Stimulsoft Ultimate 2018.3.5

Published on 16 November 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The Initial Range Selection property was added to the date picker element.
Clones item with pressed Control key when drag&drop operation.
WinForms StyleEditor. The More Options button to show/hide advanced settings is added.
Clear formatting button to the text element editor.
TextFormat for pivot elements.
Support for selecting custom styles in Ribbon for Chart, Gauge, Map elements.
TheZoom property in the Designer.
The new check is added to the report checker which detects the wrong initialization value of a variable.
The new report checks were added to check script in events which was not used in the interaction mode.
Support for Custom styles for maps.


Simple viewer window is used by the report designer for preview report via Shift + F5.
Some improvements in selection of the table element columns.
Support for the Clear Contents action in the ribbon for the text element in dashboards.
The Default mode of the CalculationMode property of the report is set to StiCalculationMode.Interpretation for new dashboard reports.
The Context menu 'Copy' is added to the table element in the dashboard viewer.
Updating current libraries in .NET Core to the latest minor versions.
Support for copying fields in the editors with the CTRL button pressed.
StyleEditor. Improvements in drawing styles, so that they were all in the same style.

Fixed Bugs:

Some improvements with caching expression in filters.
Extra input field for expression in IsBlank filters in transformations.
Incorrect automatic type for the Measure column in transformation.
Export to Word2007.
Serialization ImageURL in a report JSON format.
A bug in the Text Format form.
Designer WPF V2. When saving a report and reopening it, the connected data was not overwritten into a new report.
Custom styles were incorrectly drawn in Ribbon.
When changing a custom style of a map to the standard one, the Custom style was not reset and the component was not drawn correctly.
The e.IsNewReport save event property did not work in the HTML5 designer.
The problem with the Shift-F5 shortkey in the designer when a report was closed.