Today, we will discuss one important innovation in the Stimulsoft Reports, Dashboards, and Forms 2024.1 version - the ability to use the Ribbon toolbar in a single line.

Ribbon panel in the report designer

The Ribbon panel in the report designer is the top toolbar that contains various tabs: Home, Insert, Page, Format, and View. These tabs contain all the necessary controls and commands for creating, editing, viewing, and exporting reports and dashboards.

Classic Ribbon

What has changed?

Beginning with version 2024.1, it is now possible to alter the layout of the ribbon and display the UI in a single line. The classic ribbon layout has a notable drawback - the height of the Ribbon panel. When working with the report designer in a non-full-screen mode, the toolbar may occupy considerable space. Therefore, interface developers consistently encounter a dilemma between compact size and functionality.

We addressed this issue by consolidating all controls and commands into a compact size. Moreover, the one-line UI represents a contemporary approach to designing user interfaces in applications.

Single Line Ribbon

How do I switch the Ribbon panel to a single line?

To switch the toolbar to a single strip, you can utilize one of the following methods:

- The first option is to use the switch located in the lower right corner of the Ribbon toolbar.

- The second option is to set the Ribbon Layout parameter to Single Line UI in the Options window of the report designer on the GUI tab.

Simplified Default Ribbon and Additional Options

Starting from version Stimulsoft Reports, Dashboards, and Forms 2024.2, the Ribbon panel will be installed in one line by default. Additionally, the following options will be added to change the behavior of the designer before it is launched for the first time:

- In the reporting tools for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, Angular, and Blazor applications:
StiDesignerRibbonType.DefaultRibbonType = StiDesignerRibbonType.Classic;
- In the reporting tool for Windows Forms applications:
StiOptions.Designer.Ribbon.RibbonLayoutType = StiRibbonLayoutType.Classic;
- In the reporting tool for JavaScript applications:
designerOptions.appearance.defaultRibbonType = StiDesignerRibbonType.Classic;

Regardless of the option chosen, when launching the report designer for the first time, the user will always be able to change the appearance of the Ribbon panel through the GUI tab or the toolbar itself. In this case, the value will be saved in settings or cookies (depending on the product), and the designer will use them the next time it is launched.
Creating interfaces that are visually appealing and user-friendly is the most crucial task in software product development. Stimulsoft developers continuously aim to follow contemporary trends and improve the usability of components.
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