New Features
1.We added the "Properties" command to the context menu of the data source. 
2.The ability to undo actions in the report designer using the CTRL + Z keyboard shortcut is added. 
3.New styles are added to Chart, Gauge and Map components - Style35. This style is used Sienna color-set. 
4.You may specify line spacing in the styles of the "Table of Contents" component. 
5.We added the ability to round the corners of dashboard components, and display their shadows. 
6.We added the "Linear Scale Brush" and "Needle Border Width" properties for the "Gauge" style. 
7.The "More" button for the toolbox in the report designer was added. 
8.The Watermark property was added to the dashboard and the panel element component. This property helps in drawing text, images, and symbols on the background of dashboards. 
9.A button to open a link in the "Share" menu is added. 
10.Added the ability to use native localization of geographic objects for regional maps of Germany, Italy, France, Russia. 

Fixed Bugs
1.We fixed a bug related to resetting the appearance settings when changing the alignment of the content of a text component in dashboards. 
2.The error related to updating the check tree in the "Report Checker" was fixed. 
3.A problem, related to resetting transparency settings for a 3D pie chart is fixed. 
4.We fixed a bug with opening a chart hyperlink with TopN in dashboards if the argument and value variables are used in the link. 
5.We fixed a bug related to stretching the watermark image in a dashboard. 
6.A bug related to saving a report to Stimulsoft Cloud, which uses conditional formatting, is fixed. 
7.A problem related to applying of the brush type "Glass" is fixed. 
8.We fixed an issue related to the transparency of the "Combo Box" element and the control for deleting values. 
9.We fixed a bug related to applying filters and actions when copying "Data Transformation". 
10.We fixed a bug related to the event editor in the report designer. 
11.A problem related to displaying names for the "Region Map" element in some cases was fixed. 
12.A problem with displaying views of the chart when changing the data input mode is fixed. 

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