Stimulsoft Dashboards.WIN 2021.1

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

A new data adapter for connecting to the Google BigQuery data store and retreiving data from this service was added.
The ability to use expressions when conditionally formatting the "Chart" element on the dashboard was added.
The "MonthIdent" function now supports an abbreviation of the month.
The "Size" property is added to the "Dimension" columns of the "Table" element. Also, the "Word Wrap" property is added to the "Table" element.
The "Frozen Columns" property is added to the "Table" element.
The new "Show Total" property was added to the columns and rows headers of the pivot element.
The "Total Label" property is added to the pivot's columns and rows.


The editor for setting colors in the report designer was updated.
Updated and optimized the algorithm for calling the filtering menu with a large number of data lines.
Some improvements in the country codes while searching in the "Map" element.
The dashboard engine now supports real-time refreshing of the text element, which contains the Time variable.
Some improvements regarding the flickering of the dashboard viewer via processing the "Refresh Time" property.
The algorithm for updating dashboard components using a timer in the WPF viewer has been optimized.

Fixed Bugs:

Fixed a bug with the icon size when changing scale in GIS maps.
The error with authentication when creating a connection to the data storage using the OData v3 protocol was fixed.
The error with displaying values for a scatter chart was fixed.
Errors occurred when clicking Disable Buttons in File Menu.
Dbs Viewer.Wpf. Long filters for the Chart component were displayed incorrectly.
Dbs Viewer.Wpf. In ListBox, SelectAll did not display CheckBox.
Dbs Viewer.Wpf. In the Table component, the selection from the default selected row was not cleared.
Dbs Viewer.Wpf. The Table component had incorrect text color when selecting a row.
The "First Row Is Header" property was not saved to the JSON format of the report.
Incorrect specification of default values for the "OnClick" property in the Indicator element was fixed.
Now you can change properties of each table column in the Property panel by clicking on the table column header.
Incorrect naming of the column label of the table element was fixed.
A bug with resetting the filter of the "Chart" element when viewing a dashboard in WPF was fixed.
The algorithm of drawing the "Gauge" elements when they intersect on the dashboard was fixed.