Stimulsoft Reports.Web 2019.3.2

Published on 19 June 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The CustomTextFormat now understands FormatString like "(###)###-####" for the string data type.
The HTML tags - 'p', 'ol', 'ul' now recognize style attributes.
A new item in the menu File -> Help, where you can find links to user manuals, videos, samples and other helpful resources.


Engine. Optimizations of speed when using a large number of Totals functions by the group.

Fixed Bugs:

Export to Excel. TextFormat.Abbreviation now works properly.
Export to Excel. The apostrophe in the name of the sheet is invalid.
Export to Excel. TextAngle was not exported correctly.
Export to Excel. Text alignment was applied incorrectly, if TextAngle is set to a value other than zero.
Export to PowerPoint. TextAngle was not exported. .
Export to PowerPoint. When using the DashDotDot style of lines, the result was a corrupted file.
Incorrect version of the Framework when publishing in WinForms.
CrossTab headers parser.
CrossTab. UnlimitedBreakable rendering on DataBand.
Analyze-cache should be cleaned when the Submit button is clicked.
Support for GSS codes for maps. You can set it in the Key field when connecting data.
Export to HTML. LineHeight did not work correctly in paragraphs.
When using Drill-Down, the RequestParameters property should not be taken into account.
Export to PDF. When the RichText as image property was enabled, the transparent background did not work.
The catching of the incorrect storing type and wrong data row processing.
Some issues with viewing the JSON data in report resources which cannot be parsed as data.
Export to HTML. Extra borders were drawn for CheckBox, if the Hyperlink property was enabled.
Some RichText files with images were not displayed.