2021 was a hectic and productive year for our company. This year we have released two new products:


Stimulsoft Reports.Blazor is a cross-platform tool designed to integrate applications using the Blazor framework. Our components support all the main features of Blazor, and can work both on the server-side and the client-side using WebAssembly technology. In Reports.Blazor, you may connect SQL, NoSQL, REST data sources and retrieve data from Google, Azure, Data.World, Quickbooks. All you need to work with the product is any modern browser.


Stimulsoft Dashboards.PHP is a new product in the line of tools for creating dashboards. You may use it to integrate seamlessly into your applications and as a standalone solution. At the same time, no complex configuration or third-party modules are required - the complex can be easily integrated into almost any PHP application.

Blockly in Stimulsoft Tools

Blockly is a visual programming tool from Google integrated into our reporting tools for scripting events. With its help, you can create various scenarios visually without writing any code. The event script created using Blockly will be universal for all our software, and, accordingly, the generated report will work in both WinForms and JS report designers.

Blockly Components

Several charts in one

For the Chart element in dashboards, you can specify up to 5 views. Each view is a separate type of diagram, and their switching is carried out in the viewer. The views are configured in the editor of the Chart element on the additional parameters panel.
Several Charts in One

Pie chart now in 3D

A new feature you will like is a 3D pie chart - just look at it. The new type of chart has all the same capabilities. The appearance allows you to expand the visualization of data series and visualize the necessary data more clearly and visually.
3D Pie Chart

Straight ahead

We are constantly keeping up with the times, so our products:

  • support work under Windows 11;
  • tested and work under .NET 6.0;
  • support all current versions of the Angular platform - 10, 11, 12, 13;
  • and the source codes are fully compatible with Visual Studio 2022.
Windows 11, .NET 6.0, Angular 13

Math formulas in reports

By the way, you can use mathematical formulas in reports. They are arranged in groups in the editor, where each group is presented on a separate tab. You can also specify a formula using LaTeX syntax.
Math Formula

New data adapters

We also have new data adapters - Google Analytics, Azure SQL, and Azure Blob Storage. With their help, you can build complex and functionally rich reports and dashboards, including web analytics reports. Also, we added support for PDO data adapters for PHP.
Data Adapters

New functionality

A few more new things will make your work with our products even more convenient and fast. Reports can now be built and sent by schedules; you may add watermarks, transparency of elements to dashboards; variables have new capabilities; optimization of JS scripts (the total volume of code reduction is about 20 percent) affected Reports.JS, Dashboards.JS, Reports.PHP, and Dashboards.PHP.
JS Optimization

Thank you for being with us! See you in 2022!

See you in 2022!
Christmas Tree
On the eve of the holiday season - Christmas and New Year - we announce the beginning of a big sale! From now on and till the last day of 2021, we give all new and existing customers a 20% discount on the purchase and update of any products. The discount is applied automatically on the purchase page in our online store, and you don`t need to do anything else. The offer is not available through partners or resellers.
In the version 2022.1, we realized a lot of ideas for more effective work of Stimulsoft components in your applications. We added a new type of chart – a 3D Pie chart for expanded data visualization capabilities, substantially minified JS-scripts size for more rapid loading of programming products. In addition, we expanded capabilities of designing dashboards, added new barcodes, and generally made our reporting tools faster, more productive, and convenient.

3D Pie chart

Starting from version 2022.1, a 3D Pie chart is available in the report designer. This type of chart expands a visualization of data rows and gives the data you need in a more convenient and understandable form. The 3D Pie chart is presented as a separate type in the chart menu and has all capabilities of the Pie chart.
3D Pie chart

New functions

A new category of functions – Drawing is added to the data dictionary. The category contains the functions, which allow you to return color depending on a specified value. Besides, the ability of automatic code generation for various design properties when defining an expression as values of these properties is added.

JS scripts optimization

In the new version, we substantially optimized source code without loss of functionality. The optimization affected both packed and standard files. The total volume of code reduction is about 20 percent. As a result, the time of script loading has been significantly reduced. The optimization affected the products, which use JavaScript in their work – Reports.JS, Dashboards.JS, Reports.PHP, and Dashboards.PHP.

Data sources in Blazor

The abilities to connect SQL, NoSQL, REST data sources, and get data from Google, Azure, Data.World, Quickbooks were added for the Reports.Blazor product (Server components). To use data from these sources in reports, you should install a data adapter from NuGet to your project and create a connection.
Blazor Data Sources

Dashboard watermark

We added an ability to define a watermark for dashboards and the Panel component. You can specify some text, image, weave, or their combinations as the watermark. This functionality allows you to set a unique design of dashboards and emphasize the corporate style of the company.
Dashboards Watermark

Design of dashboard components

We added an ability to round borders, background transparency, and shadows for various dashboard components. Roundings and shadows are controlled by using component properties. Transparency is controlled by using the alpha parameter in the Back Color property.

New Dashboard Styles

Export and import of report globalization

You can create a report for various language cultures using the globalization string editor. In the new version, you can export and import report globalization settings. Define a list of cultures and globalization of report elements and save the globalization to an XLSX file. You may use this file to globalize other reports.

New barcodes

We added new types of barcodes - Intelligent Mail USPS 4-State and Aztec, which you may use in reports and dashboards. The Intelligent Mail USPS 4-State is used to sort mail in the US Mail Service automatically. The Aztec is used in different spheres like transport ticketing, bills, tax notices, etc.

Text behavior in dashboards

We added an ability to change the text size mode on dashboards. Previously, the content of the Text component and header of components were scaled depending on the size of the dashboard viewer. Now you may change their behavior - scale, crop, or wrap text across lines. The behavior is defined using the Size Mode property.

