Stimulsoft BI Designer 2021.3

Published on 17 May 2021
New Features
1.The possibility to predefine a checked state of items in the variables is added. 
2.The "Eyedropper" tool to select a color from any report element was added. 
3.A new data adapter for connecting to the Google Analytics service was added. 
4.The Show Search option is added to the combobox element. 
5.The View States property is added to the Chart Element. It helps with switching between different settings of the chart element. 
6.An expression can be specified in the Visible property of the table column in the table element. 
7.The ability to restore a report after an unsuccessful close (crash) of the Stimulsoft BI Designer for Windows application is added. 

1.An algorithm to search values in the "Culture" property is added. 
2.Icons and logos for applications and services are updated. 
3.The sorting marker is displayed now only when sorting is enabled and the sorting column is specified. 
4.Using images in the image element is now detecting during the delete procedure. 
5.Some improvements in painting the drop down arrow. 
6.Null checking for image equal processing is added.  2021.3.2

Fixed Bugs
1.Some improvements with editing variable with items.  2021.3.3
2.An issue with variable's items sorting without sorting specification is fixed.  2021.3.3
3.The error displaying data in the report, which are received from the Google Analytics service is fixed.  2021.3.3
4.The error with applying the date and time format for a variable with the DateTime data type is fixed.  2021.3.3
5.A bug with interaction in the chart when using constant lines is fixed.  2021.3.3
6.Some problems related to the use of the full-screen view of the element is fixed.  2021.3.3
7.The issue with duplicating XML links while saving is fixed.  2021.3.3
8.The issue with applying styles from the MRT report when loading (Open) in the preview is fixed.  2021.3.3
9.An issue with loading checked state of the variable items is fixed.  2021.3.3
10.A bug with drawing a table cell when viewing a dashboard if the "Back Color" parameter during conditional formatting is set to "No Fill" was fixed. 
11.The error related to displaying icons in the "Columns" chart type is fixed. 
12.The algorithm to draw normalized charts has been corrected if the "Start from Zero" property of the X axis is set to "True". 
13.The ability to customize the range of values for the icon of the "Indicator" element, in cases when it contains "Series" is added. 
14.An issue with checking a dependent variable with the relation is fixed. 
15.A bug related to the background color of the "Table" element column, if this column contains data of the bool type is fixed. 
16.An error with exporting to the HTML file for the "Chart" component of "Stepped range" type is fixed. 
17.An issue with editing cross-tab interaction is fixed. 
18.Support for the data columns with relations in the variables. 
19.The issue with the full-screen function and visibility of columns of the table element is fixed. 
20.Conditions of the table element were not work for a table column with image objects. 
21.An issue with drawing background of the image column at the table element is fixed. 
22.An issue with drawing interlaced rows in the table element is fixed. 
23.An issue with disabling a drill-down page in the table element interaction editor is fixed. 
24.Some unwanted system parts are removed when edit page function is used. 
25.The error of processing a variable with the TimeSpan data type is fixed. 
26.A problem related to auto-rotation of titles for the "Sunburst" chart type is fixed. 
27.A problem related to changing the text format of the chart arguments in dashboards is fixed. 
28.The error in processing the "Date time format" property for a variable of the "List" type with the Date Time data type was fixed. 
29.The error with processing report designer properties when opening reports from the "Welcome Start Screen" is fixed. 
30.An issue with showing an empty dashboard in the StretchX mode is fixed. 
31.An issue with drawing expand symbol in the treeview element in hidpi scale is fixed. 
32.A small issue with height of the border editor form with system scaling 150% is fixed. 
33.Working of the ColorEarch property for a Clustered Bar chart is fixed. 
34.An issue with switching to the Color Scale mode in the table editor is fixed.  2021.3.2
35.An issue with parsing date-time values from strings is fixed.  2021.3.2
36.An issue with using the Avg function and null data values in the chart element is fixed.  2021.3.2
37.A bug with date format for variables is fixed.  2021.3.2

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