Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2018.3.4

Published on 09 November 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Korean Localization.
Error messages about loading libraries when publishig a report or dashboard.
Welcome Screen of the Designer.
StiOptions.Engine.SkipDashboardAssemblyLoaded option added.


Some improvements in the text formatting.
Structure of the NuGet packages.
Series support for the Funnel Chart.

Fixed Bugs:

Some double parsing corrections.
WinForms Designer. In some cases, in a modified report, when you click on the Preview tab and close the designer, you did not receive a popup to save the report.
WinForms Designer. Errors could occur when using StiRibbonDesignerControl on its form and customizing the Ribbon panel.
An error occurred while canceling the publish of the report into the standalone application.
Disabled Parameters button, if thumbnails are enabled.
Frozing of the Main Menu in the Designer after switching.
"ShowZeros" values for Scatter series.
Edit button on a message on the Report Checker.