Text Size Mode

Limits after grouping and sorting in data transformation

Transformation allows you to convert data visually. One of the data transformation capabilities is to limit and skip rows. Previously, you could use this data transformation before or after data grouping. In the new version, you can use data transformation after grouping and sorting.

Localization in maps

We added an ability to select regional localization of segments for Germany, Italy, France, and Russia maps in the manual data input mode. The localization of map segments is defined using the Language parameter in the component editor.
Maps Localization

Transition animation

We added transition animation when changing a value in reports and dashboards for the Gauge component. This feature is relevant for all types of components.
Gauge Animation

New theme

We added a new theme of dashboard design and its elements. To apply a new style, you should select a dashboard and select the Sienna theme from the styles menu.


Reset settings to default

Now you can clear settings, cache, or delete some Stimulsoft files by resetting to their default state. To do that, you should go to the Restore Defaults menu from the Options menu in the report designer, check the required options, and click the Clear button.
Restore Default

Border thickness in charts

Now, you can specify border thickness for graphic elements of charts. The action is carried out using the Border Thickness property for each row of the chart.

Border Thickness
More than a month remains until the most magical holiday of the year, Christmas, comes. But you do not have to wait so long for gifts. We have prepared something special for you. We will soon release a new version of the products for creating reports and dashboards Stimulsoft - 2022.1. Here are a few significant updates and new features that you may expect shortly.

3D Pie chart

In the new version, we will allow you to add a new long-expected option to your reports and dashboards - a 3D Pie Chart. A pie chart is familiar to everyone; it is a circle divided into sectors to display statistical populations. Now the designer will have a three-dimensional version of it, which will expand the visualization of data series and simplify their understanding.

3D Pie Chart

Optimizing minification of JS scripts

In the new version of the products Reports.JS, Dashboards.JS, Reports.PHP, and Dashboards.PHP, large-scale code optimization and the JS scripts minification procedure have been carried out. As a result, the overall size of the code has been significantly reduced. This will lead to faster loading of components.
SQL Data Sources for Blazor

Data sources in Blazor

Starting from version 2022.1, in Reports.Blazor (the Blazor.Server component, which is part of Reports.Web), the ability to connect data not only from file data sources will be added. By loading and connecting adapters it will be possible to work with almost any type of data - SQL (MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc.), Azure (Blob and Table Storage, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB), Google (Firebird, Google Analytics, BigQuery) and many others.

Watermark, rounding, transparency on the dashboard

Watermark, Rounding, Transparency

The new functionality will be added to dashboards. One of them is a watermark, which can be used as text, images, weaves, or any combination. Also, for dashboard widgets, it will be possible to define rounding of borders, background transparency, and shadows of components.

New Barcodes

In the new version you will be able to use new types of barcodes – Aztec and Intelligent Mail USPS 4-State, when creating reports and dashboards. The Aztec is a popular barcode, which was created in the late 1990`s and used among other things, for automatic data recognition. The Intelligent Mail USPS 4-State was developed by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and is used for automatic sorting of letters.
These and other changes will be live very soon in version 2022.1 of Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards.
We are pleased to announce the release of the new version Stimulsoft Reports and Stimulsoft Dashboards 2021.4, which is now available for download. In this version, we released the new product Dashboards.PHP, integrated Blockly in the Event editor, added the scheduler functionality in the desktop Designer, added the ability to fill data manually to design analytical panels, and many other features and improvements.


We integrated the Blockly library to create event scripts in reports. With this tool, you can create various scripts visually without writing any code. The event script created with Blockly will be universal for all report writers. Accordingly, your report will work both in the WinForms report designer and in the JS report designer. The list of supported report component events may vary.


Framework Versions on Publish

In the Publish wizard, you may select the type and version of the framework for ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, and WPF platforms. .NET Framework 4.5.2, .NET Core 3.1, .NET 5.0 frameworks are available. This will reduce the time it takes to integrate Stimulsoft components into your application.

Publish Frameworks

Stimulsoft Dashboards.PHP

We are launching a new product - Dashboards.PHP, based on the JavaScript data analysis engine. All necessary scripts, detailed guidelines, and integration samples are available for you. Take advantage of this right now to quickly and efficiently achieve your analytical goals in your PHP project.



We added the Scheduler tool to automate the reporting process in Stimulsoft Designer. With this tool, you can convert the report and dashboard into a finished document and send them by email according to a specific schedule. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly schedulers are available with many options for flexible scheduling.


Manual data entry

For dashboard elements such as Chart, Indicator, Progress, Gauge, we added the functionality to enter data manually. You may switch to manual input mode in the editors of these elements. Value entry fields are cells that are linked line by line. The number of rows is unlimited, and in cells, in addition to values, you can also specify expressions.

Enter Data Manually

Exceed margins

We added the functionality for the Text Box component to fill the page space outside the print margins with the background color of this component. The Exceed Margins property is used for this. Depending on the selected direction, the background color of the text component will fill the page space beyond the print margins, up to the page margins.

Exceed Margins

New element editor in a variable

We improved the element editor in a variable. Now the input fields for elements are presented as a dimensionless grid in the cells of which you can specify both simple values and expressions.

variable Items

Cloning in a dictionary

We simplified the ability to clone items in the data dictionary. Using the Duplicate command on the context menu, you can quickly clone data sources, connections, variables, and other data dictionary elements.


Windows 11 support

Before releasing the new version of the Windows 11 operating system, we are glad to inform you that our tool is completely ready for the latest OS version. In addition, we have added a Windows 11 GUI theme to the WPF report designer.

Windows 11

Text in shapes

We added the ability to specify text inside shapes. This feature is available for most shapes - a text entry field located in the editor of the Shape component.
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