Author: Alex Markus

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Today, we will introduce you to the new features of the Stimulsoft Reports and Dashboards 2023.2 version. Specifically, we will discuss the support for the Java 11+ platform and the Jakarta namespace in Stimulsoft Reports.JAVA.

What is this all about?

Jakarta EE 10, the successor to Java EE, was released in the autumn of 2022. This platform introduced several updates to its component specifications, the addition of CDI-Lite (an alternative to Contexts and Dependency Injection with limited functionality), and expanded opportunities for developing applications and services.

As a result, the javax package classes were replaced with jakarta packages that provide similar functionality. When developing Enterprise applications, it is important to remember to ensure that the server version is compatible with the included package.

Jakarta support in Reports.JAVA

Our reporting tool for Java applications now fully supports the Jakarta EE 10 platform, starting with version 2023.2. This update significantly expands the capabilities of the application with the built-in Reports.JAVA product.

Support for new versions of Java SE

We also implemented support for all new versions of the Java programming language, starting with version 11, the end of long-term support of which is scheduled for 2026. At the time of this writing, the most recent version is Java SE 17 (LTS), released in 2021.
Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have about the Stimulsoft Reports.JAVA product. We are always here to help.
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