Stimulsoft Designer 2020.1.1

Published on 19 December 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

A new mobile mode of the dashboards designer.
A new Target Mode property that specifies the Percentage or Variation display for the Indicator.


Some improvements with the position of the Checker window.
The variable menu item is added to the Expression editor.
Some improvements of meters drawing.
Fonts from a report resources support in the Style designer.

Fixed Bugs:

The additional way to get variable value.
The issue with the position of the TopN editor.
The issue with saving and loading the TopN property of the Indicator and Progress elements.
Some issues with the Cross-tab editor and dragging columns.
The incorrect showing the sort menu on the Chart element was removed.
An incorrect way of the TopN working with a Bar chart.
A bug with filtering data with the help of formatted argument from the Chart element.
Some issues with the DotMatrix viewer in the HiDPI mode.
Correct displaying of charts with negative values.
Support of the ReportImage property when saving to JSON.
Some issues with blocking the designer closing.

Versions of the Release Builds: