Author: Andrew Savin

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Today, we are announcing an important change to our BI Server product, a full-cycle client-server reporting system. Starting with the upcoming version 2023.4, we have decided to update Stimulsoft BI Server to .NET Framework 4.7.2.

End of support for .NET Framework 4.5.2

Microsoft discontinued support for the .NET Framework 4.5.2 on April 26, 2022. Accordingly, from that point onward, there have been no further platform updates related to functionality and security, and technical support is no longer provided. Most of the dependent modules used in BI Server have ceased releasing updates with fixes for this framework version for quite some time. As a result, they may work unstable on new server operating systems and cloud services.

Migration to .NET Framework 4.7.2

Starting with the release 2023.4, BI Server will be updated to .NET Framework 4.7.2. We have made this decision for several reasons:

  • this version is supported by Microsoft, ensuring regular updates;
  • security patches are regularly released for .NET Framework 4.7.2;
  • version 4.7.2 is compatible with both new and older operating systems;
  • our tool of Stimulsoft Reports and Stimulsoft Dashboards product lines were migrated to .NET Framework 4.7.2 over a year ago.


Switching to a more recent version of the .NET Framework will enable you to update dependent modules to their current versions. This, in turn, will allow you to use Stimulsoft BI Server on servers with new systems and frameworks, increasing data security and enabling us to further improve our product.
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