Stimulsoft Reports.Server 2020.4.1

Published on 07 August 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Added the new functions: "FromOADate", "ToOADate".
Sorting by variation is added to the "Progress" and "Indicator" dashboard elements.
The new "Show Blanks" option is added to the "Combo Box", "List Box", "Tree View" and "Tree View Box" dashboard elements.
The "Sparkline" component was added to the reporting tools.
The "View Data" button is added to each element in the dashboard viewer.
Added a new simple chart editor in the designer.
Added the hyperlink options for the "Indicator" dashboard element.


Some improvements in the report parameters showing in the viewer.
Some improvements regarding using expressions in the "Text" dashboard element.
The Interaction editor in reports was improved.

Fixed Bugs:

Issues with exporting dashboards to the Excel format.
Some issues with data creation when a report is loaded from the online search.
Fixed incorrect date types processing in the filters of the dashboard.
Fixed some issues with Null values in filters of dashboard elements.
Fixed the issue with clearing data relation collection.
Fixed some issues with null values processing in the stacked chart element.
Fixed some issues with filters and sort editor in the chart component.
Scheduler settings were not saved.