Stimulsoft Dashboards.WIN 2020.4.1

Veröffentlicht am 07. August 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New functions are added - FromOADate, ToOADate.
Sorting by variation is added to the Progress and Indicator elements.
The new ShowBlanks option is added to the ComboBoxElement, ListBoxElement, TreeViewElement and TreeViewBoxElement.
The RefreshingEvent is added to the StiReport.
Sort by Target values is added to the sort menu of the Gauge element.
Support for .NET Core 3.1 for WinForms components.
Added support for GIS Map. Now you can add a field containing the SQL geometry to Online Map. In this case, a large number of supported providers have been added for displaying the background of the map.
The View Data button is added to each element in the dashboard viewer.
Poperties area for Waterfall series.
Ability to use Icons Set for charts.
Interactions for indicators.
The View Query menu item is added to the context menu of the dashboard page title.


Some improvements of the report parameters showing in the viewer.
Some improvements regarding using expressions in the Text element.
The TickLabel and TickMark output algorithm for the Gauge element was redesigned. Now they will always appear together (and a different amount of them as well) depending on the size of the element.

Fixed Bugs:

Incorrect date types processing in the filters of dashboards.
Some issues with Null values in filters of dashboard elements.
Some issues with null values are fixed in filters.
The issue with clearing data relation collection.
Some issues with the ShowExports button in the PreviewSettings of the report.
Some issues with null values processing in the stacked chart element.
Token authentication for OData.
Use the ReportAlias key from the chart interaction parameteres.
X-axis formatting for bar charts.
Abbreviations for Y-axis in charts.
Some issues with conditions for the Gantt chart.
Export. The Combobox in multi-mode showed Key instead of Name.
Export. Combo box in the multi-mode dislayed the All extra item.