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In the new version we have implemented the full-featured report preview in the JS designer. Previously, the preview only as HTML was available. Now, the preview does not differ from the report viewer and has all its functionality. Available are printing options, exporting the report to PDF, HTML, HTML5, Microsoft Word and Excel. Also, the preview tab may have the search bar, bookmarks and parameters. It also contains navigation, zooming controls, and page view modes.

Fully Functional Preview in JS Designer
Since the release of 2016.1 in the mobile report designer has the ability to edit and create reports with cross-tabs. Previously, it was possible only to preview cross-tabs and export reports with them. The Cross-tab is a special component that is designed to handle, group and summarize data from the source. This result is represented in the form of a table. The cross-tab editor includes three tabs, in which the data source is selected; the data columns are specified and the cross-tab style is defined.

Cross-Tab in Mobile Designer
The 2016.1 release adds the ability to create a data source based on another source. For example, it is necessary to group the data, sort it, filter or perform calculations with these data, and then transfer the data to the report. In this case, the data source is created on the base of another source.

Data From Other Data Source
In the release of 2016.1 we are going to add the Table component in the HTML5 Report Designer. The table consists of cells which are formed at the intersection of rows and columns. These cells can contain various data such as text, phrases, reference data column, RichText, image, checkboxes, etc.

Table Component in HTML5 Designer

When working with the Table component, you can set an unlimited number of rows that will be used to display headers and footers of data.