Stimulsoft Reports.Web 2020.4.1

Published on 07 August 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Ability to use Icons Set for charts.
The Quickbook connection form.
New simple chart editor in the designer.
The Compress to archive option for export as an image.
The new Sparkline component.
Now DrillDown reports are supported from resources.
Export to Image. The new option - CompressToArchive.
Export to PDF/XPS. Converting alternative font names.


The amount of drill-down parameters was increased up to 10.
Supporting Images in the QR code.
The Interaction form was redesigned.

Fixed Bugs:

The Interaction editor was redesigned.
Transfer of Cookies when loading file data.
The issue with clearing data relation collection.
The issue with closing the chart editor when another chart editor has opened.
Object reference error when using StiServerCacheMode.StringSession in the Web designer for .NET Core.
Some issues with filters and sort editor in the chart component.
X-axis formatting for bar charts.
The issue with usong the Width property for Doughnut with only one value.
A bug with a trial in the Report Checker preview.
Issues with alignment in the WYSIWYG editor.
Сolumns gaps issue in the designer.
Supporting the drill-down single page mode.
A bug with toolbar alignment.
In the mode TextQuality=Wysiwyg the "font-fallback" now works.
The Expression Checker in some cases icorrectly processed Aliases.
The GetUsedDataSourcesNames method now considers filters of data bands.
NetCore. Now the CanBreak property shows the long text correctly.
Engine. Possible looping if DataSource parameters contain expressions.
Import to Excel. In some cases, numeric values were not recognized correctly.
Export to PDF. The file appeared to be broken if the line had zero tickness.
Exports. TextOptions.LineLimit now work properly.
Export to PDF. Some issues with EmbeddedFiles.
Export to PDF. A problem with the SVG image quality in Watermark.
Export to Word. Pages with segments missed some the other pages.
Export to Excel. The tab character could corrupt the file.
Export to Excel. Issues with groupDigits if the HideZeros was enabled.