New Features
1.We added the ability to drag and drop a style from the style editor to a report or dashboard component.
2.The possibility to group report parameters in collapsible groups in the viewer was added.
3.A special check for using CacheAllData report property while editing a report was added into the relation editor.
4.A new button was added to the dashboard viewer - Reset All Filters. This button helps to reset all current state of user's filters to its default state.
5.A possibility to control an alignment of the viewer's toolbar buttons was added. This possibility was added both to the dashboard viewer and the reports viewer. It is possible to change it with help of the PreviewSettings property of the report.
6.The Data monitor feature was added to the dictionary. It can be found in the Actions menu. This feature can help with fetching information about running SQL queries.
7.The Help button can be hidden by using the PreviewSettings property of the report.
8.A button to edit specified culture was added to the Globalization editor.
9.We added the posibility to specify an expression in the report.Culture property. It helps to change globalization of a report directly in the report viewer with help of request from user variables.
10.We fixed a bug related to the completion of the animation of charts in reports.
11.An edit dialog is invoked in the dictionary when the Enter key is pressed.
12.The element renaming in the dictionary by pressing the F2 key was added.

1.We have done some improvements of the SQL query builder UI.
2.The posibility to use TopN function together with StackedBar chart was added.
3.The posibility to drill-down to a dashboard page from the report page was added.
4.We added support for animated GIF images in dashboards.

Fixed Bugs
1.An issue with editing a report category with help of the F2 key was fixed.
2.Incorrect selection of elements was fixed in the ListBoxElement in the horizontal mode.
3.Some improvements of the Toolbox Setup form were made.
4.An issue with a report page painting in the viewer during a document saving was fixed.
5.Some issues with displaying an expression from bool properties were fixed.
6.An issue with drawing a request from user variable with some options was fixed.
7.We fixed an issue related to the animation of the "Gantt" chart.
8.We fixed an issue with displaying messages about incorrect data in the user registration menu.
9.We fixed a problem related to displaying GitHub and Facebook commends in the login and registration menu.
10.An issue with the setting a wrong zoom in the viewer after using the Fullscreen mode was fixed.
11.An issue with using the Row.Line constant in the table element was fixed.
12.An issue with using ReportAlias as a parameter in the dashboards was fixed.
13.We fixed a bug related to the calculation of the thickness and the display of a vertical constant line for "Scatter" charts.
14.We fixed a problem related to the processing of the fractional part of the value in the "Step" property for the labels of the chart axes.
15.We fixed a problem related to rebuilding the designer and viewer when changing the size of the application window.
16.Some troubles with date time varaible's default initialization were fixed.
17.A problem with visibility of the table element columns after export was fixed.
18.We fixed a problem related to the rendering of series labels for the "Sunburst" chart.
19.We fixed an issue with creating multiple series for the "Line" chart in the Chart wizard.
20.An issue with creating a band and it's correct position on a page was fixed.
21.We fixed a problem related to the "No" value in the quick selection menu of the component style on the Ribbon panel of the report designer.
22.An issue with selecting a copied item was fixed.

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