We are excited to announce the upcoming release of new products designed for creating reports and dashboards for applications and services written in Python! Soon, Stimulsoft Reports.PYTHON and Stimulsoft Dashboards.PYTHON will be added to our lineup of analytics and data visualization tools.

Stimulsoft Reports.PYTHON

This product simplifies working with reports within applications and projects developed in Python. It provides connectivity to various data types including MS SQL, Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL, XML, JSON, Excel, and more. Users can leverage extensive capabilities for data visualization and analysis, as well as the ability to export data to various formats.

Product features

Stimulsoft Reports.PYTHON utilizes client-server technology, with a Python application on the server side and a JavaScript reporting core on the client side. These interconnected components create a unified product, making it easier to work with reports in Python-based web applications.


The server-side manages report files, enables working with various databases, facilitates transparent event processing, and deploys HTML and JS code on the page - all you need to do is write a few lines of code in Python.


The client-side is presented as a One-Page application or as an embedded component. These two modes significantly expedite the deployment process and simplify working with reports. Numerous settings are available for closer integration into existing projects.

Event handler

One standout feature of the Reports.PYTHON reporting tool is its flexible event handler, enabling you to execute necessary actions on both the JavaScript client side and the Python server side. There is no need to concern yourself with transferring data from the client side to the server side, processing it, and then transferring it back. Simply add the required lines of code to process and adjust the necessary data; everything else will be handled automatically.

Stimulsoft Dashboards.PYTHON

This tool is designed for creating dashboards in services and projects written in Python. The product comprises a JavaScript data processing core, a Designer component for creating dashboards, and a fully interactive viewer for displaying completed dashboards.

Main functionality

Our new product enables you to connect with various data types including SQL and file sources such as Excel, JSON, XML, and others. It offers the capability to visualize data using numerous dashboard elements, configure sorting and grouping, and export the finalized dashboard to PDF, MS Excel, HTML, and popular image formats.

Dashboard designer and viewer

To create and view analytical panels, we offer designer and viewer tools.


A dashboard designer is an editor for crafting a dashboard layout. It enables you to connect data, organize it further, and apply visual design elements.


The viewer is used to view ready-made dashboards in Python applications. This component supports interactive elements, full-screen display of the entire dashboard and its individual elements, conversion to various formats, and more.

Beginning with the 2024.2 release, both products will be available for download, testing, and subsequent purchase. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us - we are always ready to assist.
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