Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2018.3.1

Published on 11 October 2018
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

DotMatrix print mode. The new EscapeCodesCollection "Esc/Pos".
Find values in a variable of the List type.
The new option - StiOptions.Designer.MainMenu.ShowOnlyExistingRecentFiles.
ReportChecker. New check for empty filter value.
The KeepTogetherMergedCells property is added to the Cross-Tab component. A value indicates that merged cells will not separate to the next page.
WinForms, Wpf. Displaying of the selected column number.
The new option StiOptions.Export.Pdf.AllowPrintable=true for the Printable property work in PDF files.


Several checks were added in the parser to reduce the number of exceptions in the Debug mode.
Export to Excel. The ExportDataOnly property is replaced with the DataExportMode property (Bands Filter).
StiSegmentPagesDivider. The page order to Across then Down was changed.

Fixed Bugs:

Export to PDF. Clipping is no longer the the entire component but considering margins.
The DataBand.Columns property. Alignment of rows by height did not work with DownThenAcross.
Export to PPTX. The was an exception. if the component had zero height or width.
When rendering, the content of the sub-report was incorrectly cropped along the right margin.
Export to PDF. The exception with the editable checkbox occurred, if editing was not allowed in export settings.
The exception occurred when changing the text size longer than 32kb.
Export to PDF, Chart.Rotation did not work.
Export to PDF. The Glass brush for charts did not work.
Export to PDF. The text wordwrap incorrectly worked for chart axes titles.
XML comments for some libraries in NuGet packages were missed.
Using together the following series of charts is not possible - Funnel and Funnel Weighted Slices.
Showing a tooltip in the Gantt series.
The error when enabling Show Edge Values in the chart.
The drop-down list for a variable of the Value type was removed.
An error occurred while indicating the date in the condition for the chart.
Sometimes page borders could disappear when viewing a report in the Continuous mode.
Export to PDF. Maps are now exported correctly.
Export to PDF. Improved work with segments, clipping is added.
DataMatrix barcode. The ProcessTilde property now works properly.
ReportChecker. The MoveComponentToPrintablePageArea Action worked incorrectly if the component was wider than the page.
Export to RTF/Word. Incorrect behavior of HorAlignment for images, if the "rtfparagraph" tag was used.
EngineV2. When the PrintOnAllPages property was enabled for the sub-report header, then only the very first instance of the header was repeated on every page.
Some reports with images created in the JS version were opened with errors.
WinForms, WPF. Updated New Relation editor.
The RightToLeft functionality in the Cross-Tab component.
Gauge. The new ShortValue property allows displaying large values in the abbreviated format.
Map. The new ShortValue property allows displaying large values in the abbreviated format.
Gauge. A fixed problem if min/max is less than zero or max
WinForms PropertyGrid. The numbering of categories could be lost in the case when temporarily unnecessary properties were deleted.
WinForms. In the old interface, Toolbars did not display custom fonts from the resources.
The error occured while editing a page from the designer preview then close the second designer and go back to the Preview.
Incorrect conversion of an XML template in the JSON template when saving to packed byte array.
Bosnian localization.
Relation Editor. Removed an error about incorrectly selected columns before clicking the OK button.
Cross-Tab. A problem with the width of the columns when specifying MaxWidth and MinWidth.
When the report was cloned, the IsModified property was reset for it.
When changing the SQL DataSource, the designer does not request whether to save the report when closing.
Gauge. In some cases, numeric values have shifted.
Some issues with the customers' accounts.
The buttons for creating Relationships were locked, if the dictionary was empty.
Redesigned algorithm of saving/loading the window position. Now there is no problem withdisplaying of the window when the monitor is switched off.
Relation Editor for WinForms, Wpf. The order of selecting columns for creating links was not considered.
WinForms. The problem with rendering a report with dialog forms in a separate stream.
Rendering was looped when using the PrintAtBottom property in an external sub-report.
The exception occurred when loading a report with StiDataBarCondition.
Export to SVG. Incorrect displaying text with the RightToLeft property enabled.
The ShrinkFontToFit property for rotated text did not work correctly.
Export to PDF. Some images in the RichText were incorrectly exported.
The StiOptions.Dictionary.AllowConnectToFirstTableForEmptyDataSource property now work only when having one StiDataTable source.
Looping of a sub-report if the Data band on the panel is placed on the page.
The ImageCachePath property did not work.
Export to RTF. In some cases, the symbol encoding was incorrectly defined.
The parser now correctly identifies the @-quoted strings and double quotes inside the string.
Export to HTML table mode. Cell size was increased because of the Text.Margins.