Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2020.2.1

Veröffentlicht am 05. Februar 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New maps - Europe with Russia, CAR.
All maps were completely redesigned. All patches are greatly simplified without loss of quality. Now maps load and render 3-5 times faster.
The new DarkGreen style was added to the dashboards.
The new Waterfall chart.
The Data band now has the Line property. .
ConvertNulls for the Interpretation mode.


Updated maps - Europe, EU.
The default state of the ValueFormat property of the ChartElement was changed to a NumberFormat.
Some improvements in the Variable Edit Form regarding working in the HiDPI mode.
Some improvements in retrieving parameter values during SQL data source viewing in the designer.

Fixed Bugs:

Constant Lines and Strips on Log axis.
Some issues with null values in report variables.
Some issues with the text format menu in the designer.
Calculation Indicator with negative values.
Interactions for stacked bar series.
Rendering Radar Series values.
The issue with a minimal value of the command time out property in the data source editor.
An issue with submitting parameters with a datetime type in the WinForms viewer.
Some issues with dashboard editor forms in the MDI form mode.
Small issue with drawing the title switcher in the designer.
An incorrect saving of the Show Code Tab property of the designer.
Some improvements regarding saving to the undo-redo buffer after drag-drop operations.
When using HTML tags, sometimes the maximum font size per line was incorrectly determined.
With a certain structure of a business object, nested business objects could loop.
When compiling a report, char escaping in string is now correctly processed.
Import.Rtf - null reference on some files.
The problem when opening some wizards.
A bug that occurs when checking an incorrect expression in a text editor.
Style Designer. The events of some buttons were disabled.
When changing one value of the Margins property (for example Left) in StiText, this Margin was applied to all StiText in the report.
Designer. The problem with incorrect recovering of dockable panels in the designer after changing the default position.
A bug occurred when accessing RibbonToolbox from old themes.
The incorrect creation of a calculated column in the dashboards was fixed.
The issue with the correct clearing of the rendered page.
Some issues with the QuickBooks data adapter.