Stimulsoft Reports.Web 2021.3

Published on 17 May 2021
New Features
1.The ability to support custom values for the "Check Box" component is added.  2021.3.3RWeb
2.A new data adapter for connecting to the Google Analytics service was added.  RWeb
3.New function ConvertToBase64String(string). The new function - ConvertToBase64String (string). The new function - ConvertToBase64String (string) used to convert data from string to base64 was added.  RWeb
4.Added the ability to export and print reports from code without using components.  RBlazor
5.Added the ability to sort items in the data dictionary.  RWeb
6.The ability to print some bands on odd and even pages is added.  RWeb
7.We have added the ability to set default values for variables of the "List" type.  RWeb
8.We have added a map of Afghanistan for the "Map" component in reports and the "Region Map" element in dashboards.  RWeb
9.When exporting a report to Microsoft PowerPoint file, the Culture report property is now used to check spelling.  RWeb
10.Support for the DateTime.UtcNow property in the "Interpretation" report calculation mode is added.  RWeb
11.The Publish functionality to Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly projects is added.  RBlazor
12.Animation for displaying Stacked Area and Full Stacked Area charts is added.  RWeb
13.The ability to print on even and odd pages of the "Page Footer" band is added.  2021.3.3RWeb

1.The algorithm for exporting the report to PDF file was optimized and support for the new version of the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm was added.  RWeb
2.Icons and logos for applications and services are updated.  RWebRBlazor
3.Some commands in the report wizards are updated.  RWeb
4.The algorithm for exporting a report to a PDF file is optimized in terms of speed for cases when there is no text in the "Right to Left" mode.  RWeb
5.The speed of drawing a QR barcode is optimized.  RWeb
6.Ускорен экспорт QR-Code штрихкода в PDF файл. Export of the QR-Code barcode to PDF file works faster.  RWeb
7.In the "Interpretation" report calculation mode, the speed of expression calculation was optimized, especially when filtering large amounts of data.  RWeb
8.The algorithm for exporting text with rotation when exporting a report to an HTML file was updated. Previously, it was processed as a bitmap, now as an SVG object.  RWeb
9.Null checking for image equal processing is added.  2021.3.2RWeb
10.Upgrading OLEDB and ODBC Libraries to version 5.0.0 for NET Core components.  2021.3.2RWeb

Fixed Bugs
1.A bug with the "Process At" property for text components in the "Interpretation" report calculation mode is fixed.  2021.3.3RWeb
2.The error related to Roslyn compilation from .NET Framework is fixed.  2021.3.3RWeb
3.The error displaying data in the report, which are received from the Google Analytics service is fixed.  2021.3.3RWeb
4.The error with encoding for some source code files is fixed.  2021.3.3RWebRBlazor
5.The error related to displaying icons in the "Columns" chart type is fixed.  RWeb
6.The error related to the numbering of columns in the editor of relationds between data sources was fixed.  RWeb
7.An error with exporting to the HTML file for the "Chart" component of "Stepped range" type is fixed.  RWeb
8.The error that occurred when printing a report in the "Print to PDF" mode was fixed.  RBlazor
9.Some minor issue in the watermark editor are fixed.  RWeb
10.A problem related to the visibility of grid lines for a chart in dashboards is fixed.  RWeb
11.A problem with data drill-down in an external report when this report is located in the resources of the main report is fixed.  RWeb
12.The error related to processing values in points for font size in HTML tags.  RWeb
13.A bug related to the application of localization selected from the interface of the report designer is fixed.  RBlazor
14.In some cases, there was a double loading and connection of scripts and component styles.  RBlazor
15.Working of the ColorEarch property for a Clustered Bar chart is fixed.  RWebRBlazor
16.An issue with parsing date-time values from strings is fixed.  2021.3.2RWebRBlazor
17.The localization error in the "Preview" window when changing the localization in the report designer is fixed.  2021.3.2RBlazor
18.The compilation error "null-reference" when launching .NetCore assemblies from the .NET Framework.  2021.3.2RWeb
19.MetaTags collection was not cleared before loading the report.  2021.3.2RWeb
20.The error in conditional formatting for the "Table" component in reports is fixed.  2021.3.2RWeb
21.A bug with date format for variables is fixed.  2021.3.2RWeb
22.A problem related to copying report components to the dashboard and vice versa is fixed.  2021.3.3RWeb
23.An issue related to the localization of report events is fixed.  2021.3.3RWeb