Stimulsoft BI Designer 2021.2

Published on 16 March 2021
New Features
1.The AllowSQLFormatting option is added to the SQL editor in the SQL data source editor. 
2.The new component - "Math Formula" for reports was added. 
3.The Show Search option is added to the combobox element.  2021.2.3
4.The View States property is added to the Chart Element. It helps with switching between different settings of the chart element.  2021.2.3
5.The new functions are added - PercentOfGrandTotal and PartOfGrandTotal. 
6.The new 'make spacing equal' buttons are added to the dashboard settings form. 
7.The ContentAlignment property is added to the dashboard. The property can be changed via the dashboard editor form. This property allows changing the positioning of the dashboard's elements in the viewer. 
8.The possibility of localization of the variable items property with the help of the GlobalizationStrings. 
9.A new Azure SQL adapter for connecting and retrieving data from the Azure service was added. You can use it to design reports and dashboards. 
10.Dependent variables now support list types. 
11.A new check in the report checker for charts in reports when using "Expression" as a series value was added. 
12.Added the ability to use "Icons" in the "Chart" element of dashboards. 
13.The ability to specify HEX color codes without using the "#" special character was added. 
14.The possibility to get variable's label with help of the expression - "myvar.Label". 
15.The possibility of sorting items in the request from user variables is added. 
16.The Hand cursor is shown over the table columns with actions. 
17.The GetParam function is added. 
18.A new Azure Blob Storage adapter was added. It is used for connecting and retrieving data from the Azure Blob service, which can be used to design reports and dashboards. 
19.The ability to select the "Box And Whisker" chart type in the simple chart editor. 

1.The algorithm for applying abbreviations for numeric and currency values in reports with the ru-Ru culture installed was updated. 
2.The algorithm for displaying the process when enabling public access to the report was updated. 
3.Updated displaying of saving and loading reports when using the Stimulsoft Cloud service. 
4.Selection of a digital signature in the export to PDF is updated. 
5.The Report.PreviewMode property was moved to the Report.PreviewSettings.PreviewMode. 

Fixed Bugs
1.A currency formatting error for the "Indicator" element values in dashboards was fixed. 
2.A problem with clearing the "recent connection" list in the welcome window of the report designer was fixed. 
3.The ussue with the line drawing error that connected points with zero values were fixed. 
4.The error with loading packed report with date values in the chart was fixed. 
5.The issue with showing menu shapes from toolbar designer was fixed. 
6.The issue with the rendering error for geometry in dashboards was fixed. 
7.The issue with displaying the progress of an element in the preview with scrolling was fixed. 
8.Some issues with using the Marker property in the Chart element in the compilation mode. 
9.The error with opening the .MRT JSON report with histogram chart was fixed. 
10.A bug with the colors of values in the legend of pie charts when using conditional formatting was fixed. 
11.The error in processing the first element of a numeric array when receiving data from a JSON file was fixed.  2021.2.3
12.The issue with drawing Doughnut and Funnel charts with single values was fixed.  2021.2.3
13.The issue with using filtering in the table element together with the MonthIdent function. 
14.Small problems with the Right-Handed option in the windows. 
15.The error with processing the ToString() method, depending on the localization of the report, was fixed. 
16.A problem with processing the "best" values for dashboard charts with multiple series was fixed. 
17.The error with processing integer data when creating a JSON data source was fixed. 
18.Some issues with visibility of the Dimension Column in the table element are fixed. 
19.Some issues with loading of the TOC component from the JSON file is fixed. 
20.Some issues with auto-sizing in the view data function. 
21.Some issues with spaces in data columns in the dashboards. 
22.The issue with displaying of a donut chart when specifying a single value in reports and dashboards was fixed. 
23.The ability to specify "Color Each" in the Gantt chart was added. 
24.An issue with saving and loading of conditional formatting of chart signatures from * .mrt file with JSON markup was fixed. 
25.Some issues with the processing variables which names equal to standard property names of the report. 
26.The issue with the ablility to specify "Color Each" in a waterfall chart wasfixed. 
27.Fixed a problem with displaying different font styles for chart labels when exporting a report to HTML. 

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