Author: Tim Crawford

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Today we are announcing a significant update in our reporting and dashboard tools. We are talking about the support of the Laravel framework in the Reports.PHP and Dashboards.PHP.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a widely used and contemporary open-source PHP framework for developing applications and websites. It follows the MVC architectural pattern and offers excellent performance and security. With its extensive collection of libraries and packages, built-in template engine, and script builder, Laravel provides developers with a comprehensive set of features. It is highly regarded as one of the leading frameworks and consistently recognized as one of the top choices for developing various types of web applications, including both small-scale projects and large enterprise services.

What Laravel support gives our products?

Let's dive into the main point. Starting from version 2023.2.3, a minor update, the ability to integrate Stimulsoft Reports.PHP and Dashboards.PHP products into Laravel applications has been introduced.

Laravel applications are highly regarded for their speed, scalability, clear framework syntax, security, and numerous other advantages. The support provided by Stimulsoft reporting and dashboard products for Laravel simplifies the process of embedding our components into your applications. Consequently, your customers can effortlessly create, edit, print reports and dashboards directly within your service, share them via email, and export them to various document formats.

Samples of using the designer and viewer on Laravel

You can explore a pre-built Laravel application that integrates Stimulsoft Viewer and Designer on the samples page of our website. Additionally, you can find examples of integrating Stimulsoft products into Laravel projects on GitHub. These resources provide practical use cases and guidance for incorporating Stimulsoft components into your Laravel applications.

Integrating our components into a Laravel application is a straightforward process and does not require any complex steps. The deployment algorithm is similar to integrating any other components into Laravel applications:

  • Add the Stimulsoft library dependency using the Composer package manager:
    composer require stimulsoft/reports-php
  • Specify the Stimulsoft service provider in the app.php file:
  • Add the component's Blade template to the resources of the application, like this:
  • Add a component controller and set the necessary methods for handling events in it, for example:
  • Specify the necessary routes to the created view and controller in the web.php file, for example:
    Route::get('/viewer', function () {
    	return view('viewer');
    Route::any('/handler', [HandlerController::class, 'process']);

Everything is set and ready to go! You can now launch the application and start enjoying the experience of working with Stimulsoft reports in Laravel. Happy reporting!
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