Stimulsoft Reports.Server 2021.1

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The "MonthIdent" function now supports an abbreviation of the month.
The new "Table of Contents" component is added to the report engine.
The "Size" property is added to the "Dimension" columns of the "Table" element. Also, the "Word Wrap" property is added to the "Table" element.


Some improvements in the country codes while searching in the "Map" element.
The "Sort" property of the "Cross-Tab" component is hidden now because it is not been frequently used.
The dashboard engine now supports real-time refreshing of the text element, which contains the Time variable.

Fixed Bugs:

The "First Row Is Header" property was not saved to the JSON format of the report.
Some looping issues during the report rendering of the clone component were fixed.
Some issues with not loading data into the "Map" component from the data transformation source was fixed.