According to tradition, in the last days of December, we sum up the results of the outgoing year. It should be noted that 2023 turned out to be a very busy year for us. Judge for yourself.

New Products

In 2023, we launched several new products:

Stimulsoft Forms

Stimulsoft Forms

A tool for creating, editing, filling, publishing, distributing interactive forms, and collecting results. Our product is embeddable into the application and allows you to create various custom templates for filling. Rich functionality makes the template genuinely interactive. Users receive a fillable form in PDF format, which they may modify in any program that supports this format.


A product designed for working with reports in applications developed using Avalonia technology on the .NET Core, .NET 6, and .NET 7 platforms. The reporting components fully support all the features of the modern Avalonia UI framework, functioning across various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Stimulsoft Reports.AVALONIA


The tools for analytics and data visualization in applications written in the Angular framework. The data processing is based on client-server technology: data processing occurs on a server using .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, and .NET. The direct work with dashboards occurs on the Angular client.

Stimulsoft Dashboards.ANGULAR

New Technologies

We have also actively incorporated new technologies into the operation of our products. For instance, we have implemented support for the Laravel framework in Stimulsoft Reports.PHP and Stimulsoft Dashboards.PHP. You can learn more about this, as well as see examples of using the designer and viewer on Laravel, by clicking here.

Python Data Adapters
Simultaneously, products for creating reports and dashboards in JavaScript applications now feature support for Python data adapters. These adapters can be utilized to fetch data from various sources, including MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and others.

The Stimulsoft Reports.JAVA reporting tool now extends its support to the Java 11+ platform and the Jakarta namespace. This expansion significantly broadens the capabilities of utilizing the report writer for Java applications.

Angular 15
Additionally, as part of the ongoing development of Stimulsoft products featuring Angular components, we have raised the minimum supported version of the Angular framework to 15. This update is applicable to the products Reports.ANGULAR, Dashboards.ANGULAR, Forms.WEB, and Reports.JAVA. Starting with version 2023.4 for the Java reporting tool, support for the Angular viewer has been implemented.

In version 2024.1, an adapter for retrieving data from Snowflake storage has been added to all products. You can locate it on the SQL tab in the New Data Source window.

New Look

The enhancements implemented in 2023 have also impacted the appearance of Stimulsoft products. Among the most notable changes are the introduction of a dark theme for the Stimulsoft BI Designer desktop application and runtime components, including a designer and viewer for WinForms applications. Additionally, a new set of icons, Monoline, has been introduced.

Dark Theme

For more convenient work with the report designer, the option to display the Ribbon toolbar in a single line, or in other words, a simplified Ribbon, has been added.


The list continues: Watermark style, custom colors, the ability to use smart guides, and much more. All these changes are aimed at making your work with data more convenient and, consequently, more efficient.

New Components

We also did not overlook the functionality of products for creating reports, dashboards, and forms. This led to the introduction of new elements in our tools:

Certainly, this is not an exhaustive compilation of the innovations and enhancements implemented in 2023; we have concentrated on the key highlights. We are confident that in 2024, we will unveil even more thrilling, and, most importantly, practical features to enhance your interaction with our products, making it even more effective.
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