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Today, we will discuss certain features of the development of Stimulsoft tools, incorporating Angular components. Primarily, we will dive into the reporting tool Reports.ANGULAR, along with our latest product, Forms.WEB, designed for crafting fillable PDFs and online forms in Angular-based applications. Additionally, beginning with version 2023.4 of Stimulsoft Reports, Dashboards, and Forms, support for the Angular viewer has been integrated into the Reports.JAVA product. Therefore, the information in this article is also relevant to this particular product.

New versions of the Angular framework

New versions of the Angular framework are released approximately every six months, with support spanning a total of 18 months - 6 months of active support and 12 months of LTS. Currently, versions 14, 15, and 16 are officially supported. However, in a month, with the release of version 17, support for Angular version 14 will be entirely discontinued.

Compatibility of Stimulsoft products with different versions of Angular

With the release of each new version of the Angular framework, we conduct compatibility tests on our components. Currently, Stimulsoft products, including all libraries and packages for developers, have been thoroughly tested and are fully compatible with Angular versions 14, 15, and 16. Following the launch of a new framework version, we promptly conduct compatibility tests and identify potential errors. Nevertheless, as a rule, changes in Angular do not impact the functionality of our products. Therefore, utilizing them in applications and services developed on the latest versions poses no issues.

Thus, as of writing this article, the oldest supported version of Angular for our components is version 14. Following the conclusion of the long-term support (LTS) for version 14 on November 18, 2023, Stimulsoft products will cease support for this outdated version. Consequently, our components will maintain full compatibility with Angular versions 15, 16, and 17. This pattern will persist in the future: the termination of long-term vendor support for a version will signify the discontinuation of support for that particular version in our components. Note!

When we refer to support, we mean complete compatibility between the platform and our products. This does not imply that Stimulsoft components won't function in projects using older versions of the framework. It signifies that, due to objective reasons, we cannot assure full compatibility.

What if I have a project on an old version of Angular?
Using the "--force" flag

The Angular framework vendor does not ensure backward compatibility between versions, meaning a component compiled on a later version is not guaranteed to function on an earlier one. Naturally, this principle also applies to our products. Especially in such cases, we recommend using "--force" to compel the installation of an older version. For instance, if you are integrating our product into a project written in Angular version 12, installing our component is only possible with the “--force” flag.
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