashboards WPF. The error occurred when selecting states in maps in the FullScreen mode.
PopupWindow in the menu of localization and styles in Ribbon UI is improved. In some cases, errors may occur when closing popup.
The menu of localization and styles in Ribbon has been improved. In some cases, pressing the buttons could work immediately.
The additional way to get variable value.
The issue with the position of the TopN editor.
The issue with saving and loading the TopN property of the Indicator and Progress elements.
The incorrect showing the sort menu on the Chart element was removed.
An incorrect way of the TopN working with a Bar chart.
A bug with filtering data with the help of formatted argument from the Chart element.
The method for parsing SVG maps has been improved. On some maps containing complex patches, the map could not be correctly parsed and displayed.
Support for the drill-down parameter in WPF dashboards.
Dashboards WPF. Improvements in condition for Table.
Dashboards WPF. Support for Custom Icon for Indicator.
Fixed problem with entering values for custom range of Gauges.
Differentiation of fields when they match the columns in Chart Conditions.
Authorization support for connecting through OData v4.
An error occurred when you open the Get Started window without an Internet connection.
The error with a larger number of values on the chart.
Correct displaying of charts with negative values.
Connect to Azure CosmosDB.
Dashboards. Fixed the problem with the appearance of windows only on the primary monitor, even if the designer can be found on the secondary one.
PivotTable cell formating.
Support of the ReportImage property when saving to JSON.
Some issues with blocking the designer closing.